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Questions About WWIII

Nobody Knows

Questions abound in this Nobody Mind—

Obama has made it known to the whole world, that it was Assad that gassed his own people, therefore, Obama will attack. But, WND, has some proof that Obama’s much beloved rebels, who are filled with Muslim Brotherhood radicals, were the ones who launched the attacked. Nobody Knows who to believe: Obama, or good American investigative reporters.confused woman

Nobody knows WHY Obama’s administration has to announce every single precise military movement through the newspapers and Cable TV? Doesn’t Obama know that this isn’t a simple ‘police’ action but a declaration of war?

Nobody Knows, how Congress let the President decide to go to war all on his own, and remains silent.

Nobody Knows, how in the world Obama figures to send us all off to war, when he has decimated our armed forces, and driven our economy into the dustbowl of depression.

Nobody Knows where Obama figures to get the money to fight what might turn out to be WWIII?confused animal

Nobody Knows why the liberal press, who screamed bloody murder about George W. Bush bombing Iraq because WMD’s were a National threat to the nation, can be so silent when Obama is saying the very same thing.

Nobody Knows, and according to some reports..the U.S. had plans to take out all these countries in the Middle East, starting with Iraq, long before 9/11, and that Obama is simply following the game plan.

Nobody Knows why John McCain and Karl Rove are practically salivating at the mouth to send our boys into Syria.

Nobody Knows if we have hit the point, where our leaders figure the only way for the United States to survive, is to enter into a major war in order to unite the people, and get people working again, and for THAT to happen, we will have to be attacked on our own soil again.confused kid

Which brings me to—–

Nobody Knows why Dick Cheney keeps mentioning that scary scenario every single time he is on TV, but Nobody Thinks Dick isn’t just whistling Dixie. Dick Cheney believes it will happen.  He has for years.

Nobody Knows what would happen if China and Russia side with Assad and go to war against the United States, but from a military point of view, America is at her weakness.

Nobody Knows if the Jews will take out Iran, in the near future.

Nobody Knows what to believe and what is disinformation, but Nobody Thinks everybody should stock up on booze and water.

That’s’ enough question for now.

Nobody Knows why my mind keeps thinking these things….but maybe I think our leaders want war, because Napolitano said this before she left for California:

“Our country will, at some point, face a major cyber event that will have a serious effect on our lives, our economy and the everyday functioning of our society,” confused dog

Nobody Knows, if she is secretly sleeping with Dick Cheney’s…daughter.  I would be surprised if it was Dick.

And Nobody Knows if THAT’s why Janet Napolitano got out sooner, rather than later. She didn’t want to take the blame for it.

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Sure—Hit the Three Year Old…

Nobody Reports

Yes…nobody IS reporting that this stuff happens every single day in America. It happened to my kid when he was about nine.

He and his friend were playing in his friend’s front yard, when a unknown black boy, came out of nowhere, threw my son on the ground, and started kicking his head hard. My son’s friend came and got me, and I called the police, who found the kid and spoke to his mother.

“The mother is sorry. She says it won’t happen again.” said the policeman to me.  It was clear the officer wanted me to let it go. So,…I did.

But—-my son learned the lesson that Black kids do not fight fair. They kick the head.  Watch any viral video, they know how to do the most damage. That’s why Zimmerman was wise to shoot Trayvon—- he was going for his head.

And that’s the way this was handled–the white father of the little girl and the black father said there was nothing racial about these kids picking on this innocent little girl. As if that little girl should be MADE to forgive that bunch and keep playing with them.

But….If MY brother had told me to go beat up some little girl, at the age those two girls were…. I would have went directly to my parents and told on him. I would have refused. I would have been horrified at the suggestion.

EVERYBODY is excusing these girl’s behavior. As if they are too young to know better. They…are not. And this is racial: Don’t kid yourself. The white father is friends with the dad…and didn’t want to upset the “black’ cart, because he has to live in that neighborhood. The black father did a real snow job on the man, who wanted to make himself look ‘big’ by forgiving it. But what message did that send to his daughter?

Most real fathers, would have been FURIOUS.

Which is why…this will continue. The kid that is taking the video, —-let’s just say, his personality is already formed. The dad may stop him for a few months, but he enjoys watching white people suffer. He’s already warped.

And that’s WHY the second amendment is so important.

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