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Wesley Clark: Loyal to Obama

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I just saw ‘General’ Wesley Clark talking to Shepard Smith on FOX, and he was exclaiming that Obama has done wonderful work on our foreign policy. Benghazi was just a small thing in lew of the “big picture”.

Makes you wonder why nobody ever explains what that “big picture” might be.

Basically the General was repeating that Benghazi was just a bump in the road. Obama got bin Ladin, he said with great pride.  Generals are now being used as propaganda agents for the left, and THIS general has always been a useful tool for the democrats.

But remember, here Clark—-in 2007, was criticizing George W. Bush for going into Iraq after 9/11  in this video. He is shocked by the  ‘plans’ to go into all those countries and get rid of their leaders.

Clark by his own assumptions, should be also critizing Obama today, because Obama has carried out Bush’s plans…at least in Libya, and Afghanistan. Obama went into Libya and got rid of Gaddafi. He helped Egypt to get rid of Mubarak. The difference is Obama is helping the Muslim Brotherhood leaders replace the dictators, something George W. Bush would by all accounts, not do.

Wesley Clark makes no mention that Obama is doing the same work of–Dick Cheney. He forgets to mention Obama has continued the “big picture” of Cheney amd Bush, and once again…what “big picture” is Wesley talking about?

What is surprising to me, is that a very well know writer for WND sent me this video, claiming he if fed up with America, and it’s people.

He now lives overseas, and doesn’t want to come back.

And to me, that’s a good thing. Let him stay there.

It seems, even our finest journalists can’t tell facts from fiction, and that there are still Americans living in America, and we have no intentions of going down without a fight.

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The Foreign Policy of Obama, is So Foreign, Nobody In America Recognizes it

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If you have lived long enough, you know this strategy…the strategy of using a strong offense to deflect a crime. When guilty…attack. And attack viciously. My first husband used it all the time. If he  came home at 3 in the morning and I accused him of doing nefarious activities, he would attack. How DARE I accuse him of anything!

How dare I. And then he would throw a hussy fit, until I would just shut up. It was a sure sign that he was guilty.

As a strategy, it’s very effective. Ahmadinejad has it perfected.

This past week, very damaging evidence has come out about the Benghazi  raid on our embassy. It was so dangerous there, everyone had moved out but us. Attacks were happening in April. Requests for aid were refused, and the most damning evidence revealed by Glenn Back was that our ambassador was helping Turkey move shipments of heavy armaments into Sudan to be used by Al-Qaeda. In fact, Ambassador Steven’s had dinner with the Turkey liaison,  and then a few hours later, was killed, and raped,—and then dragged through the streets. Notice, nobody is talking about that little tidbit much. It might make a few “gay” voters angry.

Obama’s strategy in the last debate, was to be offended at the mere suggestion that anybody of his administration was guilty of anything.

To make themselves look “respectable” they plan to investigate themselves. Hillary has put the “investigation” off until after the election, of course. We all know how that will go. Both are guilty of at best, horrible neglect, at worse–treason. Nothing will happen.

But the spin…the SPIN…is fantastic: Here’s a clever one:  Americans all gathered together on 9/11, and now the Republicans are using a terrorist attack, and the death of four Americans, as cannon fodder for political points.


They are totally insulted that Romney came out BEFORE the President and called it a terrorist attack. In other words: Attack! Attack! Attack! Even if the attacks are really lame.

BIG BIRD! Romney wants to take away…BIG BIRD!

Another attack:  Congress released names of people in Libya, putting them in harm’s way. Let us not forget the “harm’s way” that Obama has put ALL our soldiers in overseas because his administration has helped turn the whole middle East into a Muslim Brotherhood Hotbed of Jihadists.

And let’s not forget the good doctor who helped us get Bin Laden…rotting in jail in Pakistan thanks to Obama.

Nevertheless…his band of minions are coming out strong:

“President Obama is a towering figure on foreign policy,” Jones said during the panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week.” “You’ve got somebody with a Nobel Peace Prize and he killed Bin Laden.”

Speaking of the whole bin Laden thing..according to many reports, Obama had been asked many fact for months… for the go ahead..but Obama waited, until the right moment: Obama waited until his State of the Union speech…so he could go over to Panetta and shake his hand in front of the whole world and say, “Well done.”

You want ‘political’? That’s political.

Listen to that Nobel Peace Prize speech..Obama says he knows it’s just the beginning of his life on the world stage. The Presidency is just a stepping stone where he will continue to work for “global’ works. Ask yourself: Why did Obama AND the EU get a Noble Peace Prize? Obama had done nothing— and the EU has been a disaster.

It’s not for what they’ve done..but for what they are GOING to do.

There is a group trying to destroy America to form an unelected global government. They absolutely do want a borderless world ruled by a few elites.  Check out this EU poster….notice the communist sign in it?

These nut jobs are trying as hard as they can to mix up all the populations of the world into the Tower of Babylon FUBAR pot of chaos. It’s a plan. They think it will work.

They’re wrong.

Obama and Hillary want to put America into this “global” village, and they have both put America on the “We are so sorry…we need to tone ourselves down to fit the rest of  the countries that don’t have anything.”  pather…Have they not? All their words, all their actions…point to America giving up all her rights to other countries.

They have been working in stealth deals at the UN. They are planning to sign UN treaties, not only depriving us of our guns, but they want to give the UN sovereignty  over all our laws. They would put us into the International  Criminal Court, The Law of the Sea Treaty, where a good portion of all oil revenues would go to the UN to redistribute to other countries.

And the UN will tell us all how to raise our kids. It’s Hillary dream: it takes a Hillary World Global Village to raise your child. Hand them over. Make them eat Spinach..

Putin, Chavez, Castro, and Ahmadiimjad all want Obama to remain President…because America will be destroyed, and they expect to get big dividends

On the Travel Channel  today, they showed a Nazi camp that was built North of Los Angeles to be the Headquarter of the Nazi takeover of California when Hitler took office. It was Hitler’s plan to take over America, and the camp had all it needed to start operation.  The FBI destroyed it right after Pearl Harbor.

It ‘s the same plan that the Muslim Brotherhood has, and Obama is helping them get as many Mosques and Muslims here as he can. Clinton did the same thing. He literally transferred thousands of Muslim Bosnians right here into St. Louis, back when he was President. WE paid for it.

My city is now training Iraq police.

They really don’t talk about this much, Western Nations trying to get Muslims populations to merge into ours–but it’s why Obama is bent on getting speaking against Islam a crime in America. It’s why the Europeans have let their countries be overrun with Muslims.

It’s part of the global borderless government that they are striving for.

BUT—it’s not working The Muslims will never tolerate anyone but their own. Thanks to Obama, the new President of Egypt, is praying for our destruction.  Here’s the prayer:

“Our God, grant us victory over the infidels… Our God, deal harshly with the Jews and those who are allied with them… Our God, our God, deal harshly with the Jews and those who are allied with them… Our God, frighten their masses… Our God, disperse their union… Our God, show us your strength over them, your greatness over them… Our God, reveal to us your wrath over them, you are the Lord of creatures.”

One lady on Fox described it perfectly, “We have taken out dictators and put in psychopaths.”

Obama will say elect him, because he was brought up a Muslim and he won’t attack Iran, and therefore we will be safe. Right….we are about as safe as ambassador Stevens.

Many voter would say, “But Joyanna, Mitt Romney could be part of the Global Government too?”

Well, he just might be. But, then again, his name is not Obama Hussein. That’s good enough for me.  If I were MITT, I’d call Obama by his real name: Barry. Get the Manchurian Muslim out of the White House.

One step at a time.

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