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Al Gore Solves All Our Problems!

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Al Gore, the scientific genius of our time, has FINALLY given us the answer to why democrats are so stupid: it’s the altitude.

Al Gore Blames Denver’s High Altitude For Obama Debate Loss… Al Gore actually states during a television talk show that he feels Obama lost the first Presidential debate last night because it was held in Denver Colorado, where the altitude is higher up, and the air is thinner than what Obama is use to. Gore states that Obama arrived at 2 pm yesterday just hours before the debate while Romney had been in the city for longer.

Thin air. That explains it: the Democrats need oxygen. In fact, Nobody Suggests oxygen tanks be installed on the floor of Congress so when the democrats start muttering insanities, and saying things like “share the pain” they can go get a good whiff of CO2 and get their heads put back on straight. Oxygen tanks should also be installed in the White House.

It’s good to know that the reason Obama thought a terrorists attack on 9/11 was caused by a video was due to the lack of oxygen to his brain.

Obama lost the debate because he was oxygen deprived, thank goodness Al Gore figured this out…before it was too late.

Good to know.

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  1. All Gore is a liar and a cheat. he stoops too low for the high-altitude air of Denver but searches low on the Australian desert floor for items he can ‘spin’. But an Ozzie film-maker told him to bugger off.

    Australian Filmmaker knocks back Al Gore’s request for firestorm footage

    Good on you Chris Tangey.

    Chris Tangey captured moving images of a dust storm picking up a bushfire.

    He’s turned down some income to stand on his principles.
    Al Gore wanted to use the awesome shots of a dust devil picking up a bushfire, which happened on Sept 11, 360km southwest of Alice Springs at Curtin Springs Station.

    When Al Gores office asked for rights to use the footage, Tangey knocked him back. He felt its use in a climate change setting would be “deliberately deceptive” and that it was “difficult for me to imagine a fire event less relevant”.

    “I am aware that you may have missed the reporting on the very localised nature of this firestorm,” Tangey wrote. “However, in any case, I am confused as to why you would offer to buy a licence to use it at all unless you had conducted even elementary research which might indicate that this Mt Conner event had direct linkage to global warming/climate change.”

    Joel Lisonbee, manager of the NT Climate Services Centre, agreed and said he would not link such an event to global warming. “This event was better described as a dust devil within a fire. Most of us have seen dust devils and know they are not uncommon,” Mr Lisonbee said.

    “You need hot, dry conditions but you get those in desert-like conditions everywhere, regardless of global warming.”

    From The Australian (paywalled I expect).
    Al Gore wanted to use the footage in powerpoint presentations for up to five years.

    People wonder why there is a point in discussing the science when those who foist “The Science” on us pay no attention to the data. But in a thousand small ways, it matters. In this case, one filmmaker in the distant Australian outback understood that there was no science involved, and would not allow his work to be used to deceive people. Gore has plenty of other scary footage, but Tangey’s scored a news story reminding the world that Al Gore is not concerned about the science, only about PR.

    The youtube of Chris Tangey’s extraordinary footage.


    Comment by amfortas | October 5, 2012 | Reply

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