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Redistributing the 47 Percent

Nobody Wonders

Many of us are wondering IF this 47% of the population, who, we are told, support Obama, mainly because they get free stuff from the government, will vote for him precisely because the Democrats have convinced them that the big corportions are evil.

The Democrats, who are bascially now the new American Marxists, want to crash the system, in order to remain in control forever. They’ve written out that blueprint in Chicago.

In this American Idol society, with many of the masses uneducated in history or geography…the time is now ripe for the Marxists to make their move, it’s now or never.

Donald Trump would have made a better candidate to go up against Obama, but Donald Trump was not the pick of the Rhino’s, who no doubt think, they can control Romeny, and have given him John McCain’s advisers.

Rupert Murdoch was right: He should get rid of them. Like the Bushes, Mitt is too nice. He will be crushed, if he doesn’t start getting passionate.  It comes down to—: Is it more important what the history books say about you fifty years from now, or more important to save the country? Don’t be like the Bushes, Mitt…always taking the blows and not responding.

Remember: You’re fighting for US. Take a few boxing lessons. Hey…it wouldn’t hurt you to get angry. Go on…YOU CAN DO IT!

Nevertheless, Obama insists it was the 47% who voted for McCain last time: And as we can see…those people are still out there…Obama only needs look outside his buss window. (Thanks to Tom Beebee for pics)

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