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Can You GET Any More Disgusting?

Nobody Wins

Well, for ONCE I can agree with something a man who is an Obama supporter said: His name is Reverend Lowery, and he delivered the benediction at Obama’s inauguration:

Lowery decried the harsh tone to come from this campaign cycle, saying: “I’m frightened by the level of hatred and bitterness coming out in this election.”

Nobody Wonders if he is talking about this video.

Probably not, because this video was made by a very WHITE Micheal Moore who according to the Reverend…is going to hell.

The reverend who delivered the benediction at President Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration said Saturday he believes all white people are going to hell, according to a local Georgia newspaper.

Notice the theme of all these old geezers, not only suggesting violence if Obama is not reelected, but also that if Romney wins, then it’s a sure thing that they STOLE the election. Already the machines are being tampered with to register “Obama” when someone presses “Romney”

Just the fact that Obama has invited the UN to monitor the elections, shows you he plans to win by screaming “NO FAIR>>I WON! YOU CHEATED!” and of course, it will have been the democrats who cheat.

You know, everyone knows the blacks are going to riot, jump up and down, throw hussy fits, cry, shout at the top of their lungs that all white people are racists…but to use children and old people to deliver their hate filled messages show you what cowards they all.

So, if Reverend Lowery wants to stop all the nastiness, then he must address his own party…or he just might end up in hell…with all those white folks.

Oh my…and what will he do then?

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Oh Dear…Is It Halloween AGAIN?

Happy Halloween!

I have no idea what to say…so, here’s a few pics taken last year on Pattie’s porch…where right now, I’m sure, Pattie is giving out loads of candy to all the cutties. Oh…..that’s my friend Pattie’s Indian Headdress that is REAL. So Pattie, if you read this: Save a few of those candy corns for me! And a few of my favorite Pumpkin carvings. Everyone that’s not in the East…be safe…and for those sitting in the dark tonight, what a great time to tell a few ghost stories. If you don’t know any, drag out Stephen King. He’ll scare anybody.

H/T Potluck

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