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Is This REALLY the Right Time to Feminize the American Male?

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I had the most interesting talk with my friend Mona this afternoon, and she said something that even I, didn’t think of. (And that’s why I love talking to her.) Mona suggests that all this “gay” stuff, is being pushed upon us every single time that a white cop gets killed by a black man, or blacks do something like destroy whole city blocks, or…the job numbers are not promising. (That last one is added on by me) In other words, the powerful Obama and his elite media are keeping us all focused on the emotional subject of “gays” and their rights, so that we ignore the horrors happening all around us. I think she has a strong point.

But its more than’s the constant feminization of the male—at the lead of our own President,  for who knows WHATEVER reason. While the Middle East is bursting with billions of testosterone-filled men ready to kill the West, our leaders are striving to make our men all little Passion Flowers, and our women incredible Hulks.Star Wars

And they are using our favorite movie characters to do it.

James Bond, is going to get a gay sidekick—the author of the newest books says:

“With women, he has this sort of patronizing carnal attitude with them which is absolutely accurate to the Bond of the books. But then by creating very strong women he is given quite a run for his money and his attitudes are challenged. I also gave him a very outspoken gay friend, who chides him and says ‘come on Bond, you’re living in the 20th century now not the Middle Ages.’”

And Disney is getting on board, by splashing one of the main characters in the newest Star Wars movie as…”gay”.

I can’t wait to see Harrison Ford kiss a gay man, can you?

He’s overdue. Maybe he was thinking about that moment when he crashed his plane.

Mom and dad might want to stay away from it, but the toys are already out in all the stores, so the KIDS will drag them to the movie, and then—all want to grow up to be “gay” like their favorite heroes.


Can you turn a chicken INTO an egg?

Nobody Knows —but they are really trying hard to fool, mother nature.

Good luck with that. And by all the “Death to America!” talk going on in Iran right now..

This might NOT be the perfect time to castrate our male hero’s.

I’m just saying.



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