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Will the Muslims Shop At Target?

Nobody’s Win!

Let’s not worry about the 9th circuit court’s decision to boss around the President of the United States, let’s instead, look back and remember what a few million people can do,target-four

Trump is trying to make America great again, and the Rino’s demanded their global carbon tax this week.  John McCain can’t keep his mouth shut, and the Rino’s stand silently by while the Democrats bully President Trump’s order to have a sensible immigration policy.

Because Daddy Bush has promised some big money donor somewhere that Mexico and America will merge…The North American Territory will go on…and his family can keep their big ranch in South America. After all, they have John Roberts to damn Trump. They are hoping this goes to the Supreme Court.

That’s why Trump should stay away from the Supreme Court and make the Congress impeach the damn Judge, or do something.  

In the meantime…back to my subject.

When Obama made it his wish to let all bathrooms in the United States be unisex, Target jumped right on board. target-three

So people just stopped shopping at Target. The store shares fell about 23 percent since last April and they have lost over $10 billion. Because of that they had to shelve some projects they had lined up for the future.

So, just think, if boycotting Target caused that much damage, just imagine how many people will never pay to see a Meryl Streep movie ever again?

No WONDER she is so mad. target-one

On the other hand, the liberals are boycotting Ivanka Trump because they don’t like her dad. And he has every right to say something about it.

I’m not worried. I’m going to start buying her stuff, so will a lot of women.

But the funny thing is, they ALL attack Trump and his advisors for even mentioning Ivanka.

They start the fight, Trump fights back…and HE becomes the meanie…it’s truly insidious.

I’m sick of them all…how about you?


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Nobody Remembers: First Lady Obama Fashions

Nobody Remembers

Actually, I don’t. I don’t remember any first lady in the history of the United States feel like she had to run right out to Target and pick up some cheap stuff. So, when this was captured today and put all over the internet you have to ask yourself…

1. Is she on the board of ‘Target’?

2. How about Nike?

3. Is this all about trying to show she is sympathetic to the “poor” people, because she wants their vote?

4. Could that body-guard behind here look any more paranoid?

5. Is that “Pink Flush” she is wearing on her lips?

6. Could she buy an uglier pair of sunglasses?

7. Do you REALLY think that Michelle Obama would stand in line for anything?

And let’s not stop here: We must remember Michelle’s taste in clothes..refined. Who could forget the dress she wore when Obama accepted the Democratic nomination?

Oprah was in tears…beause the dress looked like someone had dropped about 8 gallons of vampire blood down the front. It was symbolic of course. Grace, style…revenge. Trademarks of a true patriot.

And how about the seven thousand dollar shoes?

Michelle, you have to say, has the best designers in the world making her outfits. But obviously , it’s just not her taste.

I say, we let her wear Target around the White House. Take off those designer gowns Mrs Obama, come down to the poor house with the rest of us!

Just promise us one little favor. Next time you visit the queen, wear something a bit more..respectful. We don’t want the Queen to think you’re…tacky, now do we?


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