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There Is Nothing Nobel About Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU

Nobody Cares

I’m sure all the citizens of the world are celebrating the news released today that the EU, has received the Nobel Peace Prize….for keeping the peace in their countries. And as you can see by these pictures, peace reins throughout the European Union…the people are happy and content. We applaud the elites in Brussels for giving this prize to themselves, because if it was put to a vote by the people in the EU, I doubt it would have made the headlines today. One can only wonder what would happened if “war” broke out. Poor Mr. Clinton, missed it again. Congratulations to the people of  Europe. You have all–just been ignored by the one percent. Don’t forget to give those elites in the EU your vote! Wait, you can’t vote for them? Oh…well then, enjoy the flowers, and remember…somebody is getting millions…and it’s not you…so keep being peaceful…who knows? Maybe they’ll get the prize again next year too…because NOBODY wants Bill Clinton to get one.  I think we should make him sweat.









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The Laughing Joe Oz-Man…

Nobody Remembers

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
Mahatma Gandhi

Watching Joe Biden trashing Paul Ryan tonight bought back memories of The Wizard of Oz…you know, I can picture Joe Biden on the old country road, and he is going to sell Dorothy that tonic that will make her better…if only that tornado recession hadn’t come along, Joe wouldn’t have had to spend his days pulling levers behind a curtain, scaring women and their friends to shaking in their bones at the sound of his voice. Yes, Ozman Joe is stuck in the Emerald City handing out cheap trinkets.  

What a life.

Joe Biden is the “slam, bam, thank you mam”–” character which graces hundreds of pages of classic literature. He makes Dick Cheney look…like a genius. Cheney  would have made Joe Biden shut-up, because Cheney like Biden, is a polished politician.

Paul Ryan …is not. And when you’re an honest man, and the man you are debating is a liar, and rude…there’s not much you can do but defend your position.

And that’s exactly what Paul Ryan did. Paul Krauthammer summed it up this way:

“If you read the transcript, I think it’s dead even. If you heard it on radio, Biden won. If you watched it on television, he lost.”

I’m not sure I agree with this, because many of Biden’s facts were false. Misleading…almost absurd. On substance alone even on radio, Paul Ryan won.

So, I guess that means that Krauthammer thinks most voters are ignorant of the issues.

One reporter pointed out what I thought was a most important point: Biden insisted that the intelligence told them (Obama, Biden, and Hillary)  that the Benghazi raid was due to the video. Not his fault, not the President fault…the intelligence was at fault. Wouldn’t be the first time would it? Remember, it was ‘false’ when they couldn’t find the WMD’s.

Then later, Joe bragged that if Iran got nuclear bomb, why they would know immediately.

Uh…gee. Right. Your great “intelligence” couldn’t  figure out a Taliban attack  on 9/11,  but it will certainly be able to look underground in Iran, and see a nuclear missile being built.

Oh…I feel safe, don’t you?

They IGNORED the pleas for help in Benghazi, and they ignore the pleas for help from Israel. Four men died in Benghazi due to their lack of concern. Millions will die in Israel.

This is how they do all the arguments.

Martha Raddatz never stopped Biden the 82 times he cut into Ryan’s speech. All the democrats do this on TV and it’s rude. But they don’t care. It’s the bully in them. And while all the commentators want the “facts” about taxes, and whatever, when Mitt or Ryan GIVE them the facts, they act like they said nothing. It’s as if they are thinking about what they are having for dinner after the show.

The audience is going..”Uh..yes, he just GAVE you the answer.” why didn’t you hear it?

Mitt needs to ask Obama about his “facts.” And demand his “plans.”  The commentators on that point alone have both been  bias. The Democrats have this stuff set up, because they KNOW it can’t be answered. One can only suggest a plan, until you get into office…which is what both Ryan and Mitt have done. It’s a trick, and they should CALL them on it.

Here’s another thing that drives me crazy:

if you watch the debate and have been following the issues, right off the bat, Joe was asked a question about what happened to the intelligence in Libya, and he didn’t answer it. Instead he went into the Obama is tough, got bin laden…yadayada…and never answered the question…until it was forced by Ryan’s attack.

When talking about the war…it’s a joke. Nobody wants this war to go on, but Ryan made a good point…the ones left over there are in much more danger now. And while America hates war, we are also sick of losing. The 58,000 Americans lost in Vietnam should teach us now that if you go into a war, you MUST win it. If you don’t, then all the money and men that are sacrificed, are for nothing. And Joe keep saying that the Afghans have to stand up now. How is that working? They are turning around and KILLING our soldiers.

Ryan failed to make that point. Ryan actually was the nice guy tonight.

Biden and Obama will just keep repeating the same old lies— “47 percent, women won’t be able to abort, wars will go on forever, middle class is being damaged”

And the uneducated will listen.

It might work. But then again…..millions of people who are suffering tonight will look at those two and think: I have no future with Obama.

And what will be remember is Ryan’s closing remarks.

“Give us a chance. ” And anyone with any sense will be thinking.”Well, why the hell not, what have we got to lose?”

Joe’s rudeness and grinning hurt him tonight, because near the end of the debate he got real quiet. Someone signaled him to stop it. Then he got all…maudlin.

It made me sick. The man is such a fake.

Now, lets’ hope Obama continues the same old attacks…because, Obama is not Joe Biden. He is still deep down, a committee organizer who is enjoying his life as King of the World. Mitt now knows what they are going to keep repeating…and if the rest of us out here in nobodies land can tell you what to say to cut through all this hogwash, I’m sure Mitt’s got people who are working on it.

And while Joe got all his laughing out tonight, he won’t be laughing when Ryan takes his job. Let’s send this mean son-of-a bitch back to Kansas.

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