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Like to Fly? If Not, You WILL…

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Well, not all is gloomy, especially if you are going to be one of the fortunate in the NEW WORLD ORDER to take trips across the sea. Check out this new design in public transportation.

The question they don’t answer in this video is just how much the really cool sleeping births with the private TV’s up on the top deck will cost. (darn)

These are coming just in time for the millions of Americans who will be flying to Thailand and India to get that heart operation at great hospitals overseas who charge 10% less than here in the states. Our hospitals will become the worst in the world…but…for a few more bucks, Americans will be able to fly oversees for that operation, at a top-notch hospital with doctors that are trained here in the state. You will get nurses that actually answer your bell if you ring it. That alone is worth the trip. The hospital  rooms are beautiful and they don’t even kick you out if you want to stay a few more days after giving birth! Wait…then the baby would not be an American citizen….not to worry. Global citizenship is right around the corner.

So, you’re still recovering from that hip replacement? Stay in the top floor  bedroom bunks  on your flight home. I’m sure the flight attendant will accept tips.

Granted, this will be only for people who have money, which means, I will have to seduce a pilot, which means, I’m not ever going to see one except in this video. But, that doesn’t mean YOU can’t enjoy it.

(Thanks again to Pattie.)

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  1. I have to go with Amfortas and the sharp stick poking…..


    Comment by Pattie | September 19, 2011 | Reply

  2. I hope the pilot and co-pilot don’t have such sleep-inducing comfort and luxury. I would feel more inclined to choose to fly with such an aircraft if I knew that the guys up-front had a sharp stick poking their bottoms every half hour.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 18, 2011 | Reply

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