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Nobody Flashes New Planets WITHOUT Maxine Waters!

Nobody Flashes

—Some wonderfully exciting news!

Not only have they discovered some planets that could have life, we can now predict with almost 99% accuracy that not ONE of those planets has a Maxine Waters living there.

That’s a joyous thought in itself.

Actually, I was a bit surprised at how ‘shocked’ all these scientists were to find planets.

Come on, don’t they ever look up?

(I’m liking Planet E)

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Nobody’s Email: Taking JUST The Right Picture

Nobody Gets Email:


p>Every Sunday morning, I intend to put up more ‘positive’ and inspirational things, (Or humorous) just because…well….it’s Sunday, and I need to have a word with my Sponcer.

And this video especially, is worth watching. To hear the actual voices of the Apollo 8 astronauts seeing the Earth rise, and then scrambling to get a picture…it’s just fantastic. What a tremendous gift they gave to the world. NASA did a good job recreating the event for the 45th anniversary.

So enjoy!…and then, go take some pictures out your back door.

(Thanks to Kim Komando)

snowpocalypse 2014

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Neil Armstrong…Even in Space, Gracious…

Nobody Cares

There is much uncertainty to life. Good health may be taken away from you without warning. Material possessions may be lost due to circumstances beyond your control. The one thing that cannot be taken from you without your consent is your character, which includes your beliefs, your ethics, and your principles. So guard them with care. They are your most valuable possessions.–Neil Armstrong

Last week, we lost one of our greatest American hero’s: Neil Armstrong. There are only three events I remember seeing on TV growing up that left permanent marks: The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, and the assassination of JFK.

Neil’s was the best of course— It was almost a like a dream.

After his great “The Eagle has Landed.” ..Neil faded into the background. He talked about seeing Aliens on the moon, but of course, our “rulers” didn’t want to go into that much. So they kept him off the televisions with that nugget and we didn’t see him again until Obama decided to end our space program. Then ALL the old astronauts came out in protests. Just now, one of them told Cavuto that the space program kept us ahead of the other nations in engineering and just about everything. The recent success of the Mars landing shows that even Obama cannot stop the America spirit when it comes to exploring space.

Nobody Thinks it would be an absurdity to believe that there are NOT aliens. And if they are watching us, then so far, they really don’t seem to care too much about our lives.

Above is a video from Space: Neil Armstrong..the quintessential American.

What a man.

I hope you become comfortable with the use of logic without being deceived into concluding that logic will inevitably lead you to the correct conclusion. —Neil Armstrong

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