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They Don’t Want ANYBODY To Remember….Andrew Jackson

Nobody RemembersAndrew Jackson two

If Andrew Jackson gets taken off the twenty-dollar bill, there is only ONE person to blame: Hillary Clinton. During the debate last night, CNN asked the candidates what women should be put on the twenty-dollar bill? The men all gave politically correct answers, but Carly Fiorina gave the right one: We shouldn’t change it.

The complaint from the left? Too many white men faces on our currency. Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman are both women and black…and Obama will probably have the last say, even though, if he could, he would pick himself.Obama worthless

A few of the men suggested Rosa Parks (Including Trump)

Now, no offense to Rosa Parks, but that “I’m not giving up my seat on the bus” incident didn’t happen in a vacuum. It was, by most accounts that I’ve read, well organized…it was meant to make headlines.

Let’s compare Rosa’s life to Andrew Jackson…a man whom both John Adams and his son John Quincy, despised: Andrew Jackson was a tough ruthless killer….and it was Jackson who took care of American’s “Indian” problem. Never mind that their land was taken over by those horrible white Europeans who basically invaded their country…and the rest is history.

The way he treated Indians is why both the Adams hated him. But…in the light of history, he DID do some great things for America.

After the revolution, Americans thought, well…those ‘savages’ must either assimilate or move west. Americans were organized in townships, and states. The Indians were organized into tribes, and the hunt for game. Two different cultures. Two cultures that were not going to mix.

(Sort of like Muslims and Christians.)Andrew Jackson dollar

Now, remember—- the British had a policy of organizing and arming Indians against the United States. In the region of the Apalachicola River, the British major Edward Nicholas, with four officers and 108 Royal Marines, armed and trained over 4,000 Creeks and Seminoles, distributing 3,000 muskets, 1,000 carbines, 1,000 pistols, 500 rifles, and a million rounds  of ammunition. That it was the British arming the Indians was left out of most American history books.

Most of the Indians thought it was a bad idea to attack the whites, but the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh wanted blood:

‘Let the white race perish! They seize your land. They corrupt your women. They trample on the bones of your dead! Burn their dwellings, destroy their stock, slay their wives and children that their very breed may perish! War now! War Always! War on the ling War on the dead! “
If ONLY he could have said Allah Akbar!

Anyway, Tecumseh got war. The Creeks came upon some settlers in Ohio, and murdered 553 men, women, and children and took away 250 scalps on poles.

“The children were seized by the legs and killed by battering their heads against the stockading, the women were scalped, and those who were pregnant were opened while they were alive and the embryo infants let out of the womb. “

Well, they were so ruthless in their attack…America was appalled.

Enter stage left: Andrew Jackson.  He got up an arm of 5,000 strong and attacked their main fortress at Horseshoe Bend.  Jackson won that battle and killed a total of 557 plus another 300 drowned.  After that, he went on a rampage, burning villages and destroying crops and the Indians just gave up.

He forced the Creeks to cedes to the United States 20 million acres of the cream of the Creek County, opening a communication from Georgia to Mobile. It was called the treaty of Fort Jackson.battle of new Orleans

The people of the NASCAR South can thank Andrew Jackson, and he wasn’t finished. But it was in the Battle of New Orleans that Andrew Jackson did his most impressive feat.

When he reached New Orleans on December 1, he found it virtually undefended. He worked swiftly. He formed the local pirates, who hated the Royal Navy, on whose ships they were periodically hanged, into a defensive unit. Hundreds of free blacks were turned into a battalion under white officers. He paid them well. When his paymaster protested, Jackson told him, “Be pleased to keep to yourself you opinions…without inquiring whether the troops are white, black or tea.”

By the time the British got there, with sixty ships and 14,000 troops, New Orleans was strongly defended. (A History of the American People)

The British land commander General Sir Edward Pakenham, “not the brightest genius” as his brother- in -law the Duke of Wellington put it, planned a two-pronged assault, up the almost undefended left bank of the Mississippi to take the rampart from the rear, while his troops in front kept the defenders occupied. They got lost, and delayed, so he proceeded with a frontal assault.

The result was a pointless slaughter of brave men. The advancing redcoats met a combination of grapeshot, canister shell rifles, and muskets all skillfully directed by Jackson himself. All three British generals were killed. Jackson lot only thirteen killed. The British lost 291, with 484 missing and over a thousand wounded.

Codrington, watching from HMS Tonnat could only shake his head in disbelief at the debacle. “there never was” her wrote to his wife, ” a more complete failure. “

The Battle of New Orleans put the final nail in the coffin of Britain and America fighting each other.  They made a deal…Britain could have Canada, and we got the rest of the country in the Treaty of Ghent.

John Quincy Adams who was there at the signing said.
“I hope this will be the last treaty of peace between Great Britain and the Unites States.”Hillary Clinton dollar

And it was.

And this is all about electing a woman president. If it was just about too many white men being on our money, Obama would have put Martin Luther King.

Whether you thought the man was a ruthless killer or a moron,  the truth is, it’s changing our history once again. All this burning of the Confederate Flag is no different from ISIS going around destroying ancient historical monuments.

I think Jackson earned his spot in history AND on our twenty-dollar bill.

It’s silly move, it’s a insidious move,  and it took a conservative woman to say it.



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Nobody’s Fool: Donald Trump and Ben Carson

Nobody’s Fool

This was one of my favorite moments last night…both Doctor Carson and Donald Trump having a decent conversation about vaccines.

Most everyone thinks that vaccines are wonderful…look what the smallpox and polio vaccine has done around the world. Having said that….the pharmaceutical companies are going hog-wild on this vaccine and that vaccine, and too many vaccines being given at one time, that no real studies have been done on the effects of having all those different vaccines pushed on everybody.

I also don’t support the government getting into mandated vaccines…like they did in Texas when they started mandating that all teenage girls get a vaccine to prevent venereal diseases. Many veterans have complained about the side effects of their vaccines, so scientifically speaking, the science isn’t in on many of them. And big Pharma is pushing all of them. Shingles, and the flu vaccine being the two you see the most.

This week, Ben Carson and Donald Trump together share the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week, for showing the nation HOW subjects of any kind should be talked about. We need MORE discussions like this, not less.

Now…if there was a government mandated vaccine against liberal stupidity, proven to actually work…..I might consider it.

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