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Nobody’s Perfect: The Empty Chair VS the Pregnant Woman

Nobody’s Perfect

Art…we are told its in the eye of the beholder. Here we see two comparisons of the latest art projects, one suggested…one actually implemented.

FIRST: Damien Hirst, who seems to think that pregnant women look the best just before giving birth, has set his statue in the lovely town of Devon…and not everyone is happy about it:(Notice his own excitement!)

Hundreds of residents looked with a mixture of emotions today after a sculpture of a huge, naked, heavily pregnant woman with a sword arrived in their seaside town on a flatbed trailer.

It was their first glimpse of the controversial 70ft tall statue by Damien Hirst which has stirred up controversy since he announced plans earlier this year to “loan” it to Ilfracombe, Devon, until 2032.

A report to the council said objectors considered the statue to be “outrageous, immoral, bizarre, obscene, offensive, disgusting, distasteful, embarrassing, grotesque, disrespectful, insensitive, inappropriate, a monstrosity, tasteless, ugly, vulgar and not in good taste”.

Evidently she is standing on a bunch of legal books, so what does the artist mean? Woman should be the arbitrators of the law because they bear the children, and so if not obeyed they will take a sword to your head?

SECOND: This artist wants to put a replica of Obama, on Mt. Rushmore. And being the creative guy that he is, he has suggested…the empty chair.

What do we get from this symbolism? And most importantly, can it be done?

The good news is: I would suspect that many in America would object just as strongly as their Devon counterparts to this obscene gesture placed next to our greatest Presidents, Obama not being one of them.

Nobody Suggeststhe two artists get together and set that mother down on that empty chair, pushing her sword with both hands through that great monstrosity called ‘Obamacare’ …which is lying at her feet. And put THAT statue right front of some Catholic maternity ward.

What? Did you think I was going to point out that Obama’s first debate was not nearly as perfect as he can do…but just about as bad as it could be?

Uh…I just did…in my own artistic way!

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Obama’s Funny Money

Nobody Reports

Nobody was surprised last week, when it was reported that Obama raised over 181 million in September. After all…it was reported most everywhere that George Soros alone had given Obama $100 million . And since it has also been reported that a Saudi Prince helped fund Obama’s  Harvard education, Obama could be selling his ‘votes’ anywhere in the world…like Russia.

The Clinton’s were famous for getting funds from the Chinese.

Of course…since the Clinton’s were never prosecuted for blatantly ignoring election laws, why should we even think Obama will be?

It’s just part of the entrenched corruption that we read about every day, and yet, because Congress is also filled with politicians intent on protecting the status quo, we are powerless to change. Until we have leaders who have the guts to clean house, it will remain the same.

At least, that’s my Nobody Opinion.

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