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Obama’s Funny Money

Nobody Reports

Nobody was surprised last week, when it was reported that Obama raised over 181 million in September. After all…it was reported most everywhere that George Soros alone had given Obama $100 million . And since it has also been reported that a Saudi Prince helped fund Obama’s  Harvard education, Obama could be selling his ‘votes’ anywhere in the world…like Russia.

The Clinton’s were famous for getting funds from the Chinese.

Of course…since the Clinton’s were never prosecuted for blatantly ignoring election laws, why should we even think Obama will be?

It’s just part of the entrenched corruption that we read about every day, and yet, because Congress is also filled with politicians intent on protecting the status quo, we are powerless to change. Until we have leaders who have the guts to clean house, it will remain the same.

At least, that’s my Nobody Opinion.

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  1. It is hardly a surprise that ‘leaders’ like him (there are others of the same ilk in most western countries) are so besotted by the fantasies of spending borrowed monies and printing even more, when they have no idea of the value of actually working for it.

    Whether it is ‘donated’ money from Russian mafia /arab oil-well owners, or rich stock-market ‘players (gamblers, in other words), the Political system itself is the major cause. It is ludicrous that anyone needs to raise hundreds of millions of dollars just to get a ‘voice’ and thereby elected.

    And that is yet another ‘rub’. Modern politics seems all about the ‘spoken’ promise to the exclusion of the actual performance, both before and after election.


    Comment by amfortas | October 8, 2012 | Reply

    • I agree. It’s bribery…extortion, you name it. We are all just watching the game.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | October 8, 2012 | Reply

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