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When Perfection is Perfection.

Nobody Flashes

Remember the days when singers didn’t have to be so nasty about politics?

Well…this was some time ago, but as a former singer I can’t help but admire the perfection of both Mike and Barbara.

This was one of my mother’s favorite songs, and just for a moment, I can forget what an idiot she is, and marvel at the notes.

After all, I had to sing her songs in many a piano bar.  In fact, one newspaper reporter wrote that I did a pretty good Barbara Streisand. Ha ha ha, I can laugh now.

I don’t think she ever had a better blend with him.


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Trump & Spencer: Truman & MacArthur


Last week, there was another “shock” when President Trump fired the Secretary of the Navy:

From the Economist: (With a Nobody note—notice he calls him Mr. Trump instead of President Trump. Did you EVER read some reporter call Obama, Mr. Obama? Right. Very subtle putdown.)

Mr. Richard V. Spencer, Acting Secretary of Defense , poses for his official portrait in the Army portrait studio at the Pentagon in Arlington, Va, June. 25, 2019. (U.S. Army photo by William Pratt).

THE 45TH PRESIDENT began his term by packing his administration with military officers. Since then he has broken with the men he once called “my generals”. On November 15th Donald Trump pardoned two soldiers accused of war crimes and reversed the demotion of Eddie Gallagher, a Navy SEAL convicted in a military court of posing with a dead captive. When the navy sought to remove Mr Gallagher’s Trident pin, which marks out SEALs, Mr Trump ordered that he be allowed to keep it. Richard Spencer, the secretary of the navy, balked at this micromanagement of military justice and was soon fired (he was also accused of trying to cut a deal with the White House behind the back of his boss, Mark Esper). All this adds to the cocktail of civil-military dysfunction that has swirled since Mr Trump took office.

Needless to say, Mr. Spencer was VERY pissed off. He was interviewed on several networks, and wrote a letter which we all read….

“Unfortunately, it has become apparent that… I no longer share the same understanding with the Commander in Chief who appointed me, in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline. I cannot in good conscience obey an order that I believe violates the sacred oath I took in the presence of my family, my flag and my faith to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
******************************From Wiki………………….

So, who was this Spencer guy?

After leaving the Marines as a captain, he worked on Wall Street for 15 years, holding positions at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, A. G. Becker, Paine Webber and Merrill Lynch. Spencer served on the Defense Business Board, a Pentagon advisory panel, from 2009 to 2015 and on the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel.[5] During his time on the Defense Business Board, he proposed shutting down domestic military commissaries in favor of negotiated military discounts at public retailers.

Our president knows a ‘fake’ suit when he sees one. He stuck up for the Seal, gave him back his trident, and fired the Wall Street Global cookie. Mr. Spencer spent more time on Wall Street than in the Navy. It’s kind of like when Hillary Clinton appointed her Leon Pennetta Lawyer as Secretary of Defense. I don’t remember ANYBODY ever complaining anywhere that Hillary’s lawyer was running our military do you?

It’s all about loyalty to the top, and global money interests. The deep state has made SURE that all their global warriors are at the top. Just as now, we saw Comey being replaced at the FBI with someone who’s not much better.

But, Nobody Remembers, another time when a President fired a general. And THIS general was rather a more decorated war general than Mr. Spencer.

Years ago, President Truman FIRED General MacArthur, a rather more famous general. He stayed in the Pacific after WWII, and pushed back the Chinese from South Korea. BUT…MacArthur didn’t want to stop there. He wanted to go INTO China and get rid of communism altogether. A noble thought, but Americans were just coming out of WWII, and not did not have the money to fight China, they didn’t have the manpower, and Russia was on the other side to contend with.

MacArthur started ignoring Truman’s commands. As his daughter writes in her biography of her father…here’s what MacArther wrote…

“It is my belief that if allowed to use my full military might, without artificial restrictions, I could not only save Korea, but also inflict such a destructive blow upon Red Chain’s capacity to wage aggressive war that it would remove her as a further threat to peace in Asia for generations to come,” How he hoped to accomplish this, short of massive atomic attack, he never explained. But this was the background for the thinking which led him step by step insubordination and finally to outright sabotage of his president policy.

Truman sent his message To MacArthur to send to the Chinese, but the General sent his own.

And it wasn’t even a parody! When President Truman found out, he said this:

“We sent meat paragraphs to MacArthur for approval. Then he sent his own ultimatum to the Chinese. That is what he got fired for. I didn’t send a message to the Chinese after that. He prevented a cease fire proposition right there. I was ready to kick him into the North China Sea at that time. I was never so put out in my life. It was the lousiest trick a Commander in Chief can have done to him by an underling. MacArthur thought he was the proconsul for the government of the United States and could do as he damned pleased.”

So, you see, generals getting all cocky and disobeying the President is nothing new. The deep state has a lot involved in war and global business. Which is why I think the deep state went after General Flynn first.

Flynn WOULD have been loyal to President Trump and he would have been successful in getting his wishes done. What they did to that great patriot is beyond disgusting.

We found out today that President Trump went to spend Thanksgiving with the Troops. It’s what a President SHOULD do.

And what do we learn from this lesson of history?

Generals can START wars. And ruin the plans of many a President. President Trump doesn’t want global wars, but too many entrenced generals do.

And that’s not a very comforting thought.

Our President did the right thing. Besides, all the man did was take a picture with the dead enemy. One he didn’t even kill.

Our soldiers in WWII took many pictures with dead Japs and not only that, kept souvenirs.

War is…war. And our President did the right thing.

AGAIN. Are we surprised?


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Nobody Flashes…

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Nobody Knows If De Niro and Redford Are Trump Haters: YES!

Nobody Knows

I love it. The Impeachment Shifty show didn’t go over so well, so the heated hatred for the President by movie star has tripled in its attacks.

Deniro: Robert De Niro says life for Americans during the Trump presidency is like “living in an abusive household.”

“It’s a really, really serious situation we’re in,” the “Irishman” star said in a Monday interview on CBS’s “The Late Show.”
“It’s like a pall around certain things,” De Niro — who’s called Trump the “jerk-off in chief” and a “f—— fool” — told host Stephen Colbert. “It’s like living in an abusive household. You feel you don’t know what’s going to happen next, what crazy thing is going to happen next, what’s going to make you say what the hell’s going on?”

I for one am SO glad to hear De Niro is being abused. He’s is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid. Right. Evidently, he only reads scripts. De Niro is more French than America. And his wife just divorced him and is taking a good chunk of his money. If he had read any of Trump’s book, he would find out that one of Trump’s very clever stragegies is  never let your enemies know what you are doing next.

On top of that he’s a foul mouth…dare I say it and be like him? No, no…no…no..Okay:  He’s a Dick wad.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: He plays thugs on the screen and he’s a thug in real life.

Redford: “We’re up against a crisis I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: a dictator-like attack by President Donald Trump on everything this country stands for,” Redford writes. “It’s time for Trump to go — along with those in Congress who have chosen party loyalty over their oath to ‘solemnly affirm’ their support for the Constitution of the United States. And it’s up to us to make that happen, through the power of our votes.”

“The vast majority of Americans are busy with real life; trying to make ends meet and deeply frustrated by how hard

Washington makes it to do just that.

Okay. Porn hoarder (Yes, he has a barn full of porn video’s) probably thinks Castro was a great guy. Trump STANDS for everything American, so hey Redford…what country are YOU in?

And like a true liberal, he blames TRUMP for the chaos and the impeachment. Guess what Cowboy Bob…America is not that stupid. Guess you are too busy in your barn to pay attention.

We must not forget; Redford is a big friend of those two deeply broads without brains: Streisand and Fonda. And all the rich liberals will be supporting Bloomberg.


Because the planet is being destroyed by fossil fuels and Bloomberg will make sure we all get taxed big time for it. And Bloomberg will make sure these rich movie stars can keep getting richer.

What’s it’s really all about is getting the rich richer, and the poor in city communities where they can’t REACH the rich…ever.

Also, the global marketplace for movie stars. SO very important.

Today on C-Span there was a EU representative talking about how Europe was going to handle ALL the migrants from Africa.

Lots of them were young men, and most of these young men needed jobs, and if not gotten all the goodies they were promised, there WILL be a problem.

It seems, the RICH politicians have spent all the money, and they won’t be able to take care of this vast population.

This very huge problem needs to be fixed, he said. And the U.S. and E.U. don’t have the money.

Answer: MORE MONEY…more taxes. And therefore, we MUST have a global tax. And where do they get the global tax?

Why from ‘climate change’ of course!

Two days ago, I saw the chemtrails in the sky. I said to my husband: Well, they’re seeding the rain forecast for next week.

Sure enough, they are expecting tornadoes tonight.

I have been paying very close attention to these chemtrails. One or two days before the front moves in…there they are! And the storms are MUCH worse than normal.

Next time you, my readers, you see a storm forecast being foretold in your area, Look up in the sky:
If you see chemtrails, then watch: You TOO can experience…. climate change!

Nobody Knows when they are going to stop this scam, but It’s been written in the United Nations Agenda 21.

And Nobody Knows just how MUCH of Utah, Robert Redford owns. And how much of his land has a fence around it.


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Prince Andrew….Did NOT Kill himself.

Nobody’s Perfect:

Its been reported that Prince Andrew has been suspended from his Royal Duties because he basically was one of Jeffery Epstein’s many visitors to his many mansions of young female hosts. Notice: They didn’t suspend Prince HARRY when he was walking around naked in Las Vegas, so what’s the beef?

That was okay. Now Prince Harry has married a ‘black’ American woman, and plans to support probably Michelle Obama running in 2020.

The English like to keep all odds open.

Yes, the kids are taking over. Harry has embarrassed the Queen.  Forget the high standards of the Queen, her descendants have all given her more than a sleepless night I’m sure

.Epstein accuser Virginia Guiffre says she was forced to have sex with the prince in 2001 when she was just 17. A photograph appears to show the royal with his arms around Giuffre in the London mansion of Ghislaine Maxwell — Epstein’s alleged procuress.

Prince Andrew and Epstein were rather best buds.

But, how can we critisize the Royals when we had a President who sat right along on the plane rides to Lolita Island?

We also are tying to cover up our politician’s crimes.

Today on C-Span some really old lady I found out, runs our prison system and says that guards fall asleep all the time, and she won’t put up with it! HA~They were talking about Epstein’s not being watched in Jail.

But, have no fear: Attorney General Barr, has added protection: Too many mistakes were just made he said. Epstein…killed himself.

Not many believe that of course, but like always, the rich are protected.

Somehow, when it comes to the crown, America always bends to it’s wishes. It’s almost like we never broke up.

So, congratulations goes to Prince Andrew, for being the first royal kicked out of the Queen’s favor.

Historically speaking, that’s a first I believe.

Somehow, Epstein, Harry, Andrew, Bill Clinton,, and the Royal House of Elizabeth all fit together.

Sex…is an open sport for the elites. After all, they outlawed fox hunting right? What ELSE are they suppose to do with their time? And if they have that much time for sex, the question remains:

WHY are taxpayers paying them anything?

Are the Royals the true bloods in Harry Potter?

Nobody Knows.


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Nobpdy is Trying to Find Humor in the Democratic Debate

Nobody’s Opinion

Sorry. I haven’t watched SNL since Eddie Murphy jumped in the hot tub. But I thought, since I don’t watch it, it seemed kind of strange that SNL took a few minutes off of trashing the President to actually make fun of the democrats. It’s so rare that it made the local news.

The question is: Why did they do that?

Because Hollywood is waiting for somebody else like Hillary, Oprah, Michelle, or Clooney to jump in. I’m surprised they havn’t nominated Tom Hanks to run.

I post this, just in case you are curious too.


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Nobody Flashes Carol of the Bells

Nobody Flashes

This is probably on many people’s bucket list.

I thought it might get us all warmed up for the Holidays.


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Time: Nobody Explains

Nobody Reports

Here’s a headline I was axious to read:

Physics Offers Explanation To Why Time Flies As We Get Older

I have often wondered why the older you get, the more times seems to fly past, and here’s what the scientists have come up with:

Days seemed to last longer in your youth because the young mind receives more images during one day than the same mind in old age.”

As we mature, the nerves and neurons in our brains also mature, growing in size and complexity. Consequently, new neural signals (memories), are faced with a longer path to travel than when we were young. Our nerves also deteriorate as we age, slowing down the flow of electrical signals throughout our minds.

So, because older people are processing far fewer images within a given amount of time than they used to in their youth, it feels like time is passing at a faster rate.

Okay. Not sure I buy this explanation.

When you first read it, you go …what? First off, there IS no change scientifically in the concept of time itself, what has changed is what one DOES with one’s time. Notice, these guys blame it on the mature brain not processing images as fast.

To me, that would make the day go much longer not shorter.

When you’re a kid, time means nothing. You are busy thinking about nothing but the grass, the trees, eating, the small of the rain, your friend. Cartoons. Chocolate cake. The dog. The fact that your brother sat on top of you and slapped your face while he laughed.

You have no worries, no bother…you can just wander around and run around, explore…tie or not tie your shoe. Time is endless.

When you are older, with ALL the responsibilities in one day, like cell phones, work, dealing with morons, dealing with kids, husbands, friends, driving in rush hour, email, disturbing news programs, yard work…you realize that your time WILL be up soon. You realize you don’t HAVE enough time. Everything is controlled. And that includes your time.

Frankly I need at least 100 more years to get all I need to do done. And so, the time goes fast, too fast. WAY too fast.

If anything, we have MORE images going into our head. We are STUFFED with images…what the heck do these scientists think 4 hours of 2 second commercials on every channel are doing to us?

Somehow, I don’t think it’s because I’m not seeing enough images in my brain. Who sees more images? A child watching an ant crawl up a log for 20 minutes, or an adult on a computer?

You also, have been through so many season and months in life, that you naturally anticipate the beginning and the ending much more succinctly then when you were a kid. You KNOW that you will have to rake the leaves, and clean out the gutter.

If an uncle dies, the kid goes, “Well, okay. Can I go outside now?” They have no concept of that either.

True Story about Time: When I was four, my mother bought me a toy clock. It was plastic, and I was to sit every day for twenty minutes (No kidding, I even remember what she said.) and learn how to tell time by it. I was smart enough to know that my mother had a motive in this, and to ME it was to control me.

No WAY was that going to happen.

I sat there every day, every hour, and REFUSED to learn how to tell time. She finally gave up.

I think it was written in my rebel DNA…to rebel against the ultimate control: TIME

And so, I manage to never learn to tell time until I got into college. You might find this hard to believe but, most anyone can manage to get anywhere on time without having to look at a clock. Kids lives are so controlled there’s no need for a watch.

The bell rings, you go to another class. No problem. It gets dark, you go home. Easy.

Until…college. It was my first semester in college and I was walking to my next class, when a really cute boy ran up to me and ask, “What time is it?”

Yep. You guessed it. I had a watch on. (LOL) Come on. I didn’t want anybody to KNOW I couldn’t tell time.

“I don’t know.” I said. As I looked at my watch.

“Oh sure.” He said in a snobby way. He looked at my working watch and ran off, disgusted.

It was at that moment that it dawned on me. Gee…he was cute. I don’t want that to happen again.

Yes, it was the interest in the opposite sex that made me learn how to read a clock. It took me all of ten minutes to figure it out.

That’s a true story, I kid you not. Looking back, I suppose it proved something but don’t ask me what. Maybe that I was the only fool on the planet who refused to learn how to tell time.

I was just stubborn. Saw NO need whatsoever to bother myself with such trivia.

So, my theory of time is: It’s what you do with time, NOT your brain getting older that makes you think time is slipping away.

Nobody can now report…with confidence, that these scientists probably also believe the world will end in 10 years.

And if you go by their theory, they are just not getting enough images.

Maybe they should get off their cell phones and be a kid again.

Go sit in the sand and blow bubbles, boys….. Your long day will come back.

And if you REALLY want to make the day longer….watch the impeachment. Stare at Shifty for a few hours. That will be so much torture that…

The day won’t be able to end soon enough.

And you will realize that you will NEVER get that time back ever again. If we could sue the democrats for wasting our time, we’d all be rich.

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Soudland and Shift

Nobody Cares

I must admit…I was sleeping to the testimony today, taking a day of rest from my usual exercise program for my knee replacement. I think my knee has had enough bending for three months. I have trouble taking naps, but today was an exception. Usually, I can fall asleep to football, or golf. But nothing was as boring as Sondland and Shift.

Sounds like a golf course in Louisiana. Or a coffee shop in Dubai.

Anyway, Sondland started out being funny. He acted as if he didn’t have a care in the world. No problem, all smiles. As the day went on, his message was that everybody knew the President wanted to look into the Joe Biden 2016 crimes, but he made sure to tell everyone that when he talked to the President, even though he was ‘crabby’ his words were “No quid pro quo!” Trump even came out with a big board to PROVE that those WERE HIS WORDS.

By the way: Joe Biden was VP in 2016, NOT running for President. So this “Trump was trying to attack his rival is poor crap.” If anything, the democrat and the deep state MADE Joe run so they could have a fake trial and keep the Congress from passing ANY bills whatsoever…NAFTA would REMAIN the law of the world. Open borders will continue. That’s the real plan here. It’s a win/win! Keep pounding the President, and make sure nothing gets passed!

Even Barr has suggested that’s the plan.

Oh, and trying to figure out how to put Hillary on the throne without her having to work for it. That’s not as easy. Hillary has a tendency to fall down. Keeping her walking off the news will not be easy either.

Making sure that everyone read between the lines, Sondland leaped and weaved around every question.

He is a very rich man, and so, like many rich men he gave a million dollars to the Trump campaign and got an ambassadorship—

To the Ukraine. Mmmmm. WHY would anybody who is rich want to go there you might ask? Nobody Wondered too. but Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and many more KNEW it was the place to be!

We didn’t know did we?

  • By the end of the day, it was clear that Sondland was trying to make sure he could keep himself out of hot water…give the democrats and Rinos’ enough ammunition to keep up the “Bribery” mantra, and YET, say that the crabby President basically told him that the Ukrainians look into it. Saying that in such a way that Trump wouldn’t attack him, and to make him look like he even likes the man.
  • In other words, frame it that the President was trying to look into Joe Biden, but try to present yourself as a good old guy just doing your job.

Since President Bush anointed him, I figured he was just doing as he was instructed to do: Try to look impartial, say you don’t remember, and make sure YOUR opinion is that Trump did want to investigate. No wonder he was so eager to testify.

Nobody Wonders how much money he was making to do just that.

His cute sense of humor wore off, as I fell into a deep sleep.

Here’s the thing: Nobody really cares about all these witnesses at all. President Trump rightly wants to find out all about the U.S. involvement with the Ukraine, because it’s ties in the Coup that Hillary paid to try to get him smeared.

And that’s all this is: a smear. And he has every LEGAL right to do it.

Frankly, I thought Soudman saying that “I didn’t know about the Biden connection until…today.” crap was just another big, fat, lie. He’s too rich not to read American Newspapers for days at a time.

What bothers me more is the rest of the media jumping on this guy’s testimony. As if, it’s the holy grail of impeachable offenses.

One radio announcer I listen to ever day here, said “I don’t like Trump.” I was shocked. He always has let himself to be a conservative.

I was getting tweets that I never even knew were on my tweeter feed, saying the same. By the way: Twitter took off my Twitter feed on my blog right before the midterms and I’ve never been able to get it back.

And worse of all, the first page I go to everyday is the Drudge Report. Half of the headlines could have been lifted right out of the New York Times.

Drudge has done a Terminator impression.  Come on like a sensible American conservative, then turned into a pumpkin, Chinese pumpkin. Liberal Pumpkin. That’s what Arnold did in California. That’s the globalist scam that has a pattern that I am hoping people start waking up to.

They HOOK you with conservative themes, then…viola! All of a sudden, you have…the communist POPE!

I know. It’s annoying.

Drudge has said that a Supreme Court Justice told him the deep state was out to get him. Nobody Wonders if death threats from the deep state are behind all these people suddenly hating Trump, or if it’s just the threat of being censored for life.

I’m not sure yet.

And just today, the headline appears:

The head of Burisma Holdings was indicted this week in Ukraine!

Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky.
The claim alleges that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their ‘services’

And right after this ‘conspiracy’ theory appears, then

Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky has gone missing.
According to Reuters, the investigation is on hold because Zlochevsky has gone missing!

Well. So THAT’s why Nancy was making trips to the Ukraine last week. Hillary had to make sure to add to her Death Squad Christmas list of “You will never bring me down” was well understood.  Where did Zlochevsky go? Did Putin take him to some secret bunker in Siberia?

Which makes you wonder: Can the ‘deep state’ which is composed of Soros, Hillary, the Obamas, and the Bushes have anyone killed?

Historically speaking…. when it comes to dynasties and Kings and Queens, people have been killed for less. A LOT less. (Epstein is alive and well, probably on the Greek Islands somewhere setting up camp.)

Will this work? Will another week or so of this damning the President work?

Or will the deep state have to resort to the age-old trick of a false flag?

Nobody Cares…. I was so tired today; I didn’t do a darn thing but clean a few windows. Just the boring talk about how bad Trump is was enough to depress me, even though I tuned it out.

I felt bad about it, until I thought of President Donald J. Trump.

If anybody can beat these morons, he can.

Now, excuse me while I go back to sleep, knowing, the country is still…in good hands.

We have to make sure we KEEP it that way.

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Put Your Lips Together and BLOW

Nobody Wonders….

How many people actually watched the exciting impeachment hearings that are not really IMPEACHMENT hearings, but just a bunch of piss-off deep state Never-Trumpers trying to do their best to perform for Shifty Face?

Not many I bet, because about 10 minutes into the program…CBS went back to its normal programming. Some CEO was looking at the maybe 30 people watching and said, “Okay, pull it.”

Nobody also wonders about that saying, “Only a mother could love.” I think that every time Shifty opens his mouth.

Actually, while it’s boring us all to tears, the good thing about it is that it is exposing how these people who have ambassador jobs and think they are so important to the world, and that they somehow lost all common sense as to WHY they are there. They know more than the President of course, in their own minds they brilliant: to us they could tell us all they know in one minute.

Shifty likes to think he’s the Wizard of Oz. I can really picture him with green face paint.

The Lt. Minion Vindman was mumbling so bad, and was so clueless, that if it rained soup, he’d have a fork. I wouldn’t have put him in charge of a bathtub without water.

Nobody Wonders what MS Williams really did. Maybe throw black tie parties? I can almost picture her having a secret affair with a Russian Oligarch. If she was an aid to Pence, it shows you just how much Pence was paying attention. And she seemed SO upset that neither the President OR Pence came to her party plans for the inauguration. She’s the kind of woman that if she was talking to her, you’d not only be looking at your watch, but shaking it.

Yes, the big crime here was daring to even MENTION an investigation of Joe Biden. The impeachment ratings were so low, Nancy was running around saying “constitution!” about ten times a day, a document she has yet to read, because well, she’s Nancy. She just needs the right words to say. She doesn’t dare poll THAT word.

She did a poll and came up with “Bribery.” Something she knows a lot about because she does it every day of her life. Vote for my bill, and I’ll put you on the Ways and Means committee. DON’T vote for my bill, and I’ll make you sit next to AOC at the next State of the Union address, and you’ll never get any money from the DNC ever again. And by the way, Epstein didn’t kill himself.

In all, the GOP, did a good job informing the few that were watching that none of these people would know a crime if it hit them in the face…as one has. A BIG one in fact. They just won’t mention it. You are now a conspiracy nut if you do.

VP Joe Biden and his son, made a real fortune in the poor Ukraine. While Putin took over Crimea. AND NOBODY CARED. Why pay any of these people a dime. Think of it, WE ARE FEEDING THESE PEOPLE!

The funniest line of the day?

Our brave, heroic, soldier, Mr. Vindman, spent one day in the hospital after being blown up, witness to the phone call, (Or did he?) said he warned the Ukrainian President about that evil Russia. And of course, our evil ‘domestic’ U.S.

As IF that president didn’t know Russia was a danger.

What a fine young man. What a genius! That took SUCH courage.

I’m sorry. Nobody Wonders how this man was even promoted to such a high level. Gomer Pile would have been more intelligent. To me he couldn’t even run a Dairy Queen in Kansas.

Okay, I’ll bet your wondering if this nobody can shut up now.

Yes, I will. Because there is no more wondering about why we need to watch this farce. It’s all about the ‘word’ and the word is: coup d’ soup with vinegar on top.

I can’t WAIT till they end this one, can you?

And by the way–the man Vindman talked to, that he didn’t know, but everyone knew, and he was NOT allowed to tell anyone in order to keep the man a secret, even though NOBODY knows who he is, sure knows a lot of people.

All they had to do was put their lips together….and blow.

And Eric came running.

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Nobody’s Fool: RED

Nobody’s Fool:

RED! They don’t make em’ like that anymore. (Thanks to Alex Jones) Not one fool bone in his body.


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How to Coverup the First Coup in American History

Nobody’s Opinion

Well. The ‘deep state’ exposes itself once again. If you get the BING news page, which is always filled with Trump hatred…. here’s an article written to convince all the gaggles of people who cannot think beyond a meatless hamburger at Burger King order, why President Trump needs to be Impeached.


The title:

How a CIA analyst, alarmed by Trump’s shadow foreign policy, triggered an impeachment inquiry

Yes, the deep state has to make SURE their lies oversee any amount of the real truth about the so called “whistleblower” — who has been exposed to be a hand- picked CIA Trump-hater. He worked for the CIA top guy Brennen, and visited the Obama offices too many times to count. According to many who know, he was also involved in the coup. Even his lawyer admits it was a coup, and the ultimate take-down of the President.

As usual, as I kept reading, it was clear: The deep state despicably rewrites the narrative and just…lies.

Tell a lie enough, and sooner or later it becomes truth. Right out of Goebbels textbook of propaganda. Watch any Pelosi newscast and you will see the lie repeated over and over and over, and one more time.

I was pretty angry when I read this garbage, but I feel we’d better start pushing back big time.
Here’s a few excerpts from the Post.

Ultimately, it came down to a lone analyst, in a cubicle mile from the White House, drafting an unprecedented document in the detached manner he had learned in his CIA training.

Nobody: Oh…he was just a poor boy doing his job, not associated with Brennan or the cabal to take out a president. So innocent.

Give me a break.

“In the course of my official duties,” he wrote, “I have received information from multiple U.S. government officials that the President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election.”

Nobody: WHAT? Obama and Hillary just orchestrated the first coup in American history to take out an elected President. THEY committed treason. Not to mention, how many times did Obama go to England, the middle East, Cuba, Israel, to influence elections. That’s ALL the CIA does for God’s sake, is go to countries and influence outcomes. Jimmy Carter made a career out of it.

“The call itself shows what we believe to be a misuse of power of the office of the presidency for personal gain,” said a senior Democratic official. “It quickly became the center of our investigation.”

Nobody: Shall we review the video where Biden misuse HIS power for personal gain? How can they ignore that? HOW!!
How about that Hillary selling our uranium to Russia FOR PERSOANL GAIN? Or Obama giving planeloads of cash to Iran. Who gained from that one?

“In an instant, I realized that one of the key pillars of our strong support for Ukraine was threatened,” Taylor testified. “The irregular policy channel was running contrary to the goals of long-standing U.S. policy.”

Nobody: Right. In all the eight years, Obama did NOTHING to help the Ukraine. Russia invaded them on his watch, he did nothing. Trump helped them with weapons.

Eisenberg, the top National Security Council lawyer, responded by moving to restrict access to the transcript of the call, which was placed on a computer system normally reserved for highly classified intelligence programs. It took weeks for the administration to enlist Justice Department officials to review the call record, an exercise that narrowly concluded that there were no campaign finance crimes in a call that included references to Barr.

Nobody: Just like Shifty face doing all the impeachment deposition in the basement behind closed wall where only democrats and a few GOP republicans.

Well, since everyone has been leaking the President’s phone calls, what they are saying is that only THEY can run foreign policy, not the President. And while they are doing this treason, they claim constitution backing which they do not have. By the constitution, they all have committed treason. If I was the President, I wouldn’t’ let anybody listen in on ANY calls. It’s none of their business.

The Ukrainians were flummoxed by Pence’s evasion. “You’re the only country providing us military assistance,” one of Zelensky’s aides told him. “You’re punishing us.”

Even if Trump like Obama had NOT given them weapons, it’s his job. What he was doing was trying to find out what happened with our top democrats in the Ukraine, who got in bed with the corrupt Ukrainian to try to interfere in OUR election’s. His election. And Nancy’s son, John Kerry son and Biden’s’ son were all working with this corrupt oligarch. Add to that, this corrupt Ukraine was asked to help Hillary win. THAT’s meddling in our elections.

See how this works?

They commit HUGE crimes and accuse Trump of a crime so that nobody even looks at them. And they are…protected by our ‘deep state’ media, who can swamp the internet with THEIR deep state lies.

Until the American people can see that the democrats are accusing Trump, and whoever is associated with them of the crimes that they have committed, we will get bombarded by these lies.

Disguising a simple phone call to look into American corrupt politicians, as impeachable shows you just who is running the world, and most of the American media.

They just put Roger Stone in jail.

They plan to put Giuliani in jail.

They would love to assassinate Trump, but that would cause an uprising like the civil war that they would not ever dare at this point to attempt.

They’d have to make it look like a heart attack.

So, what do we know? The global deep state of power-hungry politicians are determined to control the world.

I remember seeing this picture of the Queen on Veterans Day. A big tear coming down her face. I wondered if she was crying for the country that the global Europeans elites have made sure to destroy by flooding it with Muslims. Was she crying for the last breath of England?

The people voted for Brexit, and the deep state of Britain refuse to honor their vote.

The people of the United States voted for a BIG change in our President. The global elites who run our country refuse to allow it.

It’s a global pushback from the top of the heap, who say damn you all, you will NOT tell us how to run the world.

They will lie, cheat, steal, and imprison anyone who gets in their way of forever more power.

I predict now, that Trump will win the next election…but they will SAY and manipulate the vote to say he lost by a slim margin.

And if he protests, they will arrest him.

If President Trump does not remain in office, America will lose forever.

The republic, will be gone.

God help us all…this is NOT the time to be silen

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Thank You President Trump!

Nobody Flashes

Thank you President Trump!!!

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Nobody Remembers

Remember the ‘great uprising’ in Egypt during the Obama administration? The whole thing we were told was orchestrated by social media. And the men doing that organization were young techies from the United States.

It seems, for many years, Facebook and Twitter have worked with the democratic party to foster and help organize revolutions all over the world.

They might as well call it Communist tech 3.0.

The reason the democrats are now so mad at Zuckerberg is because they want all conservative voices banned from his platform. He’s not really sure how he is going to do that, but he’s still working on letting them stay, and making sure they get the RIGHT messages. And they are still saying Russia put bots all over the internet and Hillary lost.

Right. And my dog eats the Ultimate Feast at Red Lobster.

Anyway, you can be sure Mr. Ross is still working for Hillary, and that they are exploring every technical way to rob President Trump of his reelection.

Hopefully, our side has a few tech wizzes of their own.




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