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To Nude…or Not to Nude…

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Just after Royal Harry was caught wandering around Las Vegas, nude, and showing various prostitutes his expertise with cocaine, well— Boys will be boys—

The Queen offs him off to Afghanistan for punishment.

Sitting and having to watch that last Olympic Showdown must have been too great a strain on the lad.

BUT…when the future Queen Kate is caught lounging around showing off her naked breasts outside on somebody else’s porch, because you know, that’s how the Royals like to relax..nude….because let’s face it: Wearing all those millions dollar outfits is really hard work—The Queen goes all into a huff and sued the magazine who’s reporter voyeur was just waiting for the score.

Now I don’t care what kind of BS they put out about Royal privacy….the rulers of the world want a pass. It’s okay for them to put up an actual bloody police state, with camera’s recording every single citizen’s every single move but oh..catch them with their clothes off..and you will be punished.

Maybe all the woman in England should start flashing those corner cameras in support.

Here’s the deal. You can’t tell me, that with all the ‘properness” of being a Queen that somewhere in the Manuel it doesn’t say “Don’t take your clothes off outside because YOU are being watched.’

What kind of idiot does that? I can only assume that Kate either 1) Like Harry didn’t give a hoot about anyone and is a spoiled brat, or 2) She has a big ego about herself and wants to be photographed.

So what does the Queen do? She sends them off to the Solomon Islands for a photo shoot, where the women are KNOWN to go around like the natives, and Kate is photographed in her lovely clothes again.  And where.. the local negroes carry the Prince and his bride like they should…on thrones.

Tell me, where else in the world can you get a bunch of negroes to carry you on a throne?

Funny: Nobody finds this offensive, in the 21st century?—A Prince and his Bride being carried on a throne by negroes.

In other news more pertinent to the days event’s, Cindy Adams reported this on her site this little nugget.”

Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

I repeat: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

Ten Years? Nobody Thinks…has anyone in the news asked him…WHY?

What she didn’t say was whether he said this with a smile.

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Government Motto: We Don’t Have the Records, We Just Spend the Money”

Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows where our tax dollars REALLY go, because as you see, they just spend the money…and don’t keep any records.

How would you feel f you ask your wife where last week’s paycheck went and she said,…”I don’t know…I don’t have the recipts honey, I just spend the money and throw them away!”

And Nobody Knows why we paid over $20 million dollars to buy firewood to keep Afghanistan warm…but then again, according to our government, we don’t have to know.

Nobody also doesn’t know why they are sending “gay” ambassordors to Muslim Nations, (the ambassador Chris Stevens was by many reports, gay) when they know in Muslim nations, being gay can bring you a death sentence. And since Obama has welcomed gays, and transformed the military into “outing” the gays in all the units, even though he knows this may put the men in more danger in Muslims nations, can he be held responsible for their deaths?

Why is he not ‘protecting” his gay buddies in Muslim nations? And why are we not talking about this?

Nobody Knows why the man who made this awful video everybody is talking about,  gave over a million dollars to Obama’s reelection, and Nobody Knows if he would do it again, or if he’ll get his money back.

Probably not since they don’t keep any records, Nobody Knows where that money went.

Why hasn’t Obama come out to “protect” the rights of “gay” ambassadors?

Nobody Knows, but we can guess.

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