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Those Dirty Little Cowards….That Shot Chris Lane in the Back


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Let me say up front: America LOVES Aussies! And one obviously great Australian— who had come to America from Australia to play baseball and go to college, was just shot in the back because some black kids…were bored.

Nobody Says: If all the white people in America had sons: They would look like Chris Lane.

A few days ago, 22-year-old Australian Christopher Lane, was gunned down, shot to death in the back by three individuals who were bored and said they simply wanted to kill someone. The three –  James Francis Edwards, 15, Chancey Allen Luna, 16, and Michael Dewayne Jones, 17 – are black and Lane was white. Originally, it was reported that only two of the young men were black and the third was white, but that was likely due to the lightness of his skin color. All have been charged as adult.murder

Just some more black thugs, who could not have purchased a gun here if they tried because it’s illegal, wanted to kill themselves a white boy. After all, Trayvon was a hero. Opray said so. Obama said so. Jesse Jackson said so.

So what does the Obama loving media do? With the racist truth staring them right in their clueless face, (see tweet) they find a way to call white people racist if they even attempt to say Chris was killed because he was white:

From The DailyKos

“The three teenagers are black, and the victim was white.  And given the reaction we’ve seen from right-wingers to the response to the George Zimmerman trial, and then President Obama’s impromptu press conference about race in America, there’s a good chance they’re going to jump on this story to justify every single damn racist bone in their body.”

Oh no! “Justify our damn racist bones in our bodies!”

It’s simple: When you divide everyone in a nation by the color of their skin, you’re the racist Dailykos

When you have a RACIST in the White House,  a man who uses the power of his office to attack white people at every opportunity, sending the message to all black people that the white will never do them right in any way, and who ignores the rule of law, excuse their killing sprees…. and who purposely keeps the blacks in the United States jobless, stupid, and drugged,…but dependent on his Obama plantation just to supplant his own power, promoting their racist culture with parties at the White House…..we will see more of this. The young black kids have no fear because Obama won’t ever say a word: He has got their back. 

Trayvon beat the hell out of that white guy, and Obama called him a hero!

When the White House was asked why Obama didn’t comment on this, his spokesman said that he knew nothing about it.Chris Lane and Sarah Harper

Right.  Sorry Australia…you don’t rate in Obama’s world.  Now, if a Kenyan had been shot by three white guys…that’s would be different.

Obama…is shooting us all in the back metaphorically, with his contemptible racist silence in the fact of such evil—-like the coward that he is. (Go ahead. Buy another puppy Obama.)

And NOTE: This boy was posting video’s of himself on Youtube with a gun threatening to kill…uh…where was the NSA? Or do they have orders not to bother with young, black, and bored kids?

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They Can’t Read or Write, but they CAN Edit!

Nobody Wonders—

—-How many “liberal” and subliminal messages can you count in these two minutes?

Notice, there is only ONE President who gets the most time.

They say some high school students put this together.

Nobody even Wonders about that.


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Democracy & Muslims Mix like Peanut Butter & Spinach



I believe that God has planted in every heart the desire to live in freedom.
George W. Bush

Nobody Knows if President George W. Bush really believed that if he just freed the Iraqi’ people— if he just freed them from Saddam Hussein, that they would just bounce up and sing “Hallelujah” and overnight become another Japan. While they did all rejoice for a few days, it seemed that within the month, they were back to being …theocratic Muslims.Bush

They really don’t know how to be anything else. It’s been their culture since Muhammad got jealous of Jesus and decided to kill anyone who didn’t accept him as a BETTER God. Sort of…reminds you of a certain current President whom I will not name, simply because I’m tired of saying it.

The Middle East has never known what the word ‘democracy’ actually means.  Just because a Mullah’s wife in Dubai can buy Victoria Secret, doesn’t exactly means she is …free. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. And you’d better not be under it if you are a Christian in Cairo right now.

But when advertising the rewards of democracy, President George W. Bush,  always like to point to Japan and Germany when he made his big speeches, in order to rationalize his actions for bombing and sending our boys to Iraq. But…you really can’t compare it.

Not at all.

Take Japan. The United States came in, after their complete destruction, and told them exactly HOW they were going to run their governments.  They had to do it our way. But, he didn’t fight the Iraq war that way. He went in, and then send over soldiers to .. help them learn ‘democracy.’ George was much more…compassionate.

The jihadists  of 9/11  had come from mostly Saudi Arabia, not Iraq, but who were WE to argue with a President?

So…George let them all taste freedom and what did they do? They voted in Hezbollah. Radical Muslims started winning elections all over the Middle East.democracy Iranin

Great plan there, Mr. President.

And if we thought George was a bit…hard to understand, the politicians we have now, make George look like the brightest bulb in the sinking boat.

Notice in the video how Lindsey Graham wants the people fighting in Egypt all to get along? Somehow, our politicians, think we should just talk sweetly and say, “Well, you should all do as we do in America.”  and we really want you too.. stop fighting and be nice to each other.

Bush and Obama’s dream of Democracy…did not exactly pan out.  Democracy in the Middle East has been a godsend for the radicals who hate America. Democracy is mob rule, as France found out with their revolution. The Muslims haven’t thought of the guillotine yet…but give them time.Gullotine

Democracies are a nightmare, and frankly, I wish our Presidents would shut up about spreading democracy all over the world.  Egypt is on its second or third revolution, and I’m started to lose count.   It’s the Muslims who wouldn’t molest you if you wanted to come see their Pyramids, against the Muslims who would cut your head off at the base of the sphinx, after dragging you off your camel that you paid $100 dollars to ride.

The side we should be supporting…once again, we are not. Just like Iran…Obama chooses sides, and it’s not the one you and I would choose. Nope.

The Muslim Brotherhood, whom Obama has backed all over the Middle East, actually ARE the bad guys…and Obama…LIKES them.Muslm riots

Here’s their creed:

Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Quran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

(If dying is their highest hope I say let the die! Give them what they want. )

Obama helped take out  Mubarak, who at least didn’t kill the Christians. Obama took out Gaddafi  who forbid the Muslim Brotherhood from coming into his country. The Egyptian people now would like to BAN the Muslims Brotherhood—-and instead of saying that’s a GOOD thing:  Obama is really upset about it.

He is siding against a general put in by us, supported with billions of dollar by us,  who went to our military schools and wrote about democracy, and Obama is mad that this general acted more like a real American than Obama does.

Abdel al Sisi

Abdel al Sisi

Hey—– Maybe he can come over here and help clean the Muslim Brotherhood out of the White House!

(Let’s take donations. )

Dinesh D’ Souza thinks that Obama has a plan:  He wants the moderates in the Middles East to lose. He WANTS…an Islamic Nation. Which is why Saudi Arabia is sending more money than WE are to the military  in Egypt:

If Saudi Arabia falls, this would be a devastating blow to America’s economy and foreign policy, and if the Islamist gained Mecca and Medina it would be the greatest victory of radical Islam since the Khomeini revolution in Iran. Obama will work with Islamist Saudi Arabia and in neighboring counties to support a rebellion against the Saudi royal family. When it occurs he will say it is time for the Saudi royals to move aside in favor of democracy. If the Saudi royals refuse to abdicate, Obama will cut off American aid. Absent American assistance, the House of Saud could fall just as Mubarak did. Elections would come and the Brotherhood would come in.

Once Saudi Arabia falls the radical Muslims have a chance to achieve what they have long dreamed about: a complete unification of the Middle East under a single Muslim caliphate. The Unites States of Islam. —-Obama’s America

In the meantime, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton have helped Al Jazeera cable network come into all our homes.democracy muslims

In short: our top leaders are on the WRONG side.

Are you starting to get the feeling that they REALLY don’t like us?

Benjamin Franklin once told a woman what they had done when he was coming out of a Constitutional signing…and he said, “We have given you a Republic, madam,  if you can keep it.”

Nobody Knows just HOW  our “Republic” got so lost it can’t be found, but Nobody Thinks they will try to replace our republic once and for all with a good old fashion democracy. (Can you say Napoleon?)

And everyone will think it’s grand.democracy...poster



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