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Nobody’s Opinion

Well, I’m back.  Nobody thought I’d get a break from the campaign hogs, but there I was, sitting in the hospital waiting room, once again, (did my service and then some in that department) while my husband was helpless in some room somewhere getting sonic rays thrown at him, and who would come on the TV but the Monkey God Master Moon Walker himself: Barrack Hussein Obama. The Obamination was demonizing the dangers of Medicare disappearing under Romney.

Good lord.

Obama delivering fire and brimstone is not something you want to witness while your stressed out drinking cups of orange juice left in a some care basket under a HD screen TV,  and wondering if your husband will be brain damaged, or just die while someone is typing for the nineteenth time into some computer —WHY he is there again?— while I flip through my ninetieth nervous breakdown issue of  Better Homes and Garden the last thing I want to look at while I’m worrying, is a recipe on how to make eggs sandwiches filled with Spinach and artichokes while listening to the sound of that ominous Obamanation.


Still. Like a volcano about to erupt, I had to watch “The President” for it was Obama’s fault I was here in the hospital in the first place, more certain a fact than Romney killing some poor woman with Bain Capital.

The reason my husband had stopped taking his life-saving pills (depending on if you just ignore the “causes stroke, death, and brain damage” commercials)  was due to the expense he said– or so he said as he lay in the ER, heart beating around 40, nurses panicking.  That’s it. Tell the wife when you’re at your most vulnerable–That way she can’t say a thing.

But I can say a lot (now that he is out) about how Obama and Michelle have been running their whole campaign appearing on JAY LENO, THE VIEW, and any other “entertaining” venue in order to get the lowest denominator’s  to vote.

The White House news press is furious. Obama has been ignoring REAL reporters,  like a true rotten banana republic dictator. Even the liberal reporters at Newsweek had to tell him to take a hike.

Hit the Road Jack, but you can leave the dog. Give Mitt another chance.

This week we will witness the Republican Convention, where Sarah Palin is NOT speaking, and Donald Trump is going to do something with Las Vegas women, perhaps sans the naked Prince. A conservative nation will be watching with starveling anticipation and lots of whiskey and rum.  

All the time, outside a hurricane Isaac bears aim. The storm with the  Jewish name, will soak more than a few dreams of GOP joyously lying in the sun, and who already did a service by keeping Joe Biden up North where he belongs.   A storm no doubt funded by George Soros, who made  his money in weapons of war, so why not weather warfare?

You think I’m crazy? Take an hour (if you can find it.) and watch this…and then…wonder why this storm came at this exact day, and hour of the Republican Convention, and how propitious it was to the other party.

The GOP doesn’t need a hurricane—not when you have two sore losers like John McCain and Jeb Bush mouthing off to Romney on how he needs to appeal more to women and Hispanics.

Ronald Reagan  would say to them both: THERE YOU GO AGAIN!: Dividing us into parts instead of having us all stand as a whole nation.

Nobody more than this nobody, hopes Romney does not fall into that divisional crap. Don’t even mention the Hispanic, the women, the Muslims, the gays…”We are ALL Americans.”

United We Stand. Divided—We all will end up in a hospital listening to a machine go…beep…beep…beep…beep…

And yeah…I’m bleeping again.

NOBODY NOTES: Thanks to all my readers for the prayers and well wishes. You’re the best!

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