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Follow the Yellow-Brick Democratic Playbook

Nobody Remembers

Here’s a political ploy as old as time: CREATE the problem, then come in with the solution. And nobody does it better than the Democrats. Let’s take this ridiculous ad:

Uh…When did woman lose the right to an abortion? Or a good job? Or special treatment? I know…it didn’t happen. It’s not going to happen. But, this is the Democrat’s playbook: Make up a problem…even one that doesn’t exist..and act like Obama is going to save you.

After having gone though the ‘feminist” brainwashing in the sixties, I thought — “Talk about taking us backward Obama…Jeeeeeeeeeeeez.”

I’m astonished that more women don’t see through this crap. Tell me…what can’t women do now that men can, (Besides hit a home run in Yankee Stadium) and just HOW are men holding them back? In what way?

These women bring shame to any woman who truly believes in herself. I would be totally embarrassed to admit..that I couldn’t pay for my own birth control like Sandra Fluke did.  What kind of women admits that she is SO incompetent that she can’t even pay for her own birth control pills? If that’s the case, that the Democrats have done SO much for you that you can’t even find the money to pay for such a small item, then I suggest you become a conservative. Conservative woman are very strong. Like— Sarah Palin. Strong. Find one. Maybe she’ll help you out. 

Get rid of that inner child.

I’m just appalled. The ‘women’s movement was a “leftist” movement to break up the family, and get women into the workforce. I don’t buy that all those single moms raising children out there on their own wouldn’t give up ALL of their lonely nights listening to Ellen DeGeneres. to be in a marriage with someone who loved them.

I don’t buy it. Not now…not ever. If they do they are in serious denial.

Since the Democrats are all bout “control” this really disgusts me. More women are graduating college than men. More men have lost jobs in the last ten years than women. And PART of the reason there are so many abortions is because: It costs a LOT of money to raise a child with two people, let alone one. The birthrate is declining and for good reason: Obama promotes poverty.

Notice this ad implies that Republicans want to “dismantle” and take away women’s rights.

Wow…What rights are all these rich bitches losing? When is Joe Biden going to say,  “They want you BACK in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant!”? When? Or has he already?

The “women’s” need to be afraid campaign was thought up for one thing only, to put fear into women where no fear need be: And to get Obama reelected. Sadly, there are more single women than married people now, lots of them are scared, and Obama wants to be their Daddy.

Create the problem. They have done this before….

Nobody Remembers that not so long ago when all of a sudden “campaign reform” was the big issue. OMG…the people wanted campaign reform! You heard it relentlessly even though most people had never even given it a thought at all.

Behind it all was George Soros.

Soros did this: Beginning at least as early as 1994, Sager reported a group of nonprofit foundations began bankrolling “experts” and front groups whose purpose was to bamboozle Congress into thinking that millions of American wee clamoring for “campaign finance reform” even though they were not.

American did not want the kind of reform they were proposing. They would use foundation money to buy “experts” and front groups across the nation to generate outcries for “campaign finance reform.”

The target for all this activity was 535 people in Washington. The idea was to create an impression that a mass movement was afoot. that everywhere they looked i academic institutions in the business community, in religious groups in ethnic groups everywhere people were talking bout reform. _–David Horowitz

So they got it. Soros created a problem that didn’t exist and now, they are spending all their money creating a mass movement to keep the poor woman from losing their rights…just another big scam in Democratic history.

Nobody Also Remembers that Beyoncé is a VERY rich girl who doesn’t need Obama for anything She buys her little girl $800 shoes.

And if you are a woman, and you buy this crap, then you will never be “liberated.”  Gee…you’re great-great-great grandmother could shot a bear, kill a chicken, make three meals a day for 15 men, sew everybodies clothes, manage ten kids,, and educate them properly on top of it,  and you can’t even buy your own birth control pills.

You’ve come a long way baby…

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Al Gore Solves All Our Problems!

Nobody Reports

Al Gore, the scientific genius of our time, has FINALLY given us the answer to why democrats are so stupid: it’s the altitude.

Al Gore Blames Denver’s High Altitude For Obama Debate Loss… Al Gore actually states during a television talk show that he feels Obama lost the first Presidential debate last night because it was held in Denver Colorado, where the altitude is higher up, and the air is thinner than what Obama is use to. Gore states that Obama arrived at 2 pm yesterday just hours before the debate while Romney had been in the city for longer.

Thin air. That explains it: the Democrats need oxygen. In fact, Nobody Suggests oxygen tanks be installed on the floor of Congress so when the democrats start muttering insanities, and saying things like “share the pain” they can go get a good whiff of CO2 and get their heads put back on straight. Oxygen tanks should also be installed in the White House.

It’s good to know that the reason Obama thought a terrorists attack on 9/11 was caused by a video was due to the lack of oxygen to his brain.

Obama lost the debate because he was oxygen deprived, thank goodness Al Gore figured this out…before it was too late.

Good to know.

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Round One

Nobody Wins!

Well,–Romney did it. He listened to all the conservatives giving advice, took the lead, and won the debate. In fact,  It was a shutout. I didn’t take notes, but there were a few things that I noticed that probably won’t be written about because nobody will think them very important.Like, when they first came out and shook hands—–

In body language there is a rule when a man shakes your hand, and if he forcefully grabs your arm, he is showing you he is the boss. So Obama GRABBED Mitt’s arm, and Mitt did the same with a match..BUT..Obama then grabbed his arm again and pulled him back to him, with a kind of nasty jerk.

Obama does a lot of these “power” moves. For instance, he will always walk ahead of everyone else. Always. And he points his fingers on his face. But his usual power plays of  “arrogance” got him in trouble tonight because he didn’t even look at Romney, and kept his face down in his notes. The only time he spoke was to the camera, and he did this on purpose as if to say, “This guy is a joke, and I’m here, but I don’t have to pay attention to him. He’s a joke.”

And therefore, Romney went on the attack. He beat Obama on most every point. And here’s one I don’t think he was expecting..and it pertains right to the women:

In education, Mitt wants to give the “Parents” of poor children the voucher. Not the state. Not the teachers, the parents. Just think how many single moms out there are going, “You mean I could send my kid to the rich’s kids school?”

On healthcare, Obama was trying to tell us all that those “death panels” he’s arranged are just there to make things work better….well…we know that’s not true. To hear Obama ramble on, repeating the same old promises that he is going to do…was simply annoying.

Oh, and the bailout for the banks. Mitt hit obama hard with that.  That was a big blow.

Obviously Romney did more than surprise us, he actually came out inspiring!

And the liberals are hurting.

Here’s a few words from Andrew Sullivan who writes for the Daily Beast:.

10.03 pm. I simply cannot believe that Mitt Romney is saying he is more bipartisan than Obama. And Obama never pushes back. He is leaving argument after argument on the table, while he seems to be writing a memo to himself whenever Romney is speaking.

Nobody Says: Uh…the reason nothing is getting done is because the democrats won’t work with the Republicans, won’t even look at anything they propose and that is because of Obama’s “My way or the Highway” as Romney pointed out. And yes, he was writing memos….this was hard for him.

9.58 pm. Romney is now so clearly lying about how president Obama decided to do healthcare before jobs I wonder if he’s over-reaching.

Nobody Says: Uh…what? When has he ever worked on jobs? Romney is lying? Clearly Andrew…what are you smoking?.

9.18 pm. Obama’s looking down as Romney speaks. Horrible TV.

Nobody Says: Yep…arrogance. And you know what? The liberals have been hammering how arrogant Mitt Romney is: and the truth came out tonight which rooster thinks he’s the top cock.

“If you are lowering the rates the way you describe, governor, then it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect high-income individuals to avoid raising the deficit or burdening the middle class,” Obama said. “It’s math, arithmetic.”

Obama keep on this. Mitt has a much wider grasp of “math” than Obama will ever have. I don’t’ know who told him this, but they should have also told him that even if he took 100 percent of the riches money, it would only come to a mere week of payments on the deficit.

No, the only way out it growth…and Mitt showed that tonight—whether the deficits in obama’s fan base even care…is another question.

At the end, Mitt knew he had won, and it was soooo good to see the look on his face.

As for having the debates on Obama’s and Michelle wedding anniversary? That was Planned to get brownie points for them both.

Well…didn’t work. It also didn’t work that they left their daughters at home.

Obama somewhere is fuming tonight. He looked like Nixon on TV…tired, dark circles under his eyes.

Nobody Thinks he should have saved the taxpayers $5 billion dollars and stayed away from Las Vegas…but…in this one case.. as far as I’m concerned, he should move there.


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