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Hillary as the Next President: What Difference Does it Make?

Nobody’s Opinion

I’m always listening to the radio…mostly the conservative talk show hosts, and it’s getting harder for them to encourage their base to be optimistic.  If I had twenty dollars  (It usedto be a penny, remember?) for every time I heard their solution to our country’s woes—which is always —VOTE THEM OUT!— I could afford a plane ticket around the world.

Not that I would take it. (I wonder if anyone has gone around the world vertically?)

Unfortunately—- the real problem is the leaders at the top.  You can vote all the democrats and RINO’s out that you want, and replace them with good solid conservative representatives, but if the leaders at the top stay in power, nothing changes. The Republicans DID take back the House and the Senate from 2003-2007, and look what they did with it.

President George W. Bush made you and I save the big banks. That was why Obama was elected….we were appalled.  And then there was the Iraq war that was never going to end.  Too many of us remember Vietnam.

And so, last week, Rush Limbaugh blamed Mitt Romney’s loss on the conservatives who stayed home.

First: If you haven’t figured it out by now, the real truth is you cannot believe everything you see and hear in the media. Did they stay home? The young conservatives probably did. But, there’s more to it.  The Obama campaign evidently was great at fraud…and gathering his forces. Not to mention—he moved the company that tallied the votes out of the country into Spain. NOBODY even questioned that Soros enterprise. Something happened that was by the skin of his teeth, or Obama wouldn’t have been crying in that Chicago War room.

Second:  How many times have I’ve heard that blacks have more abortions than whites? And yet, go to any park on any Sunday in any big city, and you will see battalions of black families. You would be hard pressed to find a black woman with less than three children in this country.  Whites…one, maybe two tops.  If they are having abortions at alarming rates, you could have fooled me. And you have to ask yourself: Do you believe the media or your own lying eyes? Nobody Thinks the black population numbers that they give us, are not exactly right, and the Hispanic and Illegal population numbers aren’t either.

The fact is, we are pummeled constantly with false information every single day.

And already they’ve started: Hillary Clinton VS Chris Christie in 2016. . Hillary is everywhere and to add fuel to their endless ambition, Chelsea Clinton has threatened to run someday if she doesn’t  like her government. Of course she had to leave her $10 million dollar apartment in New York and say this in Africa.Hillay screaming

So…in this politically correct insanity of a politically correct corrupt world, the black man got the vote before the women and Hillary is the only woman who ‘deserves’ it, therefore it won’t be long till we are being brainwashed about the “women” and how they deserve a chance. And Hillary, is their woman.

So, what can we do? Let’s dredge up some of Hillary’s old scandals:

Whitewater: As a member of the Rose Law firm in Arkansas, Hillary had a nice scam going. This was basically a scam of the poor.  The firm would contract homes to be sold, and if the purchaser even missed one payment, he would lose everything…the house, the equity, the property and all prior payments. One guy missed a payment because he got ill, and he lost the $11,564.15 that he already put into the house…and he lost the home, and it was resold.

Half the people who bought lots, and missed one payment, lost everything. There were felony convictions: The governor of Arkansas, (former, not Bill) former Arkansas judge David Hale, Clinton’s associate attorney general., Webster L. Hubbell, and Clinton’s former business partners, Susan and Jim McDougal. Since it was Hillary that ran the whole thing  out of her Rose law firm, she was guilty, but she was not convicted.

What difference did it make? She needed the money. And Vince Foster needed to be buried. vince foster

Troopergate: Paula Jones…accused Bill Clinton of suggesting that she “Kiss it.” He ended up paying her $800.000. Hillary defended Bill with all the gumption of a bit bull in heat, without the lipstick.

What difference did it make? The Clintons stayed in power.travelgate

Travelgate: The Clinton’s used the full force of the government to destroy career employees of the White House, so that they could turn the travel office over to Clinton contributors out of Hollywood. They were found innocent of any wrongdoing, after being accused by the Clinton’s of various crimes.

What difference did it make? Whole lives were ruined, but like Solyendra—-you give to me, I give back to you…HEY, it’s politics!

Filegate: Long before the NSA, the Clintons had collected more than 900 secret FBI files on individual American citizens including hundreds of Republicans who worked for Bush and Reagan…they blamed it on some bouncer, Craig Livingstone.Bill and Hillary

What difference did it make?  Now, they have a brand new building to collect EVERYTHING! And it’s legal!

Chinagate: The China money coming into the White House, bordered on obscene. Bill and Hillary sold  the Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers, and breakfast teas, and lots of spys came and went…and don’t even make me go into our missile transfer to them.China gate

What different did it make? China got WTO status, and can now rob us blind and take over the world. Oh, and thanks to Bill Clinton—they can now nuke us.

Benghazi:  Hillary Clinton leaves her embassy unprotected, and invents a huge lie as a cover-up.

(My personal favorite was when she faked a ‘stroke’ when asked to appear before Congress.)

When Hillary finally did appear before Congress she shouted, “What difference did it make?”

The difference was dead Americans.

Hillary will become President because we will be told that the Republican vote was divided–because it will be.

So, I’m back to my point: It’s the top leadership that controls it all.1984

Did President George W. Bush check the Constitution when he bailed out Wall Street with our money?

Did the Supreme Court uphold the Constitution with Woe Vs Rade? Or Eminent Domain? Or Obamacare?

Does Obama EVER obey the Constitution?

It’s the top leaders we have to worry about, they control the means, the ends, and the money.

Nobody is saying you can’t have optimism for the future. But the problem is: Washington is totally corrupted.  The only thing that would change it, is a massive revolution, which of course won’t happen.

But, just in case— they are stockpiling the bullets.

And—What difference does it make?

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