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Nobody Flashes Paul Joseph Watson’s Account of the Pope

Nobody Flashes

I know this isn’t my usual ‘happy’ Sunday video, but it’s has many of the same thoughts that I’ve been feeling about the Pope….and I’m not exactly very cheery this Sunday.

In terms of just politeness, you are never supposed to say anything bad about a Pope.

In terms of respect and politeness, you are never supposed to say anything bad about a President…out of respect for the office.Einstein wisdom

But…what if that person in high office is actually a tyrant? Do you stay silent just because you have been taught to never question that position?

Obama uses the race card every chance he gets, he has silenced millions…and then he gets by with destroying the whole country.

We need to get rid of this “We can’t protest presidents or Popes.”

Yes…we can. If they are liars, and cheats, and frauds, and mean to control us all.

Yes we can. Yes we must.

While the Spanish Catholics may be overwhelmed that the Pope has just given them a country to come to…I certainly hope the Catholics here..start thinking.

And…it just dawned on me the real reason all the Bushes NEVER speak against any President no matter what he does. They always said it was out of respect for the office, but seems very clear, it’s because they want to set the precedent that NOBODY should speak against ANY President….because they don’t want the crowd to get out of control.

It’s the office of the highest power, and they want it to stay powerful.

I won’t cuss out the Pope, but I will say…He sounds like just another political dictator…and my god…what a hypocrite.


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