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Nobody’s Fool: Mark Levin

Nobody’s Fool

FINALLY! Somebody with some guts is basing George W. Bush and his buddy Cheney.

I really enjoyed this. If you haven’t seen it…trust me…it’s Mark at his ranting best!

Congratulations Mr. Levine: You win the best rant against Biden for the week.

A trophy awaits you.

Or better yet, Nobody suggests everybody go out and buy the book.

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What Nobody Found Out From Michelle Obama

Nobody Knows

Here’s what Nobody found out from watching Michelle Obama speak at her Convention.

FIRST: We found out that the empty chair has a dumpster coffee table in front of it.

We found out that Michelle Obama desperately wants to keep Obama in the White House, so that she can keep the dream alive for her and her daughters and take more vacations and buy more outfights.. and that she wants to get PAID for living the lifestyle of a QUEEN. She wants a salary for the next four years. Trust me, the President will give it to her. (Listen to the introduction.)

We found out that either: (1) They are desperate for the military vote OR (2)  they are planning a major war before the election and they will need men to fight it…or (3) both, because she talked more about the military  and their love for the military more than any other subject tonight.

We found out that while most of us that lived through the sixties, and all that race, and sexual women lib stuff we thought was over and done with…is not.  Obama and Michelle decided just to dig it all back up to try to make us all believe, that the sixties never happened. 

Neither did the civil war.

(And they don’t talk about Martin Luther King because people are finding out he was a Republican.)

We found out that not only does Michelle and her mom have the whitest teeth on the planet, it must cost a small fortune to keep them that way.

We found out that Michelle wasn’t going to let Mitt Romney’s wife get the ONLY pity card from MS,…Why Michelle’s dad had it too, and he had to crawl on his hands and knees just to kiss her goodnight.

We found out that Michelle and Obama got full college tuitions and her dad basically kept working to pay for their toothpaste.

We found out that Michelle thinks kids never got medical before Obama.

We found out that Obama’s poor grandmother was denied the big paychecks of men, and that’s why Obama wore shoes that didn’t fit.  

 We found out that Michelle really cares about military families. Why, they sent the whole Navy Seal Team, the ones who killed bin Laden..form letters to thank them!

We found out that even though Obama is in a different state every single day of the year, somehow he makes it back to the White House to eat dinner with his wife and kids, EVEN if they have to take different planes home..EVERY single night.  (Damn the cost, it’s important.)

     (Did Obama fly to Spain? Aspen? Mexico?)

We found out that Obama reads our letters EVERY NIGHT!

We found out that she credits the janitor of her schools for making her who she is.

We found out that she is running for President in 2016. Hillary be damned.

We found out that she can CRY at the end of a speech. On cue. Because she…cares.

What we didn’t find out, was the truth.

Except for one thing.— She did say this:

“Being President doesn’t change who you are: it reveals who you are.”

We now know what they both are: Marxist Frauds.(What ninny speechwriter put THAT into the speech?)

They want to give all the minorities everything, free housing, free college educations, free food, free Obamacare. (cough)

Nothing is free. It’s all being charged to YOU and future generations.  Michelle never mentioned that little point.  Nothing was said about the present. Nada. Nothing.

In the end Michelle wanted a “better world for my daughters” and a strong “Foundation for their dreams.”

It’s not Obama’s daughters that are suffering or will. They already go to private schools, and will go to Harvard.

The rest of us will be looking for coffee tables in dumpsters if they are reelected. We won’t even be able to buy shoes, let alone ones that don’t fit.

What we will get is a lot more hot air from both of them.  

When it comes to America, there is the only truth we need to remember is: America needs jobs. Or we can’t help anyone.

“If you’re not taking care of you, you’re not in a position to help anyone else. You can’t give what you don’t have.”

Michelle, get yourself a new coffee table…the day of empty chairs is going back to the sixites where it belongs.

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Obama Chavez OR The Illusions From Obama’s Flickering Lips…

Nobody Remembers

Obama is out on the campaign trial talking about how Mitt Romney is going to send all the jobs overseas. He is trying to convince us, that he will NOW…get to work and create American jobs.

 Can a elephant lay an egg?  

“I said, I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back,” he said. “Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.” (Translation: Obama still wants to get his buddies more solar and wind energy free money.)

 “I don’t want those jobs taking root in places like China, I want those jobs taking root in places like Pueblo,” Obama told a crowd gathered for a campaign rally at the Palace of Agriculture at the Colorado State Fairgrounds here.”


Spoken like Hugo’s Chavez’s ugly brother. Right…The car industry has come roaring back alright…in CHINA!

That “pueblo” Obama is talking about is in Mexico…where Juan’s wife and his eight children are collecting Social Security.  

Pay close attention to the doublespeak.

Let’s see just WHY the auto industry has come roaring back on your tax dollars.

Obama gave more than $80 billion to prop up General Motors and Chrysler….and they took that money and put most of that money to create jobs in …Alabama? Mexico.

Chrysler has spent $550 million to retool it’s factory in Toluca to assemble the subcompact Fiat 500 model. GM has spent $3.67 billion in Mexico since November 2007. GM has closed five U.S. based assembly plants and there are more coming. And GM is now a company of China. It is working for the Communists and 70% of its manufacturing and research is now…in China.

That is NOT coming back…I don’t care what the Great and Wonderful ObamaOz  says. Pull the curtain open.

Ford reopened an assembly plant in Cuautitlan to build Fiesta compacts.  That factory will generate 2,000 jobs and it’s part of the $3 billion they are investing in Mexico. In the meantime Ford has closed four assembly plants since 2006 and have closed four more since then.

The US is losing 75 percent of the market. 

 Mexican workers get on average less than $4 dollars an hour. GM and Ford workers earn $55 dollars an hour with benefits.  The ONLY people that benefit from our auto industry leaving the country and making big gains in China, are those with STOCK options of those companies.

Stock dividends are not a good as a good old fashioned American paycheck. Without a paycheck you can’t BUY stocks now can you?

So what other “jobs” will Obama send to Mexico or China? He’s right when he says he has only just begun to create jobs. Now, any other industries that are left, will be moving to China.

I don’t know about you, but there aren’t many left….I can’t think of any….uh..

If you think that Obama can make ANY American manufacturing company build new companies here in America, when they can go to Mexico, China or India where the labor is cheap, …then I’ve got a luxury hotel in Cancun that I’ll sell you for a dollar.

Unless you get Obama OUT of office, you will never have a manufacturing base ever again. Obama is planning to be the head of  a.fascistic- communist-Obama States government.

He is lying. Almost with every breath he takes. It’s amazing that anybody believes him. And  too many Americans have no idea, what that means. All they know, is he is sending them a check.

But like he told the Russians:

“Just wait…I just have ONE MORE ELECTION…”

And then America will be fundamentally changed.

Comrades….Remember, when you are Obama’s Cave, the shadows flickering on the wall from the fire of his lips…are not real.

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Nobody’s Fool:Super-Congress


 Nobody’s Fool


The World’s elite politicians are very, very clever. Yesterday, the EU was bailed out once again. The stock market will rise for a while, and then crash again. Sometime, the inevitable will have to come. All leaders of the Western world, will have to tell their huddled masses that, “Hey, we need to raise taxes to pay back the money. We need to balance the budget.” 

This means, pensions will be cut, (not theirs of course) wages will come down, and taxes will need to be raised…across the board. This suggestion has come from our Super-Committee— a committee which is unconstitutional so therefore every single man and woman on that board cannot be sued for what they are about to do. Since the committee is by-partisan, neither party will take the blame for anything they do. They are an elite panel, without a check or balance anywhere. The Supreme Court should have instantly made the whole lot of them illegal according to the Constitution– but gee…where’s the outrage?

Did they invent this super-committee becasue both parties don’t get along, or because neither party wanted to be blamed for the upcoming high taxes?

“Where in the world did that come from?” Ron Paul demanded after the Super committee idea was floated. “And where is that going to lead to? That is monstrous. I keep looking and I can’t find any place in the Constitution where we have the authority to create such a creature as the super Congress.”
Like I said…very clever, our Congress, for setting up a scapegoat to take the “pain” of what they intent to do. After all….it’s like no-fault divorce. Nobody gets blamed. Everyone can get re-elected.

The first place they will cut, is health care for the old. When Obama said, “the old should just let go” he was talking about not giving them the medical care available to prolong their lives. And while they sold it on keeping people alive on life support, it could be a simple cancer screening test that they will deny you. Obama IS a Marxist.  
That’s a Marxist’s mantra…the individual makes way for the good of the many. Even the Bushes ingnored Terry Schiavo as she lay dying. It’s all about where to cut…it’s all about the money. The Republicans see the writing on the wall too.

Any call for taxing the rich (an idea fronted by billionaire Warren Buffett and adopted by grateful Democrats) will naturally result in further eroding the middle class. Most of the “rich” who will fall under the gun (literally) are millionaires who own businesses that provide most of the jobs in this country. Billionaires and the mega-rich like the Rockefellers and the Gates don’t pay taxes – they sock their wealth into foundations.—Prison Planet

Yes, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet protected their vast fortunes long ago, with the GATES foundation. As does Bill Clinton. Why do you think all the sports figures have foundations? Because they are kind, loving, and want to give back to the world?

Nobody suggests we all start our own foundations, to hide  our money from taxes just like Warren and Bill. Why not? We could call it the Nobody’s Foundation, for all those nobodies in the world who want to hide their assets from the governments.

Okay, I’m a fool…but Congress? They don’t earn the big bucks for nothing…

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