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Nobody Remembers the Drug Running Fortunes of the Elites

Nobody Remembers…

We sort of forget that once upon a time, Bill Clinton ran drugs (according to many stories on Newsmax) when he was seventeen, for SOMEBODY high up in Arkansas. He also went to lunch with David Rockefeller when he was 17. How he pulled that off is anybody’s guess. Were these two events connected?

Nobody Knows. Bill Clinton was hanging out at that airport, even at a young age, and it was reported that like Obama, Bill Clinton and his brother liked their drugs.

Paul Joseph Watson then talks about how Obama is setting up “fact checking” institutions” (around 4.01) which I wanted to expand on in some detail, later on today.

And the video ends with a bit of ‘drug running’ history.

What did I learn? If you are NOT a heavy drinker, and you continue to learn all there is to learn, about all the things you never DREAMED of going on in the political elite world of big money and power… might want to take it up.

Which I am trying to do without much success.

(And thanks to Infowars)



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What? No Prayers for Congress?

Nobody Knows..

What a strange picture that was today…Pope Francis getting to sit in the front window of the giant American Airlines plane which was taking him to New York.

Talk about a photo-op! That guy really knows how to use a prop.Pope cartoon

I just got finished watching the Pope speak before Congress. …which by the way, he forgot to pray for.

I guess he figured he might insult “other” religions, so he didn’t.

The elite oligarchy is using the Pope (you know that one party-system of no-borders, America needs to redistribute it’s wealth to the rest of the world and sacrifice it’s children for the health and safely of everybody else on the planet)to launch the biggest Trump attack.

Immigration is a RIGHT, Donald, and you’d better not question the mouth of God!

Today the Pope, in front of Congress, addressed the nation as it’s true leader, with the express help of Congress…and basically lectured and imposed his demand that the United States become a theocracy, which it did today, and follow the Pope’s way…which is the communist way, of “sharing the wealth.”

King Frances is now the new King George. Expect the taxes to soar.Pope one

Clever. With one afternoon of spectacularly pomp and gentle demand that to disobey the Pope is to disobey God, they merged Church and State, and told the ‘representatives.” of the people that’s it their DUTY to legislate the “common good”.

And what the pope and your legislatures think is the ‘common’ good, is to dictate to YOU what they want.

I can’t wait. The common good of “You must not eat any more meat” is coming soon. The “common good’ of, “You must not own a gun.” is coming too.

But the Pope is starting with the common good of letting Mexicana and their families to be let into our country and be given jobs, food, healthcare, houses,…okay…and then bring ALLLLLLLLLLLLL their families!

HOLA! You natives don’t have enough babies to keep all us rich politicians and churches going!

Somewhere the Bushes were celebrating…”BEAT THAT—DONALD TRUMP!”

Oh, and just in case you wondPope and Congressered if the Pope is truly a “Godly” man, we heard him chastise the death penalty for those hopeless criminals, who have killed and maimed, but only mentioned the unborn…in one word.

Forget those babes in the womb, we need to stop killing criminals…unless of course it’s ISIS…the Pope gives you permission to …get rid of them.

If you wonder if the Pope is a godly man, that should tell you right there.

Nobody Knows what will happen with this merging of church and state (funny how all the liberals are embracing the Pope right now, isn’t it?) but the Pope is in alignment with Obama, which is communism, tyranny, whatever you want to call it, and then they are telling you it’s God’s blessing.

You’d better DARE not question the Pope! Just as you DARE not question a black man.

This country was FOUNDED on the people running away from church/state governments. The people that came here wanted to get away from the “Power” of the Catholic church, and seek God through their own private lives.

And it is stated in our Constitution that the state shall never become a theocracy. That is exactly what happened today. Oh, how far down the slippery slope we slide.

The Pope demands we give these new Mexican’s jobs.

The Pope, has just taken your country and given it to Mexico, with the blessings of BOTH parties.

Are we going to let him?

Sorry, I think I’ll go out into ‘nature’ take a walk, and pray to God, that he finds us a real Moses to lead us out of the upcoming communist hell of darkness that the elites have in store for us.

“Don’t kill the murderers in jail, but it’s okay to kill the innocent in the womb? ”

Well, it’s not like the Bible didn’t warn us: Beware of false prophets.

Especially ones who cloak themselves in the mantle of global warming taxes.



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