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9/11 Prayer for Just Another Day

Nobody Remembers

Next to the Kennedy assassination, 9/11 marks the other saddest historical day in most baby boomer’s lives.

And despite, all the thousands of video’s and the mass media attention that it got, I still recall what I was thinking when both those buildings came down SO quickly, and in such perfect fashion. No matter how many debunker video’s I watched on Youtube, about how anybody who questioned the science of what we saw that day was stupid—I never did buy it.

And I too, thought George W. Bush’s actions that day were beyond explicable. You get the news that another building has been hit and you keep on reading to children? Really?

Still, when you think about all the good people who were killed that day–and what is happening now with Obama and his dangerous actions with Iran, like many people I wonder….

What will happen next? Ted Cruz warned of an EMP over the Eastern Seaboard. We can HOPE that will not happen, but do you trust our President to protect us?

I don’t.

Let’s hope that today, is just another day….of remembrance—and deeply felt prayers for the families that still suffer from their loss.

Let’s hope, all our soldiers around the world, remain safe.


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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Joseph Watson

Nobody’s Fool

I love this guy. Here he explains everything you wanted to know about the refugee crisis in just a few minutes.

Congratulations Paul. You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the month…If I could, I’d send you a trophy.

Mr. Watson is more than a higher intellect, he’s also courageous.

Alex Jones is lucky to have him.

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