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Nobody Wins When Our Kids Are Drugged Up

Nobody Wins

We head into the weekend with another school shooting: And we have to ask the obvious:

What anti-depressant was this kid on? If there is one common string with all these mass shootings and kids, it’s that their psychiatrists are taking kids already in the “kill” mode and making them into ticking time bombs. Almost all of them were on some kind of anxiety medication.

It makes them suicidal. Period.

Who wants to bet Dimitrios was on some kind of drug?

We talk about our opioid addiction epidemic, let’s admit that we also have a big drug problem with the anxiety meds the docs are also handing out like candy.

Nobody Wins when your entire teenage population is on some kind of drug. And legalizing Marijuana is just adding another problem, and years of future lung cancer victims.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis was Antifa, and bore their lovely badge. A badge of communism. But you won’t hear Hillary admit that.

Maybe he thought he was John Wick, with his big black coat. We will soon learn the sad details of his soul, and the price of those whose lives were taken so suddenly, and the illogical left trying to get all guns banned.

Anyway, on another note, here’s something I thought I’d NEVER see:

Glenn Beck supporting President Trump. I thought I’d see my dog play electric guitar first.

Ted Cruz must have called him up and said, “Hey buddy. We lost. Get over it. I did.”

How did THIS happen? Could it be that Glenn wants his private jet back? Did HE give up his meds?

Nobody Knows.

The Lost Sheep Comes Back

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Nobody’s Fool: Donald Trump and Ben Carson

Nobody’s Fool

This was one of my favorite moments last night…both Doctor Carson and Donald Trump having a decent conversation about vaccines.

Most everyone thinks that vaccines are wonderful…look what the smallpox and polio vaccine has done around the world. Having said that….the pharmaceutical companies are going hog-wild on this vaccine and that vaccine, and too many vaccines being given at one time, that no real studies have been done on the effects of having all those different vaccines pushed on everybody.

I also don’t support the government getting into mandated vaccines…like they did in Texas when they started mandating that all teenage girls get a vaccine to prevent venereal diseases. Many veterans have complained about the side effects of their vaccines, so scientifically speaking, the science isn’t in on many of them. And big Pharma is pushing all of them. Shingles, and the flu vaccine being the two you see the most.

This week, Ben Carson and Donald Trump together share the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week, for showing the nation HOW subjects of any kind should be talked about. We need MORE discussions like this, not less.

Now…if there was a government mandated vaccine against liberal stupidity, proven to actually work…..I might consider it.

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Nobody’s Fool: Dr. Benjamin Carson

Nobody’s Fool

Dr. Carson was an internet sensation last week when he stood up to the “bully” in the room, Obama, and Obama didn’t like it. But because the good doctor was black, there wasn’t much Obama could do about it.

Here we find out that the good doctor COULD run for office. He’s smart, honest, and we are going to be seeing more like him coming out of the woodwork. If you haven’t seen that speech, you can see it below.

It’s worth the watch…especially the end, when he talks about the brave men of the Revolutionary War.

Nobody Thinks…Dr Carson is Nobody’s Fool....and I hope we see more of him.


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Martha Raye VS Sean Penn

Nobody Gets Email

Nobody Knows…

This lady lived probably before most of my readers time: BUT, if you ever watch the old movie channels you will recognize this woman. Her name was Martha Raye. After you read this, and you think about the movie stars in our generation, you will wonder like me: WHAT happened to them? For instance: Here we see Sean Penn holding the Egyptian flag, supporting the revolution…in EGYPT.  Most of them are anti-American. (Thanks to Tom Beebe)


This is a great story about a great woman. I was unaware of her credentials or where she is buried. Most of the old time entertainers were made out of a lot sterner stuff than today’s crop of activists and whiners. The following is from an Army Aviator who takes a trip down memory lane:

 It was just before Thanksgiving ’67 and we were ferrying dead and wounded from a large GRF west of Pleiku. We had run out of body bags by noon, so the Hook ( CH-47 CHINOOK) was pretty rough in the back. All of a sudden, we heard a ‘take-charge’ woman’s voice in the rear.

There was the singer and actress, Martha Raye, with a SF ( Special Forces) beret and jungle fatigues, with subdued markings, helping the wounded into the Chinook, and carrying the dead aboard. ‘Maggie’ had been visiting her SF ‘heroes’ out  ‘west’.

We took off, short of fuel, and headed to the USAF hospital pad at Pleiku. As we all started unloading our sad pax’s, a ‘Smart Ass’ USAF Captain said to Martha…. Ms Ray, with all these dead and wounded to process, there would not be time for your show!

To all of our surprise, she pulled on her right collar and said…..Captain, see this eagle? I am a full ‘Bird’ in the US Army Reserve, and on this is a ‘Caduceus’ which means I am a Nurse, with a surgical specialty….now, take me to your wounded. He said, yes mam’…. Follow me.Several times at the Army Field Hospital in Pleiku, she would ‘cover’ a surgical shift, giving a nurse a well-deserved break.

Martha is the only woman buried in the SF (Special Forces) cemetery at Ft. Bragg .

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Like to Fly? If Not, You WILL…

Nobody Gets MORE Email

Well, not all is gloomy, especially if you are going to be one of the fortunate in the NEW WORLD ORDER to take trips across the sea. Check out this new design in public transportation.

The question they don’t answer in this video is just how much the really cool sleeping births with the private TV’s up on the top deck will cost. (darn)

These are coming just in time for the millions of Americans who will be flying to Thailand and India to get that heart operation at great hospitals overseas who charge 10% less than here in the states. Our hospitals will become the worst in the world…but…for a few more bucks, Americans will be able to fly oversees for that operation, at a top-notch hospital with doctors that are trained here in the state. You will get nurses that actually answer your bell if you ring it. That alone is worth the trip. The hospital  rooms are beautiful and they don’t even kick you out if you want to stay a few more days after giving birth! Wait…then the baby would not be an American citizen….not to worry. Global citizenship is right around the corner.

So, you’re still recovering from that hip replacement? Stay in the top floor  bedroom bunks  on your flight home. I’m sure the flight attendant will accept tips.

Granted, this will be only for people who have money, which means, I will have to seduce a pilot, which means, I’m not ever going to see one except in this video. But, that doesn’t mean YOU can’t enjoy it.

(Thanks again to Pattie.)

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Ann Coulter Proves that THE DOCTORS are not Scientists

Nobody Wins

Recently, a brand new program to ‘educate’ Americans is gaining popularity here. It’s called The Doctors and this year the original four doctors have added a few more women…just what they DIDN’T need.

From left to right you have: A pediatrician, Jim Sears, a Dr. of psychology, Wendy Walsh, E.R. physician, Travis Stork, a ‘wellness expert’ Julian Michaels, OB/GYN Lisa Masterson, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Drew Ordon. They are here to save you, because they are experts.

This week they are talking about “sex.” And the guys, like all smart men everywhere, kept completely quiet. The women took off on their biggest tantrum ..single motherhood. And they went against the conservative heroine of wit, Ann Coulter— who has never backed down from a good fight.

Of course, that’s why they had her on…to fight.

The women “doctors” which consist of a gynecologist, a “wellness expert” and a psychiatrist all came from the same school: single mothers can raise a child and be a father, no questions asked.
Ann’s position: No way can mothers be fathers, period.

Someone with an online Social Work Degree  could attest to that.

Whoa…do not say that to women who have got degrees, are successful, and do not even want to wait around for some ‘father’. Jillian Michaels, was especially adamant that she had more money, more time, more love than many of the dysfunctional couples out there. She did NOT need a man. The new career women want that child, like they want those new shoes, and they can give it all they want they say. They have been brainwashed: women can have it all.


Now…the three men on the panel..said…nothing. Not a word. Not that the women would have let them talk. So, either they were told to shut up and let the feminist agenda of women raising babies on their own continue because they are making millions, and it’s the state’s agenda, OR…they secretly want to bed one or two of these beauties and don’t want to spoil their chances. Either way, THIS is why things won’t change. When good men say nothing. Where’s the TV program where men can say, “Hey, no woman is going to do what I can do?”

The real reason all these ladies threw such a hussy fit, (at least in Jullian’s case)  is because they secretly WANT a man but can’t find one, and for good reason. So, they have to say, “well women can do it all” just to make themselves feel better.

Ann was right. Statics show that 90 percent of jails are filled with men from single moms. As she said, it’s like some smokers can say “I never got lung cancer!” but most lung cancer is caused by smoking.
The other women never acknowledged Ann’s superior logic. BUT…the bachelor man (Travis) ended the fight and thanked Ann in such a way, that it was clear to this nobody, AND to Ann, that he was on her side.
Too bad he didn’t say it.


And to make matters worse, at the end of the show, Travis told us all about the endorphins caused in our brains from great sex, while smiling big about how much HE likes sex, and it’s just too bad, that he didn’t turn to all those empty womb feminist doctors, whose hormones were screaming night and day for a pregnancy—That: It’s okay girls…you feel bad because your hormones are controlling your brain. Let me help you out….the doc is in.

Nobody Wins when the feminists rule, and The DOCTORS keep silent.
Makes you really wonder…whatever they are teaching the doctors now, it sure isn’t how to use their own common sense.

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IPAB: The Final Solution

Nobody’s Opinion:

Once upon a time, I was a single parent. I had one small boy, and I chose a professions where I could work at night so that I could get up with my son, and be there when he came home from school. I went to work when he was going to bed (thanks to grandparent’s doting love) and I got home at sometimes 3 in the morning, and yet, I was up at six, making breakfast. Even though in my divorce papers, my X was ordered to pay insurance to cover his son, and half all outside medical expenses, I never saw a penny, and nothing short of an expensive lawyer would have solved that. I had a court order for child support, but same thing. The government could have cared less. I was on my own.
But back in the 1980’s, a woman could actually get her own affordable medical insurance for herself and her child, so that’s what I did. I had Blue/Cross, and it was very affordable. We had a family doctor who charged twenty dollars a visit, and he would always spend at least fifteen minutes with you. In fact, he took an interest in all of your life, and gave family advice too. At the time, our medical system was not quite yet falling apart.
And then, in the 1990’s, along came Hillary Care. I remember hearing about all the HMO’s and how wonderful it was going to be. Why, you would only have to make a small co-payment for every doctor’s visit, isn’t that great? This was the result of all those secret meetings that Hillary held behind closed doors. At the time, we all thought— so? It was called “managed” care, and was thought up during Richard Nixon. And you saw very little anywhere negative about it.
Here’s how it worked: a group of doctors will be paid in advance per patient. The less care doctors provide the more money they keep. The bottom line is: doctors lose their money if they see sick patients with problems or order diagnostic tests. So, while we noticed nothing, little by little, America’s once great medical system was being dismantled.
And yes, it was great—once.
The doctors also had to start paying higher and higher insurance premiums, due to the Clinton’s mighty connection to the of their biggest donor groups next to the NEA.
And now, it’s the new century, and the government has passed, without even reading it, in the middle of the night: “Universal Health Care.” It seems there were many factors leading up to this, but the main one is globalization. Long ago, when Medicare was introduced, the idea became popular for companies to provide “medical plans” as incentives when in competition with each other. And now, we compete with all other countries, whose companies do NOT have to provide medical care, because it’s provided by the state. Big, American International companies told the politicians, “Fix this, or else, no more money.” And they did.
Common sense says, why not take insurance out of the companies completely, and let insurance companies compete like car insurance? Problem solved. But wait…there are now, 40 million people that don’t even pay taxes, and who don’t have money for insurance (although, they all have big screen TV’s, and cell phones.) Our politicians have encouraged huge invasions of illegal’s and promise all who come here a free lunch, and they get it. They have a plan…it’s in motion, and it’s called: the North American Continent. China has over 4 billion people…we need to catch up.
It seems, to other countries, Americans are nuts. It would be inhumane NOT to provide care for the poor. What is never mentioned to those other nations is: no one is turned away from a hospital here. No one. We have been giving out free health care for decades to over 40 million illegal’s, and single moms, who now outnumber married people, at great expense to us all. With the upcoming amnesty, they need more doctors, that will work for LESS…so, the cheaper nurse will take their place.
And that’s why my good doctor was crying, her American dream is fading.
First, physicians will be in the future receiving increased competition from these mid-level practitioners who will both suck away the more profitable patient encounters from the physician while diluting reimbursements for all health care providers in general. Curiously, these changes may be most adverse to the primary care doctors rather than the specialist physicians, contrary to the government-speak promoting the role and reimbursement values of those physicians in primary care. The enormous cost and complexity associated with EMR adoption is forcing smaller medical practices to fold, in droves. The adoption of full-fledged meaningful-use compliant EMR system has been estimated at near or over $100,000 per doc in short-tem costs, and of which the governmental handouts will give, at the most. $66,000, if one can actually achieve meaningful use.
Yes, your babies will be delivered at some station down the street, by nurses, god forbid you have a complication. The older doctors will retire. And the great invasion, (come on, Bush, Clinton, and Obama all side with Mexico) will crush any kind of quality care.
This isn’t England. We will have 400 million people soon, And we will be 50 percent Spanish by 2050, who will be mostly uneducated. Service jobs will be all they will be capable of. It’s the plan…bring in the babies. I’m convinced this was planned, because, being the book worm that I am, I read that America would become a “service” economy over twenty years ago.
Now, you tell me— how could they possibly have known that?
I told you in the first essay, “Doctors, The new Endangered Species” that my doctor was crying at the meeting we all attended. Her patients were mostly older people, on Medicare. Medicare is even now, denying for care that has already been rendered. They just say that the physician over-coded the visit. She told us, sometimes, they might pay her 5 dollars, on $150 dollars due. Also: Every 100 claims a doctor sends to an insurance agency: 33 get paid without any issues, 33 get denied for whatever reason the insurance carrier can come up with, and 34 just disappear into thin air.
She told us she was being forced by a “third” party, who had basically taken over their private practice. Yes…Obama, the man who wants grandma to just take her pain pill, has nationalized private practices. Doctors no longer work for themselves. They will get screens and orders telling them what to do, and how much they will get paid.
Welcome to the club, guys.   
And then, there is the new…IPAB—a group of 15 men, unconstitutionally appointed by the President and designed by Obama and Ezekiel Emanuel.
IPAB is to do this by making “proposals” or “recommendations” to limit costs by limiting reimbursements to doctors. This, inevitably, will limit available treatments — and access to care when physicians leave the Medicare system. Each proposal automatically becomes law unless Congress passes — with a three-fifths supermajority required in the Senate — a measure cutting medical spending as much as the IPAB proposal would….George Will
Nobody Asks—is this the same Universal Health care that is all over the world? Do the old all over the world, when told at 65: you have cancer, and we might be able to cure it, but you must not be selfish, we WILL provide you pain pills. Do they say, “Okay, I’ll die, without a fight?”
I can’t figure this out. We have one life to live. Care should be given no matter what age. Even if the care is expensive…that’s what insurance has always been for. This lady explained it well:
Others ideas of end of life care should not be forced on anyone. First of all, this is not about healthcare, it is about power. If you want to end your life rather than fight what is deemed a terminal illness, fine. You go ahead and do that. I prefer to fight…my life may not be valuable to you, but it is to my children. I will never be silent on anything that puts the government in the middle of my medical treatment or that of my family. This man is nothing but pure evil. (Ezekiel Emanuel)
Ditto that.
As I was leaving the meeting, the lady next to me said she was in a severe depression. Our doctor had basically told us, she was going to a “concierge” program. If we wanted to continue to see her, it would cost us all from 1500 to 2000 dollars MORE on top of our insurance a year. If we couldn’t come up with the money, she would suggest other physicians. For that money, we would get “preventive” care. She could do this, or retire.
She has been told she must see more people, (?) and she must get rid of the ones she has. Great.
We have just been kicked out of our beloved doctors care. It’s not only the doctor who is crying.
As for this nobody: I can’t believe this is happing to me. It took me years to find the right doctor, and I know, I will not find another. My health will get worse.  But that’s not upsetting me as much as another result of Obama care:
Tomorrow: It’s not just the old that will suffer

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The Unethical Ethics of Ezekiel Emanuel

Nobody’s Opinion:

The first time I saw Rahm Emanuel was on the Charlie Rose show long before Obama became President.  He was there with his other two brothers, Ezekiel and Ari. It was obvious that these men had known Charlie Rose most of their lives. (Charlie Rose was just at the Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland. ) They were presented as the three geniuses who were going to save the world, and Charlie was proud to have watched their careers. The whole scene was full of jovial fun, as if they all knew what was coming and the part they were going to get to play.
Their father was a pediatrician in Chicago, and so Ezekiel went into the footsteps of his dad and became a doctor. Ezekiel graduated from Amherst College. He received his Masters from Oxford University, and his M.D. from Harvard Medical School. Sounds great, until you realized that he goes beyond the doctor part, he is now called a Bioethics man. He holds a PhD. in political philosophy from Harvard University . In addition, he once was a fellow in the Program in Ethics and the Profession at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.
 Harvard: Where our future leaders are trained to control the world, and bioethics gives you a license to play god. Lucky guy. He’s also…gay.
All three boys were dragged to one protest after another by their mother, the nurse. You could say, they were trained in the same stomping grounds as Obama. The plan is to introduce socialism first, which has been done already. Read any communist book, and it will tell you, that you have to take capitalism through socialism before you can go the final place to..communism.
Oh, but it’s all ethically done.
So, think about that. What are the odds that TWO brothers work with one President so closely? I would go farther and say that Obama could not have even done any of his damage without them. I’m sure Ari helped out too. Many say, that it is Ezekiel Emanuel that designed our Obamacare, especially the part where it is rationed. He has written extensively on the “end of life.”
If you look at it from their point of view, they see a mess, and they…feel superior. In their minds they are benevolent and omniscient gods. They have decided companies need to get out of the health care business and it should be managed by the state.
Here’s what they see: 70 million baby boomers coming at them full speed ahead, and there is no money to treat them. The country is broke. The waste and fraud of our politicians have taken money out paycheck after paycheck and spend it elsewhere. TRILLIONS have been lost, or wasted, on foreign wars, social programs, or just plain forgotten. Donald Rumsfeld once admitted that 2.5 trillion Pentagon dollars disappeared. Nobody knows where it went. And that’s just one example. There are literally billions upon billions going to nobody knows where, and nobody is ever brought to light for stealing it. And we are all used to it. Our bookkeepers are right out of the Sopranos.
Think, if that money had been put to pay for future Medicare costs, they wouldn’t have to ration “care.”
If I say that Ezekiel is the next doctor of death, don’t take my word for it: Here are three comments I found on the internet:
American should read what this man has written about health care since he is the mastermind behind the government takeover of healthcare. He believes that the elderly should be denied healthcare because the money can be spent elsewhere. He believes that doctors should not follow the Hippocratic oath but should determine the worth of a person and evaluate whether or not they should get treatment. He also believes people with dementia or Alzheimer’s should not be given medical care. These are not his direct quotes but paraphrases of what he has published. You had better read his writings now before the Obama administration hides all the evidence as is their standard practice. This man’s beliefs are dangerous. WAKE UP AMERICA!
Folks better WAKE UP to THE COLD HARD FACT that Dr. Zeke (Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel) HAS NOT REFUTED BEING QUOTED his effectively stating that in his role as what will be effectively be ‘one of making the decisions’ (the “DECIDER”) when it comes to cutting costs (aka “RATIONING CARE”), that we … should consider withholding medicines that no longer prolong life to seniors unable to make a contribution to society’… (aka “EXTERMINATE THOSE UNABLE TO GENERATE TAXATION REVENUE FOR THE POLITBURO STATIST MACHINE”).
So, Zeke, what you’re recommending is that we “exterminate” seniors in their last year or so of life, simply because they don’t provide a taxable revenue base for you and your comrades-in-hammer-and-swastika to usurp from their bank accounts through the new legislative bill’s provisions for having electronic access to every American citizens bank account (pg. 59 of House Bill #3200). This is kind of like Obama himself saying we should “…think about just giving ’em a pain pill…”, huh?
 See, these people get it. You could argue that taxpayers should pay for Universal Health Care, as they pay for the military, but when you have a panel of people deciding who gets to live, and who gets to die, based on what is “cost effective” to the state, and the state is broke, and doctors have no freedom to practice what they were trained to do, but are told what to do…
You don’t have universal care, you have…legalized genocide.
There is nothing ethical about that, Mr. Ethical Emanuel—. It’s called..murder.
Tomorrow: What many doctors are going to do, and why.

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Doctors: The New Endangered Species

Nobody’s Opinion

 Last week, I had gotten a letter from my doctor. In it she said she loved all her great patients, but had something to tell us all. She was giving four upcoming seminars to explain something and please come, because she was going to talk about hormones, and other stuff. I didn’t think much of it, because she was always giving lectures of some kind. So I called my friend Pattie, and said, “Hey, want to go see my doctor talk? “and she said, “Sure!”
So we went…and that’s where I saw my doctor..cry.
But wait, I getting ahead of myself.
Let me tell you about my doctor. She’s from India— looks to be in her late twenties, and when I was searching for a new doctor, I saw her name on the provider’s list and I said, “I want her…she’s GOT to be from India,–she will take care of me till I die.” At least, I could hope.
The first time I walked into her office, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. I wasn’t expecting that. The only woman who might have held a candle to such natural beauty was Liz Taylor…and I have seen Liz Taylor. I have been many places, and even worked in Playboy Clubs as a drummer, but no, this woman was one of a kind.  In fact I was so stunned to see such beauty that I told her she must have lots of problems with women being jealous, and didn’t people ever say that?  ” Why no,” she said, ” I’m just me!” I could tell she was surprised at the question.
With that answer I knew instantly that this woman, was full of love for people. Her face just glowed with some kind of inner light (I know that sounds corny but it’s true) and as I looked at her perfectly painted toenails I thought.—wow… that is rare, she must really love her husband to take the time out of her busy doctor day to paint her toenails. It was obvious, She was there to help women. And she was from India,— I’d gotten lucky.
Yes, and I will pick an Indian doctor over an American every single time, because I remembered one very special Indian doctor who was there for me, once upon a time, when no one else was.
It was the year 2001, and my mother had just suffered a severe stroke. All three top neurologists at the hospital were insisting that my mother was brain dead. And then– in she came, my Indian doctor: .she was older than everyone there. She walked calmly into my mother’s emergency room. She picked up my mother’s  “good” hand, and asked my mother about ten questions. My mother nodded yes and no, to each one, and then she came back out to that hall and announced with total confidence:
“She’s not brain-dead. She understands every single word you are saying.”
The three head neurologists, got really angry and stalked off, and so, because of the truthfulness of that Indian doctor, my brain-dead mother was pronounced “savable” and the journey began, with a long hospital stay, then rehab. You see, my mother was 78 at the time, the expendable age where the cost is not worth the effort.
I spent around six months in that hospital, and sometimes I’d run into the good doctor on the elevator, and I would thank her, and she was always nice. In fact, one day, when my mother was screaming from pain and could be heard all over the halls, the Indian doctor was standing behind a nurse’s counter, and some other doctor wondered why I was there, (with a bit of disgust) and the great Indian doctor reprimanded her, and said, “That’s her daughter.” after I had requested some pain medicine. I could tell, she thought highly of me for being there every single day for my mom. From morning till night. I was there.
She and I understood each other. In fact, I bet she was happy to see some Westerner actually spend every day to help care for a parent. So many of the older patients had little or no visitors at all.
Years later I thought about that scene, and I often wondered about why the Indian doctor could see that my mother was not brain-dead and why the three top neurologists claimed she was not. I thought, “Maybe the doctors in India are just better educated.” But, that’s not it. The difference is a cultural one: you see, in India, the elderly are revered— It’s just the opposite in America. Those three American doctors saw a big cost (My mother was on medicare) one that they were not going to get paid for, and the Indian woman saw a life.
Just recently in India, the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill passed. If you do not take care of your parents, you could go to jail for up to three months, or be fined. Also, the will made by the parents could be revoked. There is also jail term for abuse of the old as well. If that law passed here, all of those who voted for Obamacare would go to jail. And trust, me, I would be first in line to demand it.
That’s part of the reason my doctor was crying. Most of the woman at the seminar were older, even elderly. Here was a woman of heart and spiritt, whose whole life had been passionately bent to helping all of her patients feel better, from a culure where the old were respected, and now, our government had cut her spirit to the bone. She can no longer take care of them.
Our government is now taking over private medical practices, and she had to make a choice, (I’ll expalin this in the next blogs) which why to go? She didn’t want to quit, but had thought about it. As we all sat and watched her anguish, our own thoughts came into our heads? Who will take care of us now? All of us, LOVE our doctor. And why was this happening? Some law? She was going to a concierge program. She was forced into this.
And how did this happen again?
In the next two blogs, I’ll explain, because America should know: Your doctor is soon to become an endangered spices, and if you think I’m kidding, you have not met Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.
Dr. Mengele, move over.
Tomorrow: The Emanuel brother from hell.

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