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It’s the BUS Driver’s Fault? It’s a Trayvon Beating…

Nobody Wins

Probation…that’s all they got. Three little Trayvon Martins decide to beat the crap out of a defenseless white kid because he reported them trying to sell him drugs in the bathroom.

Were they suspended? Nobody can find that out.  it is suggested that they get 9 months probation—-Just 9 months.

Notice how they SHIFT the horror of what these young men are doing, and put the focus on the bus driver?. Obviously, he was scared of these boys too. He should have stepped in. More than likely, he didn’t want to miss work if he got beat up. He had too much to lose. He made a choice.

Another horror is the fact that this was reported as NOT being a hate crime. Let’s see: Zimmerman shot Trayvon because he was black, but these kids had a good reason to beat this white kid up…they are just innocent young dope peddlers. And they are just kids. Poor black kids. It’s okay.

And Oprah is going to teach those young black kids just how bad white people really have been to the blacks, and give them even more reason to hate white people.

Thanks Oprah.

Obama said: Nothing. Holder said: Nothing. Oprah is still taking about Trayvon.

What is sad is that young black Trayvons’ all over the United States are beating up white people EVERY SINGLE DAY…and all they are getting is…probation.

No jail time. No expulsions from school. No punishments.

And they are emboldened by the President…who never condones it…in fact he fuels the fire.

Probation. Oh…and they are supposed to stay away from the kid they beat up. Oh my. Really?

They should at least be made to pay his medical bills.

Yeah….the black race…show us how good, smart and tough you can be. You continue to justify every racial thing that anyone has ever thought about you, because you refuse to be smart.

Really tough kids: Three on one. And he was a little guy.

Gee…it’s time like these you wish the old “eye for an eye” could actually be called into play as a fair and just punishment.

Probation. I still can’t get over it.



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Nobody’s Fool: Rafael Cruz

Nobody’s Fool

If Ted Cruz just used his father on stage everywhere he went, Karl Rove would have a VERY hard time demonizing him. Rafael Cruz…is siimply great. And just to prove how right he is, when he says the government wants to take away your religion and replace it with worshiping the state…I post….the evidence:

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