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I like to keep the blog….with some modesty of content…because I am NOT fond of porn. I always wondered about porn of any kind, because to me, why would anyone prefer it to the real thing?

Stupid I know. I know, but due to the wiring of my female brain, I can’t help myself.

Nevertheless, yesterday I watched a video on some lady professor who was teaching a class on sex toys. Really…like college kids need to know about sex toys. Then I watched a video of two black men who were telling everyone some college professor was having couples fornicate in class. As IF there was any college student that has not had sex in 2013.


Clearly the universities are promoting sex, which is to promote Planned Parenthood, who makes most of its money off—say it all together class—abortions!

The more abortions, the more money Planned Parenthood can give to the democrats!

I always follow the money.

And then…while searching around the net, I found some other VERY interesting pictures.

You see here…a penis bush trimmed in Canada. A baby shower vagina cake…..and a symbol of protest to the current ruler in Yugoslavia.

Clearly, the universities are actually making a big difference! Forgive me (or NOT)  for portraying…some disturbing pictures, but then again, we must consider what is happening to ‘art.”

penis bush

Vagina cake

Vagina cake

purple fingerconfused face

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Why We Shouldn’t Trust the Rich…

Nobody Wonders

Have you been to a modern art museum lately? Well I have. And I can’t for the life of me figure out, how so many rich people think putting a solid color on the wall…is art, and is worth millions. The rich just have to be stupid to pay big money for that stuff.

When the rich get into the driver’s seat of Congress and the Presidency, they start doing very stupid things….like adding another trillions dollars on to our debt, which they did today, because the rich are still in control. Beohner

And I’m here to say: These people are nuts. And I want to present proof of the decline in earth’s rich elites: They’ve actually lost most of their mental capacities. For instance, I present irrefutable proof: The New Wing at the St. Louis Art Museum. It cost $162 million dollars and three years to build.New art museum

I was pretty excited to visit the museum, and you can enter from inside the old one, which may or may not be a good idea, because what you see, are Greek Statues.

“Wow…how in the world did they carve lingerie out of stone?” I asked my husband, while we walked past nipple rustling marble.  The skin was smooth, almost unbelievable that anyone could even get that texture…skin, cloth, emotion, out of stone.

And then, you enter the New Art museum. Each piece maybe took about…oh..a day at the most to make, and about $100 worth of paint to do.

As I stood in a room looking at two huge ‘painting’ one solid red, one solid black, I ask the guard, while laughing hysterically, what in the world was so special about them?greek three

“You see that red one? It’s not centered.” Sure enough. He was right. The artist purposely off centered it. Wow. Genius. I do that when I hang wall paper all the time. I am, by a millionaire standards., a five

Or more than likely…they are all idiots. If some millionaire pays 3 million dollars for a ‘painting” that I could have done in a few hours, they really are nuts. Of course, all the poor people are walking around thinking, “I’ll just go home and paint that old toilet back by the shed and sell it to George Clooney for a few mil. How in the world can somebody get millions for all this crap?”

And so, if you want to see how humanity has really “progressed” since the Greeks walked the earth, go to any modern art museum. It’s all right there. Proof, that the rich are deep down, stupid in everything but how to make one

That’s why, as the song says, we should “eat them all.”

Unless of course, they happen to collect Greek Statues. Those…might be okay.

(I’ll put these pictures right up there with ugly expensive purses.)

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And Now, A Word From Our Sponcers….

There are so many beautiful sights in the world…

God bless the photographers. waterfallwaterfall twoMoon

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George Bush VS Picasso

Nobody FlashesGeorge W. Bush

Have you SEEN the self-portrait that X-President George W. Bush painted of himself? Well,  some guy who calls himself Guccifer hacked into the Bush’s emails and found these two very interesting self-portraits. Obviously, the President…is trying to tell future historians that either (1. He can’t take enough baths to cleanse himself of all his sins, or (2 He wants to be the first President to show that no matter how powerful one man becomes, he still has to take a bath. (3…The parts he most admires about himself are his back and feet or (4. He wants Laura to know how very lonely he is. And if you have read me, I have said before, I don’t think Laura and Bush live together anymore. Just like the Clinton’s, they do their events together, act all lovey, and then go their separate ways. But unlike Bill Clinton, George W. is miserable without Laura. I could be very wrong…but…

While many people admire his painting ability, I find it almost…sad.

But that’s just me. On the other hand, we can all compare it to Picasso’s self-portrait…(One that is NOT pornographic, because Picasso did a lot of those.) and I think I would prefer the bathtub, if I had to pick one to hang on my wall…how about you?

Bush in tubPicassoBush in shower

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Nobody’s Perfect: The Empty Chair VS the Pregnant Woman

Nobody’s Perfect

Art…we are told its in the eye of the beholder. Here we see two comparisons of the latest art projects, one suggested…one actually implemented.

FIRST: Damien Hirst, who seems to think that pregnant women look the best just before giving birth, has set his statue in the lovely town of Devon…and not everyone is happy about it:(Notice his own excitement!)

Hundreds of residents looked with a mixture of emotions today after a sculpture of a huge, naked, heavily pregnant woman with a sword arrived in their seaside town on a flatbed trailer.

It was their first glimpse of the controversial 70ft tall statue by Damien Hirst which has stirred up controversy since he announced plans earlier this year to “loan” it to Ilfracombe, Devon, until 2032.

A report to the council said objectors considered the statue to be “outrageous, immoral, bizarre, obscene, offensive, disgusting, distasteful, embarrassing, grotesque, disrespectful, insensitive, inappropriate, a monstrosity, tasteless, ugly, vulgar and not in good taste”.

Evidently she is standing on a bunch of legal books, so what does the artist mean? Woman should be the arbitrators of the law because they bear the children, and so if not obeyed they will take a sword to your head?

SECOND: This artist wants to put a replica of Obama, on Mt. Rushmore. And being the creative guy that he is, he has suggested…the empty chair.

What do we get from this symbolism? And most importantly, can it be done?

The good news is: I would suspect that many in America would object just as strongly as their Devon counterparts to this obscene gesture placed next to our greatest Presidents, Obama not being one of them.

Nobody Suggeststhe two artists get together and set that mother down on that empty chair, pushing her sword with both hands through that great monstrosity called ‘Obamacare’ …which is lying at her feet. And put THAT statue right front of some Catholic maternity ward.

What? Did you think I was going to point out that Obama’s first debate was not nearly as perfect as he can do…but just about as bad as it could be?

Uh…I just did…in my own artistic way!

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