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Nobody’s Perfect: Rupert Murdoch VS Jerry Bance

Nobody’s PerfectRupert Murdoch

Politics, we are finding out, can bring out the senility in many men…and this week we see two examples of that: Rupert Murdoch, who owns the most ‘conservative’ network in America, and Jerry Bance, a man who was running for office in Canada.

Let’s start with Rupert first: Rupert has said many a wonderful thing about Hillary Clinton, leaving all the people who watch FOX in complete confusion as to how a man who runs the most conservative network on Cable can be…a democrat? Say what? So, he is. And if that’s true, than all the stuff he has on cable is just to put huge wads of cash into his pockets, not to further any kind of belief he has.

And wise he is at that, because liberal stations, have no viewers. But we all had to wonder about Rupert’s senality when he tweeted this recently:

“Looks like Biden already running. Very likely he wins nomination and be hard to beat.”

Joe Biden…hard to beat? On what planet?

Is his head even attached to his body? (I’m speaking of Rupert here…we already KNOW where Joe Biden’s head is)

Evidently not. Rupert no longer listens to his own TV station, no doubt, all he sees at his age are the legs.

On the other hand, we have Jerry Bance, another conservative obviously missing a few marbles.

On Monday, Canada’s Conservative Party dismissed a parliamentary candidate after footage surfaced of him urinating into a homeowner’s coffee cup while on a repair call in 2012, the Toronto Star reports.

The incident was originally captured as part of a CBC hidden camera investigation of dishonest handymen, but the free-peeing repairman was only identified as a three-time Conservative candidate Jerry Bance this weekend. From CBC News:Bance had also run as a Conservative in 2006 and 2008. Jason Kenney, the high-profile Conservative minister and candidate from Alberta, helped him kick off his current campaign last week.

Well–I’m not sure how to compare these two…who should win this week’s Nobody’s Perfect contest?

Rupert? A multi-billionaire who doesn’t care if he pisses off 90 percent of the people who watch his cable network, by tweeting his excitement of another perverted democrat who might get in the White House?

Or Jerry Brance, who either forgot what toilets are for, or is just too lazy and old to walk to the bathroom? After watching that video, I’m never leaving another service man alone.

Frankly, I can’t pick either one. Both of them bring a bad taste to my mouth.

I say…it’s a draw.

Next week, I’m sure we’ll find a REAL winner.


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