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Nobody’s Perfect: Who’s Better At Supplying Weapons to our Ememies?

Nobody’s Perfect:

It’s the Democrats VS the Republican this week, in Nobody’s Perfect“Who can supply the most weapons to the most enemies?”

Which party keeps us safer? Who do you think?

Obama just can’t seem to quit sending guns to the rest of the world. As we all know, he armed the Libyan rebels and they turned right around and killed our ambassador…THANK YOU VERY MUCH MR. PRESIDENTE! He did the same thing with Fast and Furious, and bodies are falling all over the place from the guns given courtesy of Obama.

Who knows what weapons he is giving away in Las Vegas at the moment? Is he arming the Unions?

Nobody Knows why Obama wants to give guns away to drug cartels, and al-Qaeda thugs, who are both REALLY bad groups of people, but he just can’t seem to help himself. Now, we are supplying weapons to Syria.

It’s illegal. It’s outrageous…arming known enemies..but Obama does it in the name of “freedom” fighters.

Well, Ronald Reagan did that too. And got lynched for it. Where’s the press on this? How come when Reagan gave weapons to free hostages he was a ‘War Mongol’ but Obama can arm every Jihadist in the Middle East and he is a “freedom fighter”?

The only “freedom” he is giving is the freedom for our enemies to kill us with our own weapons.

Reagan sent weapons to free American hostages in Iran.  The guns sent to Nicaragua were to fight against the communists, which ARE enemies of the United States. This was a real fight for freedom-(Whether he knew it or not.)

Obama is arming our sworn enemy Al Qaida, in the Middle East with weapons, and nobody is putting up much of a stink about it.

American Presidents have had a bad habit of giving Muslims like Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein  WMD’s and all kinds of weapons— and what has it gotten us?

A lot of good American men dead.

And while Obama is busy arming the Muslim nations, he is cutting our defense here at home.

 The Obama administration issued guidance Friday that said defense firms’ costs would be covered if they have to lay off workers due to canceled contracts under the across-the-board cuts set to take effect Jan. 2.

The guidance prompted Lockheed Martin — which had previously threatened to send out notices of potential layoffs to all of its 123,000 employees — to say Monday it would not send notices this year under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act.

So, let me get this straight: Obama wants to be reelected, so he has asked the defense companies that he is cutting from the budget to NOT fire anybody, and if they get sued, Obama will make the American taxpayer pay their damages? It makes you wonder if Lockheed has a sweet business deal worked out with the Muslims Brotherhood.

This reminds me of something. When it comes to giving weapons away Bill Clinton had everybody beat. He got together with Lockheed and Boeing once before. They sold China the weapons technology they would EVER need to hurt us. He just went through the Commerce Department. Congress didn’t even have a say.

Before Clinton, the Chinese were forty years behind us. Now they can nuke  every American  city. Hey, thanks Bill!

Bill Clinton also gave North Korea all the plutonian it needed to make nuclear warheads, which in turn helped Iran and Iraq build up.

And YOU thought that impeachment was all about Monica.

When it comes to putting us in REAL danger…the Democrats win.

While millions of veterans are waiting years for their disability checks, Obama is at this very minute, spending over $5 billion dollars just for the three days he is spending in Las Vegas to practice his “debates.”

Just think: He could stay at the White House and practice, for that three days, and with the money saved, he could send a check to every man who has given his service to his country.

So far, the Veterans Department has only given out…to ALL veterans: 5 billion. Yep, —that’s three days of Vegas for Obama.

But..hey! It’s VEGAS man! Beyonce is waiting! So what if the veterans are committng suicides? There are fundraisers to go to!

So—-when the armed and dangerous enemies of America come to attack us…

WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Whose giving away more weapons and technology to the rest of the world?

Democrats win. And you…good American terroist patriot that you are…lose.

(Hi NSA!)

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The Obama Supporters…

Nobody Flashes

As the November deadline gets closer, the Obama voters are coming out in their finest clothes, to go that extra mile, to show us all that–only by voting for Obama, will we continue as a country to enjoy the many freedoms we have: like the freedom of tattooing your whole body , showing your underwear, wearing chains around your neck, getting fat, painting your face in rainbow colors, or  dressing up like a lobster just because you feel like it.

Word has it, that Lady Gaga is being seriously considered for the job of Secretary of Defense. All fashionable attire will be allowed in Obama’s next cabinet. The only thing you will not be allowed to wear are the colors red, white and blue. Unless of course, it has Obama’s logo on it. The 9/11 Teeshirt will be sure to make a big hit with the state Department! Get yours today, in order to remember that no one should make a video about Obama…I mean…Islam. What a better way to remind us all how we are all just one bump-in-the road away from being at peace with all nations and religions, and black panthers.

(Nobody Makes this stuff up.)


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