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Obama Chavez OR The Illusions From Obama’s Flickering Lips…

Nobody Remembers

Obama is out on the campaign trial talking about how Mitt Romney is going to send all the jobs overseas. He is trying to convince us, that he will NOW…get to work and create American jobs.

 Can a elephant lay an egg?  

“I said, I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back,” he said. “Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.” (Translation: Obama still wants to get his buddies more solar and wind energy free money.)

 “I don’t want those jobs taking root in places like China, I want those jobs taking root in places like Pueblo,” Obama told a crowd gathered for a campaign rally at the Palace of Agriculture at the Colorado State Fairgrounds here.”


Spoken like Hugo’s Chavez’s ugly brother. Right…The car industry has come roaring back alright…in CHINA!

That “pueblo” Obama is talking about is in Mexico…where Juan’s wife and his eight children are collecting Social Security.  

Pay close attention to the doublespeak.

Let’s see just WHY the auto industry has come roaring back on your tax dollars.

Obama gave more than $80 billion to prop up General Motors and Chrysler….and they took that money and put most of that money to create jobs in …Alabama? Mexico.

Chrysler has spent $550 million to retool it’s factory in Toluca to assemble the subcompact Fiat 500 model. GM has spent $3.67 billion in Mexico since November 2007. GM has closed five U.S. based assembly plants and there are more coming. And GM is now a company of China. It is working for the Communists and 70% of its manufacturing and research is now…in China.

That is NOT coming back…I don’t care what the Great and Wonderful ObamaOz  says. Pull the curtain open.

Ford reopened an assembly plant in Cuautitlan to build Fiesta compacts.  That factory will generate 2,000 jobs and it’s part of the $3 billion they are investing in Mexico. In the meantime Ford has closed four assembly plants since 2006 and have closed four more since then.

The US is losing 75 percent of the market. 

 Mexican workers get on average less than $4 dollars an hour. GM and Ford workers earn $55 dollars an hour with benefits.  The ONLY people that benefit from our auto industry leaving the country and making big gains in China, are those with STOCK options of those companies.

Stock dividends are not a good as a good old fashioned American paycheck. Without a paycheck you can’t BUY stocks now can you?

So what other “jobs” will Obama send to Mexico or China? He’s right when he says he has only just begun to create jobs. Now, any other industries that are left, will be moving to China.

I don’t know about you, but there aren’t many left….I can’t think of any….uh..

If you think that Obama can make ANY American manufacturing company build new companies here in America, when they can go to Mexico, China or India where the labor is cheap, …then I’ve got a luxury hotel in Cancun that I’ll sell you for a dollar.

Unless you get Obama OUT of office, you will never have a manufacturing base ever again. Obama is planning to be the head of  a.fascistic- communist-Obama States government.

He is lying. Almost with every breath he takes. It’s amazing that anybody believes him. And  too many Americans have no idea, what that means. All they know, is he is sending them a check.

But like he told the Russians:

“Just wait…I just have ONE MORE ELECTION…”

And then America will be fundamentally changed.

Comrades….Remember, when you are Obama’s Cave, the shadows flickering on the wall from the fire of his lips…are not real.

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Nobody’s Fool: John Lennon

Nobody’s Fool

Sitting with my friends at the pool today, the subject was who was better…Elvis or the Beatles. One lady, who was older than I, thought the Beatles were too sisified. Elvis was more masculine. Well…being raised with the Beatles, I loved the music, so I just smiled and agreed. It’s just her opinion…mine would be different. My brother has a theory that everyone loves the music they loved in high school, and I think he is right. He should know, he’s got his own D.J. company…but sorry…off the subject here. What I wanted to talk about is this: John Lennon was no fool. Sure, at the end, he was on Nixon’s list of dangerous people, and no doubt did too many drugs for one lifetime, but let’s face it…he fell head over heels madly in love with Yoko Ono, and she was the love of his life. So, whether we liked it or not, we had to listen to Yoko scream, and she did affect the way he approached the public after the Beatles.  He made Yoko a star.

But he would have never even admitted that. (If you can’t see the video…go HERE.)

Yoko didn’t break up the Beatles. I think Paul got such a big head in the end, and was trying to make the Beatles “Paul’s” band, that the rest of them just got sick of it. You can see it all being played out in the film “Let It Be.” Yoko just became the scapegoat. If you have read many books, it was actually John’s genius who got the band up and running, and he was the leader for the ten years they worked in just clubs…and also was the main voice on all the beginning albums. Paul’s words at the induction of John Lennon to the Rock and Road Hall of Fame, were nothing short of..silly. He did not say ONE good thing about John’s talent…just how John had been there when they got to meet Elvis and the Supremes. I’m glad John didn’t hear it.

John was the heavier thinker of the group, and in the sixties, he was trying very hard to “give peace a chance.” Most conservatives think John was a big “lefty” but listen to the first five minutes of this. His thinking was much like our founding fathers…and I believe by the time he died, one of his friends said he did like Ronald Reagan, and was very much a conservative, and I believe him.

Sure…lying naked in bed was not exactly a great way to get people to think “Peace” but then again…John was just trying his best to bring, in his own way…sometthing good to the world. What else could he do? He was really, one of the most famous people in the world. At one time the Beatles actually WERE more popular than Jesus. John was right.

It was just a fact, and how they crucified him for it.

In my younger years I liked Paul, the “cute” Beatles, but now, I’m older and wiser. If I had a chance to talk to any of them…I would have ask to talk to John.

He really was…a genuis. (Okay, I’m a bit bias…but that’s just my Nobody Opinion. 🙂

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Nobody’s Beef

Nobody Wins

I have a beef. A big beef…about “voting.” Okay–so I didn’t start voting until after I watched the first Iraq War. The great Daddy Bush’s victory protecting Kuwait from the diabolical Saddam Hussein. Being that I remember Vietnam, it was nice that we “won” a war, but really. Iraq? And if this Saddam Hussein was such a bad guy (which he was), why didn’t we just go in and get him?

I grew up in the sixties with Nixon, and Vietnam. I was …suspicious. Reagan took down the Soviet Union without a shot. Why did Bush have to “protect” some little country?

They didn’t really tell us why. We now were the world’s police….again.  My attitude back then was that politicians were so crooked that everything was rigged, and you really had no say.

And then, I voted…for the first time for Ross Perot. Here was a guy who was a businessman, who was telling us we were in for a very rough ride. NAFTA would doom us he said. Bill Clinton, and the Bushes were on this global ride and Mr. Perot was right…it got even worse than he predicted. With the help of the “globalists” America fell apart.

Just this morning I found out that my local police, are one of just 24 U.S. law enforcement agencies that are going to be training the Iraq police. My local police are getting funding for this and they are bringing the Iraq’s HERE to train. This is being done by the IACP the world’s oldest and largest association of law enforcement executives. The IACP has more than 20,000 members. My neighborhood will be filled with Muslims. I doubt very seriously if these “trainees” go back to Iraq.

They say they are training the Iraq’s in the RULE OF LAW. Who’s ‘rules of law’ are they following?

This really makes me angry. I know that’s not exactly a polite or journalistic way to put it, but for OUR money, to go to training Iraq police…HERE IN THE UNITED STATES…it’s just appalling to me. It’s more than that, it’s not safe.  With all that we have sacrificed for Iraq— let them train their own people. But I fear it’s just a legal way for Obama to bring more Muslims into our country…through the back door so to speak.

Do you know why we should train other country’s police forces here with taxpayer’s dollars when hundreds of our own police men are being laid off?

Neither do I.

The  local police chief is all for it. He has been involved in this organization for a long time. Who knew? It wasn’t exactly on his resume when he got elected.

— Which brings me to the problem: I wonder how many people,  when they go to vote in their local elections, know ANYTHING at all about the local politicians?

I’m betting you are just like me. You search the libraries, the internet for any information you can find, and you can’t.  All you really have to go on are the is really nasty campaign ads telling you how this one is crooked or that one hangs out with prostitutes, or whatever they can think of.

Here in Missouri, Sarah Palin had a nice ad out about Sarah Steelman for Missouri Senator, but the ad that stuck in your mind was a very ugly picture of Sarah Steelman (a republican) next to a picture of Claire McCaskill (Obama loving democrat) and a message to not send either one of them toWashington, they were both corrupt, and you had no idea who put up that ad.

But it worked. Steelman lost.

EVERY time I go to vote in the local elections, I have no clue what or who is going to be on the ballot. I blame myself, and everyone else blames you for not caring. BUT…the sad fact is, they don’t WANT you to know about any of these people are. Hell, we are just now finding out who Obama really is.

Nobody Thinks, no…Nobody Knows this is on purpose.  It would be so easy to send out information about the people running for office, a simple folder sent out to the voters would suffice. But no.

And that’s why the people at the TOP, can make sure the people of the local districts are people they want at the local level. That’s why America has become dictatorial in so many ways. That’ why a Mayor of New York can outlaw salt, baby formula, and obesity…because all the local districts are men and woman who would never dare challenge him.

You can’t tell me all the people in New York want to be controlled like that.

Another little trick they use (both parties) to get who they want elected is called the “primaries.” In the primaries, (in many states) a DEMOCRAT can ask for a Republican ballot and vote for the person, especially the one they think would lose against their democratic favorite. So…hundreds of democrats, who by the way, are mostly government workers, teachers and unions members, are told to ask for a Republican ticket and vote for the man they think is most likely to lose to their candidate.

So, I find myself back to the beginning. Does my vote even count?

If the local elections are rigged that a Democrat can vote on the Republican ticket, what chance do we really have? It’s a dirty play, and most conservatives would never think of doing that. But liberals do.

Oh…and this Tuesday elections stuff…it’s the worst day of the week to vote. The really hard workers, who are the ones supporting this overgrown elephant called our government, sometimes can’t even make it to the polls.

The top politicians stack the decks.  It’s called trickle down power….top to bottom. Some states are actually fighting back…so there’s hope.

But in too many states…Nobody Wins….and Nobody Thinks it’s ever going to change.

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