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My good friend Pattie emailed this to me today…Pattie does my taxes so I KNOW she understand this…but this man explains our dire debt situation in language that even I can understand…

If you watch this you might say…either —

1) Joyanna…did you HAVE to show me that? or

2) Joyanna…thanks!

Whatever the case…it’s good to know why everyone is telling you to forget gold, and stock up on ammo.

I’m considering putting a moat around the house…


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Nobody Wonders: Are We at War..Or …NOT?

Nobody Wonders—

Why was it that Hillary Clinton came onto our morning TV’s to give the news that her buddy, her friend, her very special ambassador that she hand-picked herself to take over Libya, had been killed?  My first reaction, was…well, many a good soldier has been killed in the Middle East….what? Are we more upset because he’s a ‘elite” from the university crowd?

Then Mitt Romney came out and sounded rather Reagonestic, to only be followed by Ronald Reagan’s old speech writer Peggy Noonan, who called Mitt’s reaction rather “old” in the way of the “old” America. Peggy, like the President, doesn’t want to upset those guys over there.

Where was Peggy when Obama killed bin Laden? Oh…she was all for that, even though it was a rather “old” thing to do.

The President then comes out and acts pretty pussified about the whole thing. Once upon a time, this would be a declaration of war…but Obama already declared war on Libya by going over there and killing Gaddafi—which makes George W. Bush look good. Nobody Wonders if George, who by the way, actually, unlike Obama, attended intelligent briefings, knew where bin Laden was and figured -why stir up WWIII?

Obama helped communists get elected in Kenya as a Senator. (Of course, they don’t talk about that.)  He is helping the Muslims Brotherhood take over the middle East. He is supplying arms, and money to the Muslim Brotherhood, and has had them to the White House. Eric Holder recognizes that Muslims are owners of Jerusalem.

That’s what you get when you elect an ‘American’  man who insists on keeping his MUSLIM NAME, even though he HAS an American one.

Bragging about killing Muslims to score brownie points for elections, don’t exactly endear you to the Muslims all over the world. Both Obama and Hillary can’t shut up about how tough they are.

These people are dangerous. Hillary was warned abut the security at that building. Now we get the “I just couldn’t have imagined” speech….

And here’s the big point: Where in the world were our troops? (Hillary? Didn’t you CARE about that man?)  In an unstable country like Libya, Hillary left that place unprotected? Gee…I would be really pissed off if I was his wife. We are now finding out that this whole thing was planned to happen on 9/11, and a movie was used as an excuse.

Once again, either they both, are mentally incapable of being in the offices they have— (Hillary and Obama) or they are trying to start a war to win an election.

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