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Nobody Reports: Oprah—You Did NOT Build That

Nobody Reports

In case everyone forgot, here’s the video of Oprah crying at Obama’s coming out Greek ceremony in 2008. What is so very AMAZING is the fact that Oprah…the RICHEST women in the United States, and yes…uh..she is…uh..BLACK…she could not believe that a black man would become President.

Either she is stupid, a hypocrite, getting paid to support Obama, or when she looks in the mirror, she sees a white person.¬† That “black” face is the richest women in America. No white person held HER back.

Tell me Mr. President…Who helped Oprah¬†build HER empire. She didn’t build her own riches?

Nobody Wonders if Oprah will make an appearance at the Democratic Convention this year. She helped push Obama into the Presidency. Will she do it again?

Or…is she one of the 1% that Obama is going to Tax?

Nobody Knows…but if she does appear, I think we are going to need a bigger chair.

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