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Obama’s Crack Accounting Team Shows Off

Nobody Cares…because it’s FRIDAY!

Today, It was announced by Obama’s crack team of government accountants that the country is on its way to recovery! More jobs were added..(although more were lost) .and just in time too. Here Obama’s  team of government accounting experts show us just HOW they came up with such great numbers. (Nobody Makes This Stuff Up.)

Enjoy! Or not. Nobody Cares.

October 5, 2012 - Posted by | humor |

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  1. Nah. Far too much mechanisation for the lefties. Each of all that knocking over of things should have been done by a separate individual who was individually given a cheque by another individual especially assisgned and from a moving bucket of labled ‘The Taxpayer’, passed along by a long line of at least 100 individuals, at least 50% female. We all know that the left are unique individuals working in harmony and supportive of equality. All this automation is deliberately aimed at crushing the working classes, women, people of colour and holidaying Mexicans. How dare they use gravity, that patriarchal force, when grlll power of a diverse sexual proclivity should have been used.


    Comment by amfortas | October 5, 2012 | Reply

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