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Nobody Wonders About Zoos, Kristal, Hillary, and Stripping Libertarians

Nobody Wonders

While most of us were remembering American soldiers this weekend, who had died in our various American “conflicts” around the planet, the biggest news of the day was the fact that they had to kill a much-loved Gorilla in Cincinnati, because some mother had failed to keep her child from falling into his pit. 

Or was it the Zoo’s fault for not making it almost impossible for anybody to fall into that pit?Gorilla

While the mother SHOULD have been paying attention, (maybe her nose ring was keeping her vision out of line)…. and should have educated her 4-year-old that animals can be dangerous if you get close to them, I blame the zoo. In St. Louis, there is NO way some stupid kid or mother could accidentally fall into the gorilla pit, unless they dropped into it from a parachute.

I have mixed feeling about zoos. Like most people, I love to see the animals, but you can’t help but feel sorry for most of them, unless they are born into captivity. Nevertheless, I remember Mr. Hannah say that the habitat for so many of the big game is being destroyed, that the zoos might be the only places some day that might save them.  And sadly, I think he is right.

If Gorillas could use a computer, I’m SURE Zuckerface would save them all…

And speaking of saving…

Nobody Wonders how they can keep saying that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump handily in almost all demographics. Really? She can’t even draw enough people to fill a high school basketball court. And another annoying thing is how shocked everyone is that Donald Trump wants to announce his GOP win in a bigger stadium than Cleveland. Funny how NOBODY remember Obama’s big announcement where he came out to a huge crowd of thousands in Denver, Colorado, in the Broncos Football stadium…like a Greek God, with Greek Columns behind him…it was probably the most spectacular staged political event ever seen. Obama and greek two

Nobody remembers THAT? I do. I also remember Oprah attending and crying BIG crocodile tears that in her lifetime a black man had been elected President. (More like a white man PRETENDING to be black.)

Now…millions will be crying tears of joy when he leaves.

And speaking of leaving….

Nobody Wonders when Mitt Romney is just going to LEAVE us all alone and accept that WE don’t want him to run again? He has Bill Kristal, and Brit Hume, and probably even Paul Ryan just waiting to announce that Mitt Romney will be running on a third-party ticket. Kristol

Why else is Paul Ryan not giving Donald his support? Every day that Paul holds out, is hurting his chances for reelection. Really…Paul Ryan is taking big changes by playing “You will do it MY way Mr. Trump” hussy demands…. with a master.

How much do you want to bet, Donald is already ten steps ahead of Paul?

And how about that hold-out Henry Kissinger? How OLD is that guy? 287? 

How can all these people prefer Hillary? Easy. It’s all about THEM and the great “globalization.” 

In other words…Nobody Wonders…if anybody remembers that old saying that the cream floats to the top?

You do know what I was going to say next don’t you?

Now that Donald Trump has gotten the Republican nomination, you have to wonder about the sheer insanity of the last remaining Rino’s still fighting until their very last breath. Which brings me to another subject: Nobody Wonders what would happen if Daddy Bush would pass away BEFORE the election. Imagine all the propaganda that would drive both the liberals and the American people crazy.

And speaking of crazy..

If you are a libertarian…(Glenn Beck) the reason your party never does very well can be explained by one man: who gives us all a good example.

Suffice it to say: When it comes to exposing yourself…the libertarian way..may not be wise.  I for one, am GLAD they don’t run the country. You have to ask yourself: Was this guy stoned? Or just trying to make a few bucks?


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Sandra Fluke: On Her Way to Replace The Original Fluke Nancy Pelosi…

Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wants You to Remember the name: Sandra Fluke. Sandra is a law student of that great incubator of future politicians in Washington D.C. called Georgetown. It’s where the once unknown poor, poverty-stricken boy from Arkansas, was put on track to one day be a superstar of the Democratic party. Yes, it was at Georgetown that Bill Clinton became a page for very prominent  democratic senators and where he “opened” confidential messages he was delivering on the hill to discover the secrets to report to his masters. He is now a 33rd degree Mason. This Fluke was handpicked, as sure as the last fluke was…to be an upcoming star in the future NEW WORLD of political liars, which is ten times better than the OLD WORLD group of liars thanks to universities like Georgetown.

Listen to that whiney voice. First off…she claims that contraceptives cost a student $3,000 dollars. What a bunch of crock. Even if they cost $100 dollars a month (which they don’t) more like $30 dollars at your local D.C. Planned Parenthood, I think she’d be better off blaming Georgetown University for the high cost of its overpriced faculty for her big sob story. So, go to a cheaper school Sandra. Better yet, get rid of your cellphone Sandra..or how about this: Try asking the guy to use a rubber, or else…no sex. Can’t control yourself? Just HAVE to have sex? If you can’t control your sexual adventures knowing that you might get pregnant, and condemn your liberal mind to years of heartache and torture, then no amount of Georgetown high education is going to make you any brighter. But what it can do, as we are witnessing, is make you an expert at lying.

In the video below, (Notice they did let her give her sob story to Congress) poor MS Sandra CARES about all her fellow women sufferers. Why…(let’s not forget that Mom and Dad can now put poor little Sandra on their health insurance till she’s 26) she claims all college students have no insurance. (Wait…didn’t Obama promise health care for everyone? )

One woman, who cannot ‘afford’ the pills will have countless seizures, says MS Fluke.  Think about how absurd this is. All she needs to do is get bio-identical hormones from a doctor….and trust me–they will cost a lot more than birth control pills. But any doctor would prescribe her hormonal pills for her seizures or better yet…give her pills to CONTROL her seizure. Wonders never cease—they do not teach modern medical advances at Georgetown University.

This is right up the Pelosi driveway: I’m a woman and I deserve to have free everything.

And to make the video even more laughable, she claims that the “pill” has freed women to have careers. If not for the “pill” no woman could even enter the work force. Rockefeller would have to hire more men, at a higher price.

Gee…my mother never had the “pill” and she ran her own printing company with 30 employees for over 40 years. She didn’t die. She didn’t suffer. Should we tell Sandra that she is being misleading about this?


Sandra’s main concern, as is the talking point of the whole democratic party, is that: Oh my…women’s HEALTH is at issue? They say it like all women are going to die of  cancer. And that’s why you can no longer get screening for breast cancer. Liberals have decided that getting pregnant is now much more fatal to a woman’s health.

Is it? Or is it men’s? Condoms can be bought at any drugstore.  Yeah, those feminists sure bought women into the 21st century. Now you have a RIGHT to fornicate four times a day while you’re at college, and a RIGHT to do it without bothering to ask any man to be responsible because…why should he? It’s YOUR body!

Obama wants complete control over everyone’s bodies. What’s next? Every student needs a car? Every student needs to be supplied food? Every student needs to have money for beer? Every woman needs money for tampons? Can I get a Vowel here? And did you know that there is a movement to get rid of ALL contraceptives?

Since I didn’t go to Georgetown, I’m thinking that it MUST be a fluke. Nobody Wonders how many more Flukes are coming out of Georgetown. Maybe we should make contraceptive mandatory for that school alone. We have enough flukey lawyers already,  don’t you think?

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Nobody Remembers: First Lady Obama Fashions

Nobody Remembers

Actually, I don’t. I don’t remember any first lady in the history of the United States feel like she had to run right out to Target and pick up some cheap stuff. So, when this was captured today and put all over the internet you have to ask yourself…

1. Is she on the board of ‘Target’?

2. How about Nike?

3. Is this all about trying to show she is sympathetic to the “poor” people, because she wants their vote?

4. Could that body-guard behind here look any more paranoid?

5. Is that “Pink Flush” she is wearing on her lips?

6. Could she buy an uglier pair of sunglasses?

7. Do you REALLY think that Michelle Obama would stand in line for anything?

And let’s not stop here: We must remember Michelle’s taste in clothes..refined. Who could forget the dress she wore when Obama accepted the Democratic nomination?

Oprah was in tears…beause the dress looked like someone had dropped about 8 gallons of vampire blood down the front. It was symbolic of course. Grace, style…revenge. Trademarks of a true patriot.

And how about the seven thousand dollar shoes?

Michelle, you have to say, has the best designers in the world making her outfits. But obviously , it’s just not her taste.

I say, we let her wear Target around the White House. Take off those designer gowns Mrs Obama, come down to the poor house with the rest of us!

Just promise us one little favor. Next time you visit the queen, wear something a bit more..respectful. We don’t want the Queen to think you’re…tacky, now do we?


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No SteaK? No Lobster? What?

Nobody’s Opinion: Last week, I saw this baby and her parents on our local news program.  A nicer couple you could not even imagine, and so it’s no wonder that baby is so full of laughter.
What was more important than the baby is…the father couldn’t find a job. He was a professor of American History, and that paper that the baby is tearing up in this video, is the father’s rejection letters. It a sad comment on the way America is being forced to change, and how our universities are dominated by the liberal plans to globalize the world, and downsize America, and American History is being dumped for international studies.
I don’t know about you, but I’m not doing well with these changes. Tonight for instance, the family had planned to meet at Red Lobster for the Lobster Fest. I had been staring at the commercial all week. Okay, I had been walking around saying, “I can’t WAIT…lobster!” I was dreaming of melted butter, and how I was envisioning myself savoring the butter for at least a minute…in culinary heaven. Michael Moore could not have beaten me to the plate, thats how excited I was. The reason I get so giddy is because, like many Americans, if I get Lobster once year, I feel lucky.
So, we pull up to the biggest Red Lobster around, and it’s Sunday, and it’s closed. Out of business. You’ve got to be kidding.
What? Did BP not come through with the check? Picture it: it’s the side of a major highway, fifteen other restaurants are around it,’s closed.
On a Sunday.
Like all good sensible and hungry Americans, we went next door to a Pasta House…where they were ….out of all steaks, and a lot of other stuff. Out of steak. A restaurant, in a high-earning area, off a major highway..on a Sunday…out of meat. That was a first for me.
We all got pasta, what else?
The conversation was of course, Charlie Sheen. Everyone was laughing at “Adonis” and “Winner” and how bad you must be when even your porn star leaves you..and then my brother said something I could not believe. “Face it, Americans are all too spoiled.”
Excuse me? I maybe get lobster once a year…and I’m spoiled? Maybe I took it wrong, but he said it like we need to downsize. Hey, you don’t start family arguments in a restaurants with a brother who you only see once in a blue moon.
The subject went back to Charlie Sheen, which is my point. The changes coming to America, have been slow…and easy to ignore. I was concerned when the major malls fell into the weeds. But to have the local restaurants running out of food…?
And that’s why I’m posting this lovable babies laugh. We still have our families. Right?
I know in my heart that this man is going to find a job. God gave him the most lovable baby, who because a star on YOUTUBE, and therefore, in a roundabout way…this man will get his gift. It’s corney but true. When times are bad, family is your shelter. And I plan to spoil myself with them as long as possible.
 Pass the butter. I still got popcorn.

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