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Was Obama’s Education FUNDED by the Saudi’s?

Nobody Wonders

About a year ago, I watched a little known video where a British Reporter was interviewing a Saudi Prince. It was recorded long before anyone even knew who Barack Obama was. This Prince assured the reporter that he was certain that very soon, America would have a Muslim President.

Harvard has lots of Saudi’s on their board of directors, and the Saudi money is heavy in investment there. They also practically build Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library. And lately, Obama has made it clear, he sides with the Muslims over the Jews—covering up with great fanfare the obvious al-Qaeda attack on our embassy in Libya.

What Nobody Wonders is: Surely the top Republicans knew this information. Surely. And yet…they ran John McCain against him? And didn’t Bill Clinton himself sabotage Hillary’s chances with the many blunders he committed during her campaign? Obama has been concerned about the Muslims since the day he enterered office. His first speech was NOT to the American people, but to Cairo.

How stupid are we?

The man who made the “Anti-Muslim” film has now been arrested by our own country. In the meantime, day after day we see young black teens on YouTube, beating up people, and nothing happens.

If there is one thing for sure, we ALL need to get more bold about protecting our  “free speech”rights.

Obama is coming for the 4th amendment. There is NO doubt.

And that’s why he MUST be defeated.

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