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Mitt Romney Wanted to Build a Fence—Who Knew?

Nobody’s Opinion

You learn something new every day.

First things first: Being a conservative,  I voted for both McCain and Romney.  I voted for McCain because of Sarah Palin. I didn’t like McCain. I remembered how often he had cuddled up to liberals and to me, …no matter what kind of ‘hero’ he was in the past, he was not to be trusted. He was part of the elite, and if he had not gotten Sarah Palin to help him out at the end..the GOP loss in historical records would have been embarrassing.  Sarah Palin, in my opinion, saved his career.Sarah Palin two

I voted for Romney…simply because I couldn’t stand Obama, not because I was excited about him.

When I look back in my memory on the debates between Romney and Obama,  I draw a blank. In fact, I draw a blank about Romney in most any memory that I have of him. Why is that?  I’ve always thought, the Bushes tried to destroy Romney’s chances because THEY wanted Jeb to run, and if Romney had become President, Jeb might not have had the chance to get the Bushes back into power.

Perhaps this blankness it not due to his lack of a personality..And let’s face it, Romney was not really uplifting in any way, shape, or form. You could have put a cardboard cutout on stage and a recording and it would be about the same.

But. perhaps there IS another reason that I draw a blank when it comes to Romney…the press, and everyone in it, made sure that America didn’t know much about Romney, because they controlled the image we got of him.

They are doing the same thing to Trump now, only on steroids.Mitt and Obama

For instance…did you know that Romney was against immigration? I didn’t.

Fact: Governor Romney was labeled “mean spirited” for vetoing the bill to give illegal’s in-state tuition. Romney invited the press to his office to show that that would cost the state millions of dollars a year.

Fact: Romney was the only presidential candidate ever to support E-Verify and a fence on the border, unequivocally. John McCain said that was his ‘biggest mistake.”Romney said they would “self-deport” themselves. “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I heard that, because you can’t have eleven million people self deport.” said McCain.

Fact: Romney didn’t back away from his immigration stance, despite the Bush family, Rupert Murdoch, and everyone other republican coming out to attack him on it.

Fact: Numbers USA gave Romney a C-plus on immigration.

Fact: I don’t remember even hearing Romney’s very Trump like views on immigration. Did he just keep quiet about his stance? OR

Did the media just keep Mitt’s stance on immigration, laying on the editing floor?

I just read about this in Ann Coulter’s book, Adios America

“Americans love to mock the French for rolling over for Hitler, but at least they had Panzers rolling through Paris. America has chosen to do nothing as our country is taken away foam us without a shot fired. The endless flow of needy immigrants is soaking up every last dollar of government aid, every low wage job, every hour of assistance, every quantum of charitable giving.  After all the country has been through only since 9/11–two wars, repeated terrorist attacks, the housing crash, widespread unemployment, and under employment—America needs to worry about Americans. How much is the price of guilt for having a successful society before we’re entitled say to say to the poor of the world. Enough! We gave at the office.

Immigration, is what hurled Trump to the top.  It seems Romney had the same stance on immigration that Donald Trump did.Romney three

Who knew?

Ann Coulter is right:

“Democrats have no choice but to keep pushing to admit ever more poor immigrants. They can’t win without the votes of the Third World. “

Yes…immigration will turn America to a third world country…and we are half-way there.  What matters all the other subjects if we have no borders?

Trump says…we either have borders, or we are not.

What I’m trying to say is, if the media can influence how you feel about ANY candidate, than you have one option to the propaganda:

Change the Channel….and go with your gut. And realize that Trump is doing the right thing: Mitt Romney was a nice guy.

We don’t need a nice guy…we need…Trump.


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Who Scored the Touchdown in Last Week’s Interviews?

Nobody’s Opinion

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!football fans

That’s the game I think of with the upcoming elections in November, and already the two opposing teams: Team Obama Utopia, and Team GOP WHO ARE WE? are getting ready to rumble.

God, don’t you just hate sports metaphors? Obama doesn’t. He uses them all the time, but last week on Meet the Press, he went with duck metaphors, rushing forward— head down, helmet energized–with what HE thought was a solid kick— but it was intercepted by no other than the GOP’s only rah-rah quarterback that seems to be talking at the moment–Mitt Romney.Met the press

If you compare Obama’s interview with Romney’s–it was obvious old school colors were good to see again; Obama looked very spiffy in his thousand dollar suit and new golf tan, but basically he came up with the same old excuses as to why he just can’t seem to control the ball:


“There are days where I’m not getting enough sleep, because we’ve got a lot on our plate,” he said. “You know, when you’re, when you’re president of the United States, you’re not just dealing with the United States” but also leading the international response to crises around the world, as his administration is in responding to conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, as well as the outbreak of Ebola in Africa.

“You know, our inbox gets pretty high.”

The crowd thinks that he doesn’t even KNOW where the inbox is, let alone the plate. He’s had six years to find sleep: Maybe he should put a pillow in his golf cart.

Is the inbox lost in Lois Lerner’s lost hard drive? Is that why so many people are seeing the quarterback getting a hot dog during half time, while the team is getting slaughtered? As for not getting enough sleep? Too many campaign parties, so little time. It’s just so tough being him. Obama balls


“It is always a challenge when you’re supposed to be on vacation. Because you’re followed everywhere. And part of what I’d love is a vacation from … the press,” he said.

Yes, the team is losing and the star quarterback is dining on champagne in the governor’s box. He just went up there for a quick cigar and some caviar at halftime. NOBODY was suppose to know, but some damn joker had a camera. While all photos’ of the star player are supposed to get his approval, he just can’t catch those damn people who call themselves journalists and who have very expansive cell phones. If not for them, nobody would know how many millions of normal lives he upsets in one day. He really needs a vacation from them all.


“There’s no doubt that — after having talked to the families, where it was hard for me to hold back tears listening to the pain that they were going through — after the statement that I made, that you know, I should’ve anticipated the optics.”

Yes, there he was caught in the party room, where they have an indoor driving range, and one of his players had just been killed on the field. It didn’t look good that the quarterback was laughing, so in his statement to the press, he told everyone that just SECONDS before, he was holding back tears.

Nobody believed it. Everybody wants to know, ‘Where’s the damn ball?”

You see, in Obama’s football world, nobody knows where the ball is.

The damn ball, is being held by the star quarterback, who is keeping it in his locker room, to bring out at the last-minute. He figures, if HE has the ball, and nobody can find it, maybe everybody will go home and he WILL win the game.

In other words, Obama forces the rules of the game to change, so he always win.

“I want to spend some time, even as we’re getting all our ducks in a row for the executive action, … to make sure that the public understands why we’re doing this, why it’s the right thing for the American people, why it’s the right thing for the American economy,” Obama told Chuck Todd on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

(Don’t you love a President who thinks running the country is like putting ducks in a row?”)

Well, football is a game, but being President isn’t and Obama thinks it is. It’s all a game, and it’s all about winning the game, and since the American people are AGAINST amnesty, (And it IS an impeachable offense) he has to hold on to that ball, so that he can bring it out for a touchdown right at the end of the game–so that they won’t have any time to impeach him.

And then, HE WINS! Who knows, he could just say it’s a Presidential “pardon”Obama throwin football

It’s the game plan, but last week, Mitt Romney, the only quarterback who lost the last game against team Obama, due to his many fumbles, got the ball back…if only for a few glorious minutes.

In the game of football, you only get one chance to win.

In the game of Presidential elections, sometimes the other team wins by not playing by the rules.

And Obama NEVER plays by the rules.

So, in order to win the next Presidential election, we need a man who will not only point out that Obama is breaking the rules, but if he has to, break a few rules to stop him.

I think in this case, all gloves should be off. (Wait…wrong sport.)

Right about now, the crowd is looking for blood. We want hockey! We want someone to take the ball from Team Obama and smash him over the head with it on their way to victory.

Metaphorically speaking, of course. ( Hi NSA!)

We want to hear….something like this:

This WAS the best touchdown Mitt Romney ever scored!

Too bad, it didn’t happen on the field.


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Nobody’s Email: Marine Saves 100 Lives in Kenya Mall

Nobody Gets Email;

The gracious amfortas sent me this from Australia. The news is, one of our Marines saved over 100 lives in Kenya at that mall bombing. And I swear to god, nowhere have I heard this reported on any news outlet. All we are hearing is that when the evil Republicans shut down the government the FIRST people who Obama is going to punish is our military, who will NOT get paid, but will have to keep on working.Marine w dog

Miss Lerner of the IRS, WILL get paid, even though she costs good decent Americans a lot of money. And all of Congress will still get paid. And their wives. And the NSA. And the TSA. And the teachers. But all the parks will be closed because they don’t want you on them anyway. (unless of course you are an illegal growing pot.)

What I did hear last night, is that “President” Obama has declared November to be Muslim month, where we should all recognize Islam and Muslims as wonderful people.

American soldiers are the best. And yet, Obama ignores their heroics unless of course, he benefits from their actions.

(Thanks to amfortas)

By Clash Daily / 24 September 2013 / 56 Comments

A former marine emerged as a hero of the Nairobi siege yesterday after he was credited with saving up to 100 lives.

The ex soldier was having coffee at the Westgate mall when it was attacked by Islamists on Saturday.

With a gun tucked into his waistband, he was pictured helping two women from the complex.

His story emerged as sporadic gunfire continued to ring out from inside the mall early today as Kenyan security forces battled Al Qaeda-linked terrorists into a fourth Marineday.

Despite Kenyan police assurances that they had taken control of the building, a security expert with contacts inside the mall said at least 10 hostages were still being held by a band of attackers, possibly as many as 13.

The former soldier is said to have returned to the building on a dozen occasions, despite intense gunfire.

A friend in Nairobi said: ‘What he did was so heroic. He was having coffee with friends when it happened.

‘He went back in 12 times and saved 100 people. Imagine going back in when you knew what was going on inside.’

Read more:

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The Foreign Policy of Obama, is So Foreign, Nobody In America Recognizes it

Nobody’s Opinion

If you have lived long enough, you know this strategy…the strategy of using a strong offense to deflect a crime. When guilty…attack. And attack viciously. My first husband used it all the time. If he  came home at 3 in the morning and I accused him of doing nefarious activities, he would attack. How DARE I accuse him of anything!

How dare I. And then he would throw a hussy fit, until I would just shut up. It was a sure sign that he was guilty.

As a strategy, it’s very effective. Ahmadinejad has it perfected.

This past week, very damaging evidence has come out about the Benghazi  raid on our embassy. It was so dangerous there, everyone had moved out but us. Attacks were happening in April. Requests for aid were refused, and the most damning evidence revealed by Glenn Back was that our ambassador was helping Turkey move shipments of heavy armaments into Sudan to be used by Al-Qaeda. In fact, Ambassador Steven’s had dinner with the Turkey liaison,  and then a few hours later, was killed, and raped,—and then dragged through the streets. Notice, nobody is talking about that little tidbit much. It might make a few “gay” voters angry.

Obama’s strategy in the last debate, was to be offended at the mere suggestion that anybody of his administration was guilty of anything.

To make themselves look “respectable” they plan to investigate themselves. Hillary has put the “investigation” off until after the election, of course. We all know how that will go. Both are guilty of at best, horrible neglect, at worse–treason. Nothing will happen.

But the spin…the SPIN…is fantastic: Here’s a clever one:  Americans all gathered together on 9/11, and now the Republicans are using a terrorist attack, and the death of four Americans, as cannon fodder for political points.


They are totally insulted that Romney came out BEFORE the President and called it a terrorist attack. In other words: Attack! Attack! Attack! Even if the attacks are really lame.

BIG BIRD! Romney wants to take away…BIG BIRD!

Another attack:  Congress released names of people in Libya, putting them in harm’s way. Let us not forget the “harm’s way” that Obama has put ALL our soldiers in overseas because his administration has helped turn the whole middle East into a Muslim Brotherhood Hotbed of Jihadists.

And let’s not forget the good doctor who helped us get Bin Laden…rotting in jail in Pakistan thanks to Obama.

Nevertheless…his band of minions are coming out strong:

“President Obama is a towering figure on foreign policy,” Jones said during the panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week.” “You’ve got somebody with a Nobel Peace Prize and he killed Bin Laden.”

Speaking of the whole bin Laden thing..according to many reports, Obama had been asked many fact for months… for the go ahead..but Obama waited, until the right moment: Obama waited until his State of the Union speech…so he could go over to Panetta and shake his hand in front of the whole world and say, “Well done.”

You want ‘political’? That’s political.

Listen to that Nobel Peace Prize speech..Obama says he knows it’s just the beginning of his life on the world stage. The Presidency is just a stepping stone where he will continue to work for “global’ works. Ask yourself: Why did Obama AND the EU get a Noble Peace Prize? Obama had done nothing— and the EU has been a disaster.

It’s not for what they’ve done..but for what they are GOING to do.

There is a group trying to destroy America to form an unelected global government. They absolutely do want a borderless world ruled by a few elites.  Check out this EU poster….notice the communist sign in it?

These nut jobs are trying as hard as they can to mix up all the populations of the world into the Tower of Babylon FUBAR pot of chaos. It’s a plan. They think it will work.

They’re wrong.

Obama and Hillary want to put America into this “global” village, and they have both put America on the “We are so sorry…we need to tone ourselves down to fit the rest of  the countries that don’t have anything.”  pather…Have they not? All their words, all their actions…point to America giving up all her rights to other countries.

They have been working in stealth deals at the UN. They are planning to sign UN treaties, not only depriving us of our guns, but they want to give the UN sovereignty  over all our laws. They would put us into the International  Criminal Court, The Law of the Sea Treaty, where a good portion of all oil revenues would go to the UN to redistribute to other countries.

And the UN will tell us all how to raise our kids. It’s Hillary dream: it takes a Hillary World Global Village to raise your child. Hand them over. Make them eat Spinach..

Putin, Chavez, Castro, and Ahmadiimjad all want Obama to remain President…because America will be destroyed, and they expect to get big dividends

On the Travel Channel  today, they showed a Nazi camp that was built North of Los Angeles to be the Headquarter of the Nazi takeover of California when Hitler took office. It was Hitler’s plan to take over America, and the camp had all it needed to start operation.  The FBI destroyed it right after Pearl Harbor.

It ‘s the same plan that the Muslim Brotherhood has, and Obama is helping them get as many Mosques and Muslims here as he can. Clinton did the same thing. He literally transferred thousands of Muslim Bosnians right here into St. Louis, back when he was President. WE paid for it.

My city is now training Iraq police.

They really don’t talk about this much, Western Nations trying to get Muslims populations to merge into ours–but it’s why Obama is bent on getting speaking against Islam a crime in America. It’s why the Europeans have let their countries be overrun with Muslims.

It’s part of the global borderless government that they are striving for.

BUT—it’s not working The Muslims will never tolerate anyone but their own. Thanks to Obama, the new President of Egypt, is praying for our destruction.  Here’s the prayer:

“Our God, grant us victory over the infidels… Our God, deal harshly with the Jews and those who are allied with them… Our God, our God, deal harshly with the Jews and those who are allied with them… Our God, frighten their masses… Our God, disperse their union… Our God, show us your strength over them, your greatness over them… Our God, reveal to us your wrath over them, you are the Lord of creatures.”

One lady on Fox described it perfectly, “We have taken out dictators and put in psychopaths.”

Obama will say elect him, because he was brought up a Muslim and he won’t attack Iran, and therefore we will be safe. Right….we are about as safe as ambassador Stevens.

Many voter would say, “But Joyanna, Mitt Romney could be part of the Global Government too?”

Well, he just might be. But, then again, his name is not Obama Hussein. That’s good enough for me.  If I were MITT, I’d call Obama by his real name: Barry. Get the Manchurian Muslim out of the White House.

One step at a time.

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Nobody’s Fool….One American Woman Voter

Nobody’s Fool

This week, Nobody is honoring another nobody. At least, I’ve never seen her before. She has given her vote great thought, and took the time to share it with us all.

So good for her! She is putting up her opinions why we should vote for Romney, and they are spot on.

(Thanks to Floyd)

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Nobody Insults Ms Kathleen Reardon

Nobody Wins:

NOTE: Dear Readers: I read an aritcle tonight and got mad. It happens. So I wrote a “letter” to the editor so to speak. It’s just another Nobody Personal Opinion. Sorry it’s so long, but I had a lot to say.


We found out important news last night: Liberal women are afraid of “binders.” Who knew? I didn’t until I read an article in The Huffington Post, written by ‘Professor” Kathleen Reardon. It was called, “What Mitt Romney Really Said About Women”

I thought it was so …dumb. This poor woman was insulted by Mitt Romney for using a “binder” to put women’s names in.

So, I decided to write her a letter. Feel free to forward it to her.

Dear MS Reardon,

You are upset about what you consider a “slight” to women from Mitt Romney last night, in your article today. You seem to think that, somehow, men like Mitt treat you and all women unfairly, and frankly, I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion.

Any woman that gets insulted by a “binder” seems to me to be a little on the paranoid side of life.

Are you paranoid? Daddy issues? Did someone put you in a ‘binder’ at some time in your life and torture you with your own insecurities? Too many Fellini movies?

I’m going to try to explain what Mitt REALLY said because obviously you missed it. And I will do this to you in Obama Speak, so you’ll understand:

When you drive to work in the morning…do you use a car? Thank a man. He invented that.

When you don’t have to go outside to go to the bathroom, but instead, you  have a nice cozy toilet where you can very conveniently flush all the mess away.

Thank a man…he did that for you.

When you sit in your apartment, and look out at the skyscrapers…do you enjoy the comforts, the beautiful lights for which you can study by, and the heating in your home while it’s snowing outside?

Thank a man. He did that for you. Wasn’t any woman. I know this is a shock, but I guess they just don’t teach facts in universities anymore.

Do you like to fly? Thank a man. Thank a LOT of men. 

You know, men have built the world, and made a lot of mistakes, but they have given us all a very comfortable life so far.

Being a “hick” from the middle of the country…unlike YOU Ms Reardon, I’m a working class girl. Nobody was a bigger feminist then I was back in the sixties when all this “women’s rights’ stuff was going around.  I decided to be a drummer in all- men rock bands. Not exactly a womanly career at the time. I played in over 40 bands here in the Midwest, raised my son, and always got the same pay as all the other men in the band. Every single ‘man’ musician I played with, respected me as a fellow musician. If you are good, a man will want to work with you. And you know why? Because men LIKE to win.

I suspect it’s like that in every other profession. I just don’t know where all this “unfairness” comes from.

You seem to think businessmen like Mitt Romany are cavemen. Have you noticed that this is NOT 1969 anymore? Millions of women are the owners of small businesses in this country. What planet are you on?

IF a woman gets paid less, there are now, reasons. Like the fact that women have children, so…they take time off….to have children. Companies have to go on. They have trouble catching up. It’s not fair, but many woman have to make a choice sometimes.

That’s not a man’s fault. That’s just nature.

They also, cannot compete for many men’s jobs. Especially physical jobs. Very few women could lift 100 pound bags all day…but if she could, she would get paid the same.

Here’s what you said about Mitt Romney:

YOU: How do you explain the term “patronizing” to a man like Romney, who is so fond of seeing himself as a businessman? And therein lies the problem. What kind of businessman are we talking about?

Nobody Says: He’s FOND of seeing himself as a businessman? What kind of oxymoron thing to say is that? What if I said your “fond” of seeing yourself as a professor?

YOU: Why wouldn’t a newly elected governor with business acumen realize that identifying even a handful of qualified women would have been far more impressive than having his aides assemble “binders” full of females? What is a binder of females? Is it the same as a slew of females? In any case, it’s insulting.

Nobody Says: Okay. Did you listen to what the man said? Evidently not. He said that when he looked around his cabinet he saw no women. A real patronizing man would have liked that, and did nothing. So he ASKED some women’s group to give him some resume’s and they gave him SO many women that he had a binder full. HE was surprised.

So, Ms. Reardon, you blame that on him. Oh…He had to put them all in a binder. What if he had put all these contacts in an Apple computer? Would you still be insulted? How about a folder? Why aren’t these women NOT getting their resume’s to the right people to get hired? The men have to do that. Is it because men won’t hire them, or is it because they have been told by liberals to not to even try?

He also said he hired the most women in 50 states to work for him. You my dear, are acting just like the other gaggle flock of feminist who don’t feel that they have to even pick up a phone. You expect to be ‘handed’ the job just because you’re a female.

Here’s another quote:

YOU: Then the Republican presidential candidate ended his response with a story about his female chief of staff who needed to be home by 5 p.m. every night. Who was she supposed to represent? Not many women I know. It was a story about a powerful man doing something for one unusual woman and then thinking it showed how fair he’d be as president to all women. Is that the judgment of a savvy businessman — a future president? What Romney didn’t do was provide a single sliver of a clue about what he’ll do to change the fact that women make in the area of 72 cents for every dollar made by men doing comparable work. About that core wallet issue, he said nothing.

Nobody Says: Mitt did that in regards to  her children. I guess liberal women feel…let that kid eat his TV dinner.  Did you miss that part that he let her adjust her hours? Oh…what a horrible man.

Ms Reardon: Most of the internet companies like Apple, and Face book, let their employees work their own hours…men AND woman. They make it a point.  But, it INSULTS you when Mitt Romney does the same thing.  I just don’t get it.

Also, if a woman is not making the same as a man, she can sue…or quit. It’s not like she has to keep working at that job. I once was sexually harassed on a job by my boss. I took him to court, but he had more money than me…he had six lawyers, and I had none. The judge threw it out..and said told me he was sorry.  You know what I did? I quit and got another job. This stuff happens all the time, it’s how you deal with it that makes you “equal.”

And then, you end with this:

YOU: This is an election, Mr. Romney, not a date. Women don’t want to feel special. They want to earn a living and feed their families

Nobody Says; Really? Women don’t want to feel special? Let’s get Dick Morris to do a survey on that.

The truth is there are 25 million women living in poverty under Obama right now, and  I bet every one of them would LOVE to feel special.

What I see, is a world of woman working, and men losing jobs.

And you end it with this:

YOU: What women and all voters want is respect. Women want equal pay for equal work. That’s respect. They want a fair shot at the top jobs. That’s respect. In the absence of that, the rest is all fluff.

If a woman wants ‘equality” then she needs to EARN that respect.  And if she wants a “fair” shot all she need do is take it. Have you not noticed, Hillary, Oprah, Condoleezza, Pelosi— they got a fair shot. Are you telling me, there are only a few woman around that happens too?

You want respect, I know. But what are you going to do about the women like me who can hardly give you a compliment, let alone respect. You are everything a hard-working proud American woman dislikes. Liberal women like you, think Obama is all for woman’s rights, and YET he claims Islam is a wonderful religion. Islam enslaves all it’s women. You couldn’t put the names of all the women Islam enslaves in a binder.

You took Mitt’s words and twisted them to fit your “war on women.” which the democrats have to invent to give Obama something to run on because he has done such a terrible job.

Respect needs to be earned, and baby, you’ve got a long way to go.

Wait…did I just call you baby? Now THAT’s insulting.


Working Class (And Tonight Very Proud to be) an Insulting American Conservative Female— Hero.

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The Second Presidential Debate, OR: Candy Crowley–Has Got a JOB!

Nobody Knows

You may fool all the people some of the time: you can even fool some of the people all the time: but you can’t fool all of the people all the time–Abraham Lincoln.

If you watched the same debate that I did tonight, then you, like me have to wonder what’s going on? Everyone claimed that Obama won…because he was sort of mean, I guess.

After the debate nothing was said by anyone about the format we saw…clearly, Obama did so badly at the first debate that this debate was staged to give Obama the advantage in every respect: The questions were ‘picked’ to put all the liberal talking points into Obama’s hands. Gun control, women’s paychecks, college students..etc.   Oh…but they put in a “token” one, asked by a black man, just so you wouldn’t think that the questions were stacked, and handpicked to favor Obama.

The whole thing was staged to give Obama the time to do what he does best: Bullshit. These former Obama voters (See Video)  GOT it. He IS full of bullshit. So, why didn’t the famous political pundits get it?

Nobody Knows. To them, whoever bullies the other guy the most wins the debate. It’s a FIGHT! It’s entertainment! Who took the most blows? TUNE IN FOR THE NEXT DEBATE!

Never mind about who the best for the country, it’s Who got in the last word?

Very seldom did Obama answer any question directly. Sometimes, he went all over the map, in fact, in trying to answer the first question I actually thought he was on some kind of speed. He wandered from subject to subject, as if he wanted to get EVERYTHING in the first few seconds.

That’s a winner?

Candy Crowley almost never let Mitt defend himself against Obama’s lies, for the first hour, she continued to stop him. It was unfair. It was rude, and she only did it once to the President.

Mitt could have put in a few more facts of ammunition, tonight, but I really don’t think he expected to be cut off as much as he was. She just downright nurtured him.

This whole thing was stacked to make Obama look powerful, and what is truly bothering me is the why all the conservative pundits are giving the win to Obama. CNN, it was obvious…had a well thought out plan.

The pundits missed it tonight, but not the American people. Look at that video. Those people nailed it.

If you go by these people, Obama was hurt more by this debate than the last. He lied much more here. He looked mean. When he comes out and says, “I’m the commandeer in chief!” he says it with the demand of a King…how DARE you question HIM..or any of his people, about Benghazi!

Well..Mr. President. The fact is, you didn’t care about those Americans in Benghazi. It’s YOUR fault they are dead. And yes, the American people CAN see it that way.  And we will dare to question you.

You work for us….(Me thinks he protests too much. )

Most people’s minds are made up by now….And while I was wondering tonight why the regular pundits on TV were not talking about the obvious setup of unfair debate that happened last night…be rest assured…

This was not a “town-hall” event. This was a staged attack on Mitt Romney, to bring Obama back into play. While Chris Mathews might be having tickles up both legs tomorrow, there will be many conservatives who were going to stay home, but after watching Obama tonight–have changed their minds.

We saw the Chicago Obama tonight–but by comparision…Obama will meet the Patriots of American on Electon day. And according to these former Obama voters—American Patriots… Mitt Romney looked:

“Forceful, compassionate, presidential,” one participant said.
“Confident and realistic,” said another.
“Presidential,” another told Luntz.”Dynamo, winner.” said one more
“Enthusiastic,” another reacted.
“Our next president,” one man said.

Remember Mr. President— the words of Abraham Lincoln. You can’t fool us all.

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Redistributing the 47 Percent

Nobody Wonders

Many of us are wondering IF this 47% of the population, who, we are told, support Obama, mainly because they get free stuff from the government, will vote for him precisely because the Democrats have convinced them that the big corportions are evil.

The Democrats, who are bascially now the new American Marxists, want to crash the system, in order to remain in control forever. They’ve written out that blueprint in Chicago.

In this American Idol society, with many of the masses uneducated in history or geography…the time is now ripe for the Marxists to make their move, it’s now or never.

Donald Trump would have made a better candidate to go up against Obama, but Donald Trump was not the pick of the Rhino’s, who no doubt think, they can control Romeny, and have given him John McCain’s advisers.

Rupert Murdoch was right: He should get rid of them. Like the Bushes, Mitt is too nice. He will be crushed, if he doesn’t start getting passionate.  It comes down to—: Is it more important what the history books say about you fifty years from now, or more important to save the country? Don’t be like the Bushes, Mitt…always taking the blows and not responding.

Remember: You’re fighting for US. Take a few boxing lessons. Hey…it wouldn’t hurt you to get angry. Go on…YOU CAN DO IT!

Nevertheless, Obama insists it was the 47% who voted for McCain last time: And as we can see…those people are still out there…Obama only needs look outside his buss window. (Thanks to Tom Beebee for pics)

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Nuclear History…Who’s Keeping Score?

Nobody Reports

Sure, it’s fourteen minutes long, but if you watch this, you can’t help but wonder: Who in the world would want to live in the American West?. Since most of us have only seen scant video’s of nuclear bombs going off, we don’t really think about it much.

Isao Hashimoto made this to remind us all about it. It’s stops at 1998.

As I was listening to Mitt Romney today, talking about how important it was to  not allow Iran to become nuclear, I was reading this paragraph,  just a few minutes before, in the book “Shadow World” by Robert Chandler.

“Saddam Hussein also was well down the path toward building his own nuclear weapons. After the Gulf War and extent of the nuclear program fully exposed, Western scientists estimated that Iraq was twelve to eighteen months away from having nuclear weapons. Saddam had pumped $10-12 billion in building three uranium enrichment programs and the large foreign procurement program operating through deceptive practices. All told fifty-six nuclear production sites were identified by the UN Special Commission of Iraq. These sites included uranium mining, production, and processing sites. Saddam Hussein’s program is believed to have produced nuclear triggers, two of which are unaccounted for. Hans Blix, director on the UN International Atomic Energy Administration said that he was “shocked” by the enormity of Iraq’s nuclear program.”

Nobody Thinks that the nuclear situation is more dangerous today than it ever was…and IF President George W. Bush had made the case to the American people that Saddam had 56 nuclear production sites, instead of the WMD’s that he kept talking about, many of us would have been more in favor of going into Iraq.

It seems the whole Middle East is about to explode.

Mitt Romney gave a speech in front of our Veterans today, outlining his plans to build back the military, and bring us back into “Superpower” status. It seems the whole Iran thing is about to come to fruition in the next couple of years…no matter who is President. And when that happens, that LAST man you want in the White House is Barack  Obama.


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Nobody Remembers….Uh…Cher

Nobody Remembers

OMG…How OLD is Cher? Does anyone know? Since Cher can’t seem to keep her mouth shut about the racist tea party, I just had to go back and try to figure out what happened to this “human.” Sony and Cher used to be fun on TV…and everyone knew that Sony was the brains behind their success. I remember the story Cher told about how they cheated to win their first radio contest. They had their friends call the station and pretend they were 50 people instead of 10 or whatever it was. Cher was very proud that they cheated and did it so cleverly.

For all the hatred between them in their divorce, Sony went on to become a respected Republican Representative for California, and his wife took over his seat after he died. Cher on the other hand, married a succession of drug addicts.

But, it’s no wonder Sony divorced her….she is obviously a loon.  She said it was because he tried to “control” her. Really? I don’t think Cher let any one control her, do you? He made her a star. And what she did at his funeral was pathetic. All that sobbing. As if, his second family sitting there in the front row meant nothing. She saw a moment to be onstage, and she took it.

She recently tweeted: “If Romney gets elected I don’t know If I can breathe same air as his Right-Wing Racist Homophobic women Hating Tea Party masters.:

And in response to that: I think this guy summed up Cher pretty well.

Enjoy! (Both video’s are really fun!)

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Sour Pickle Pickings

Nobody’s Opinion

This feels much’s like I just ate a sour pickle.  Here we are, pretty sure that the next Presidential race will be between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in 2012. It’s depressing to me simply because Mitt seems like George W. Bush’s secret half-brother. It’s almost as if he’s their puppet. They’ve personally handed him the GOP crown, and wouldn’t do that if there wasn’t strings attached. 

The Bush’s are globalists…the corporations will come before the many. Not that that’s a bad thing, we all like McDonalds, but the global multi-national corporations have sucked the life out of America’s middle class. BUT….Obama is a Marxist and presents a much more dangerous scenario if he is elected. Still, I don’t want to eat this sour pickle again.

I hated voting for McCain. And I know I will “hold my nose” again and vote for Romney simply because Obama will take America down faster than any man running. He already has. And I’m still not so sure his election is in the bag. Look at what happened to McCain and Hillary.

On every channel now we are hearing from Jeb Bush…pushing his opinion. Since when did Jeb Bush become a major player on the national scene? Two very important -X Bush babies have a big seat on Fox News: Karl Rove and Dana Lash, are both pushing hard for Mitt. Sarah Palin very wisely saw the writing on the wall and didn’t run.  

And then this video just came out. Marco Rubio, the very popular Hispanic Senator from Florida, I’m sure had a lot of help from Jeb Bush in getting that Florida Senatorial office. Now, Marco Rubio is a fine young man, but..he’s no Allen West.

Here he is saying, “When I’m Vice President”…say what? So, you’ve already been told you’re going to be VP?  

Listen to this tape. Marco Rubio seems to be overly optimistic to many of us. Here in Middle America, we are witnessing one business after another closing down, lights off..our very Republic going down the drain….and he’s excited about what we are doing in the rest of the world?

What exactly ARE we doing in the rest of the world? And if it’s so good, how come we aren’t doing it here?

We are curing aids in Africa? That’s what he is excited about?  That’s why we should be excited for him if he becomes our VP? Or is this just his way of becoming popular with black voters? Or more to the point, isn’t this the “global” world vision of the Bush’s? He is now getting on the band wagon.

I feel like I’m coming full circle again. Sour grapes. Sour thoughts. I’m a sour pickle today.  

Mitt needs Rubio because Rubio is very popular with the Mexicans and Cubans.  And this Nobody has thought for a long time that McCain was picked to lose so that the changes that the globalists wanted to make—- that New World Order that Daddy Bush articulated…could be made by Obama, (Health Care, more executive power) and then everyone would gladly vote for the GOP after Obama. All they had to do was wait four years. After all, Obama has carried out the war in Iraq, and Afghanistan, much as Bush would have done. Once he got into office he basically carried out Bush’s foreign agenda’s, did he not?

And the Bush’s are all about getting rid of the border. The New World Order has always included bringing as many Mexicans into the country as they possible could. Even Bill Clinton has admitted the necessary of filling the gap that will be left after the aging population.

To them, it’s simply pragmatic.  America WILL be half Spanish by 2050. I’ve heard Jeb Bush say that with loving eyes.  To us, it’s nightmare…America will be gone. Unless all our children start reproducing like crazy—-we will be outnumbered. Pat Buchanan is right. The numbers don’t lie. And the new Mexicans are not being forced to become ‘Americans.’ Not at all.

 If Marco Rubio becomes VP—we pretty much have the answer to WHY the Republican Party has been so silent about Obama not being born an American Citizen.  Marco Rubio does not qualitfy under our Constitution either.  But, he will be key in the next election.

Donald Trump, who once lead the pack on the birther issue, got together with Mitt Romney, and quiet on the whole issue, which if Marco is being picked as VP, would make sense.

So, what do the rest of us do?

We keep fighting….and fighting more. But get ready..we are going to have to swallow a lot of sour pickles. Karl Rove is counting on it.

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