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Follow the Yellow-Brick Democratic Playbook

Nobody Remembers

Here’s a political ploy as old as time: CREATE the problem, then come in with the solution. And nobody does it better than the Democrats. Let’s take this ridiculous ad:

Uh…When did woman lose the right to an abortion? Or a good job? Or special treatment? I know…it didn’t happen. It’s not going to happen. But, this is the Democrat’s playbook: Make up a problem…even one that doesn’t exist..and act like Obama is going to save you.

After having gone though the ‘feminist” brainwashing in the sixties, I thought — “Talk about taking us backward Obama…Jeeeeeeeeeeeez.”

I’m astonished that more women don’t see through this crap. Tell me…what can’t women do now that men can, (Besides hit a home run in Yankee Stadium) and just HOW are men holding them back? In what way?

These women bring shame to any woman who truly believes in herself. I would be totally embarrassed to admit..that I couldn’t pay for my own birth control like Sandra Fluke did.  What kind of women admits that she is SO incompetent that she can’t even pay for her own birth control pills? If that’s the case, that the Democrats have done SO much for you that you can’t even find the money to pay for such a small item, then I suggest you become a conservative. Conservative woman are very strong. Like— Sarah Palin. Strong. Find one. Maybe she’ll help you out. 

Get rid of that inner child.

I’m just appalled. The ‘women’s movement was a “leftist” movement to break up the family, and get women into the workforce. I don’t buy that all those single moms raising children out there on their own wouldn’t give up ALL of their lonely nights listening to Ellen DeGeneres. to be in a marriage with someone who loved them.

I don’t buy it. Not now…not ever. If they do they are in serious denial.

Since the Democrats are all bout “control” this really disgusts me. More women are graduating college than men. More men have lost jobs in the last ten years than women. And PART of the reason there are so many abortions is because: It costs a LOT of money to raise a child with two people, let alone one. The birthrate is declining and for good reason: Obama promotes poverty.

Notice this ad implies that Republicans want to “dismantle” and take away women’s rights.

Wow…What rights are all these rich bitches losing? When is Joe Biden going to say,  “They want you BACK in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant!”? When? Or has he already?

The “women’s” need to be afraid campaign was thought up for one thing only, to put fear into women where no fear need be: And to get Obama reelected. Sadly, there are more single women than married people now, lots of them are scared, and Obama wants to be their Daddy.

Create the problem. They have done this before….

Nobody Remembers that not so long ago when all of a sudden “campaign reform” was the big issue. OMG…the people wanted campaign reform! You heard it relentlessly even though most people had never even given it a thought at all.

Behind it all was George Soros.

Soros did this: Beginning at least as early as 1994, Sager reported a group of nonprofit foundations began bankrolling “experts” and front groups whose purpose was to bamboozle Congress into thinking that millions of American wee clamoring for “campaign finance reform” even though they were not.

American did not want the kind of reform they were proposing. They would use foundation money to buy “experts” and front groups across the nation to generate outcries for “campaign finance reform.”

The target for all this activity was 535 people in Washington. The idea was to create an impression that a mass movement was afoot. that everywhere they looked i academic institutions in the business community, in religious groups in ethnic groups everywhere people were talking bout reform. _–David Horowitz

So they got it. Soros created a problem that didn’t exist and now, they are spending all their money creating a mass movement to keep the poor woman from losing their rights…just another big scam in Democratic history.

Nobody Also Remembers that Beyoncé is a VERY rich girl who doesn’t need Obama for anything She buys her little girl $800 shoes.

And if you are a woman, and you buy this crap, then you will never be “liberated.”  Gee…you’re great-great-great grandmother could shot a bear, kill a chicken, make three meals a day for 15 men, sew everybodies clothes, manage ten kids,, and educate them properly on top of it,  and you can’t even buy your own birth control pills.

You’ve come a long way baby…

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  1. The same lies are being used here, Joy, to discredit the centre-right and make women ‘afraid’. Our ‘Conservative’ party leader is a chap called Tony Abbott. If we are to believe all we are told he has small horns on his head and hates women. Women in general, all over Oz, fear him and won’t vote for him – say the lefties led by Ju-Liar the PM. It has become such a refrain that his mum, his wife, his three daughters fronted the press today and told the gathered media to STOP telling lies.

    The latest ‘scandal’ has Tony being an angry lad when he was 19, punching a wall next to some leftie girl’s head. No-one saw it; no-one reported. But 35 years later this girly now a labour party functionista ‘suddenly’ remembers it and tells everyone. Even accepting that at 19 one can do stupid things, everyone who knows his well described him as a pussy-cat even back then. Crikey he even studied for the Priesthood.

    I look forward to one day seeing Ju-Liar and her coterie of inventive liarettes get a slap in the face from Mrs Abbott, but I am not going to hold my breath.


    Comment by amfortas | October 5, 2012 | Reply

  2. Did you happen to see this on Drudge: Cold war testing done on St. Louis’ poor without their knowledge.


    Comment by Kani | October 5, 2012 | Reply

    • No…this is the first I’ve heard of that test, alhough I believe they would do that. Monsanto did a lot of damage here too…and the militaryhasdumped radioactive material in many spots all over the city. This is proof that the elites that rule us look on us as “expendable” ….ObamaCare is proof of that. Even Neanderthals took care of their elderly. My father and my best friend died of cancerous brain tumore…and almost every women I know or meet here has had gallbladder surgery. And it won’t be the first time we find out that the “blacks” were used as guiena pigs. And the article said: What else don’t we know? Sad. Thanks Kani.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | October 5, 2012 | Reply

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