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How to Control those Pesky Conservatives: Wire THEM to Google!

Nobody Wins

Instead of trying to solve the problems of the world, the three megalomaniacs of the great tech companies that rules the planet aren’t happy that they can’t control us all…

The answer? We all need our brains attached to their systems. SO much easier to just download their demands of the New World Order.

Trying to tame all these humans will take just too long.

From CNBC:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this year announced he and his wife Priscilla Chan would donate $68 million to support the mapping of all the cells in the human body. Facebook also recently acquired a company called CTRL Labs that lets you control computers with your mind. And Neuralink, a start-up once backed by Elon Musk, announced its brain-computer will start trials on humans next year.

Of course, Google is at the top of this who makes it sound so….sweet by saying “biology” is the next frontier in computing. Eric Schmidt…is ready to tell us all how we are going to want this new trend.

Somehow the fact that computers crash on everyone just about every 7 months from viruses is not something they are worried about. What are they going to do? Just cut out the part of your brain that got infected? Make us all plug in to our computers with wires coming out of the front of our head? Finally get those pesky conservatives to eat veggie burgers?

And how about those people who look like the brain is empty already?

Isn’t it funny? The men who think they are the most intelligent beings to ever walk the plant actually think this is a GOOD thing?

Well, I say, let them plug themselves up! What fun! And we can all get online and send twitter messages to their brains in 140 different languages, and they can then prove to us all that their virus protection that we will have to download at the price of $20,000 a year is worth the money they will want us all to pay.

This is our future?  Seriously?

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