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Nobody Remembers the 25th of October

Nobody Remembers

October 25.

Yesterday I was watching the day’s news events, and was thinking to myself, upon hearing the swearing remarks of Obama about Romney in an interview,…..”Wow. That’s a first. ” I was ashamed for this man who thinks its cool to cuss. Bill Clinton made oral sex very popular in our grade schools, and Obama is helping the kids learn how to cuss out people they don’t like.

What class.

It was a day to remember…and so I thought I’d put the day in more historical perceptive. I looked up other important events that happened on October 25 throughout history—Let’s compare them to yesterday…shall we?

Here’s the ones I found interesting:

1492 Columbus’ fleet sites “Zandislands” (Ragged Island Range, Bahamas)-(Now filled with homes of rich democrats)

1760 George III ascends the British throne

1764 John Adams marries Abigail Smith (marriage lasts 54 years)

1825 Erie Canal opens, linking Great Lakes & Atlantic Ocean

1861 Telegraph message sent from St Louis to SF

1870 Postcards 1st used in US

1881 Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday & Clanton engage in “Shootout at OK Corral”

1884 1st World Series OK by AA, Providence (NL) sweeps NY Mets (AA) in 3 (3?)

1924 “Little Orphan Annie” comic strip 1st published (Giving all mothers a reason to pray they’d never have a redheaded child.)

1929 Former Interior Sec Albert Fall convicted of accepting $100,000 bribe. (Now—all polticians take bribes, and give them out: welfare checks, birth control pills, phones…housing…amnesty….)  

1930 1st football game in Atlantic City Convention Center.

1930 1st scheduled transcontinental air service began.

1932 Benito Mussolini promises to remain dictator for 30 years  (Something Obama will do in his “second” term.)

1940 Benjamin O Davis Dr became 1st Black general in US Army. (And YOU thought it was Colin Powell.)

1941 16,000 Jews massacred in Odessa Ukraine

1946 1st trial against Nazi war criminals (Nuremberg)

1955 Tappan sells 1st microwave oven (I have it in my basement)

1960 1st electronic wrist watch placed on sale, NYC  (And probably first one stolen)

1960 Cuba nationalizes all remaining US businesses

1961 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR

1964 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR

1971 Roy Disney dedicates Walt Disney World. (Where everyone could see the Presidents actually say something important.)

1974 Air Force fires 1st ICBM

1979 USSR performs underground nuclear test

1975 USSR’s Venera 10 makes day-side Venus landing (fortunately, they left the dogs at home.)

1984 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR  (Somebody want to tell me why the Russians like to explode bombs on this date?)

1988 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island. (The last time France performed anything.)

2001 Windows XP first became available (And Nobody misses it more than me.)

2004 Fidel Castro, Cuba’s President, announces that transactions using the American Dollar will be banned by November 8. (Castro was ahead of his time.)

2009 The 25 October 2009 Baghdad bombings kills 155 and wounds at least 721. (Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for that one.)


AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, on this day, October 25, 2012

2012  Barack Hussein Obama, the first Black President, calls his opponent, Mitt Romney who is running in this year’s election..a Bullshitter, meaning the office of the Presidency was just brought down to the level of a 7th grader.   

Unfortunately , President Obama’s deeds on this day are not really one of the great things that happened….nevertheless, it might be a first for the record books.

People expected great things from their first black President, what they got was…in the words of XP–an error of bad code.

Time to update, don’t you think?





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