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Nobody Cares that Pamela Missed Her Turkey Dinner

Nobody Cares

I was getting madder by the minute listening to these so-called “constitutional” professors at today’s mock trial of impeachment. Democrats are cherry picking quotes of the founders and then twisting the quotes to make them seem like they fit our ‘evil’ President.

Many times John Adams was quoted, and of course, you KNOW I was furious at that twisting. Remember, John defended the British soldiers from the Boston mobs, and it’s the democrats here that are the ‘mobs’. He would have been furious.

As usual, I was yelling at my TV. I should have been saying, “John, DID YOU HEAR THIS!!”

For instance, Pamela Karlan was picked to put up the outlandish claim that President Trump kept people for voting. Then she explained that absentee ballots came about for the soldiers in the Civil War who couldn’t make it to the ballot box. She then tied this to all the blacks, and poor people that President Trump kept from voting in the last election.

Please. Give me a break. 

Never mind that THOSE soldiers were on the record and citizens of the United States. The reason the democrats love the absentee voting is because anybody in the world can fake it, send in as many as they like, and no one will see their faces or ID’s…it’s just as lovely as dead people voting. Democrats ALWAYS cheat.

As she spoke  it was clear: She was a big- time, pussy pink hat, commie Alinsky, Hillary loving, Trump hating moron. As I turned on Rush, I learned that she was on Hillary’s list for a Supreme Court seat.

No WONDER she was mad. And not only that, why…Trump made her miss her Turkey dinner!

Stanford law professor and lawyer Pamela Karlan testified Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee that she was so distracted poring over other “witness” transcripts during her Thanksgiving holiday that she was forced to order a pre-cooked turkey in the mail.

“I spent all of Thanksgiving vacation sitting there reading these transcripts,” Karlan said. “I didn’t – I ate, like, a turkey that came to us in the mail that was already cooked because I was spending my time doing this.”

Ahhhh…she acted as if she just came into this hearing and crammed the night before.

I don’t believe a word of it. I think she had been grilled and grilled again for this moment in her life for months.

In fact, I think this is all like a well scripted play, and the reason I think that is because no matter what fools they are making of themselves they KEEP TO THE SCRIPT: Act One: Mueller Report. Act Two: Impeachment.

Act Three? Hillary (OR Michelle) step in and take over the democratic process and continue to call Trump a white supremist, racists, deplorable, yada yada yada.

Pamela kept talking about Trump acting like a king and the proof was he named his son Baron.

THIS is all a professor can come up with?

One comment I read summed it up: “I get the feeling NONE of these people went to the prom.”

Nobody Cared about today’s testimony. And because of that, nobody is going to care about the rest of it.

All we really care about is the fact that since American history has been erased out of our libraries and school textbooks, how many uneducated people are going to believe these idiots?

Hopefully, they get educated before the next election.

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Soudland and Shift

Nobody Cares

I must admit…I was sleeping to the testimony today, taking a day of rest from my usual exercise program for my knee replacement. I think my knee has had enough bending for three months. I have trouble taking naps, but today was an exception. Usually, I can fall asleep to football, or golf. But nothing was as boring as Sondland and Shift.

Sounds like a golf course in Louisiana. Or a coffee shop in Dubai.

Anyway, Sondland started out being funny. He acted as if he didn’t have a care in the world. No problem, all smiles. As the day went on, his message was that everybody knew the President wanted to look into the Joe Biden 2016 crimes, but he made sure to tell everyone that when he talked to the President, even though he was ‘crabby’ his words were “No quid pro quo!” Trump even came out with a big board to PROVE that those WERE HIS WORDS.

By the way: Joe Biden was VP in 2016, NOT running for President. So this “Trump was trying to attack his rival is poor crap.” If anything, the democrat and the deep state MADE Joe run so they could have a fake trial and keep the Congress from passing ANY bills whatsoever…NAFTA would REMAIN the law of the world. Open borders will continue. That’s the real plan here. It’s a win/win! Keep pounding the President, and make sure nothing gets passed!

Even Barr has suggested that’s the plan.

Oh, and trying to figure out how to put Hillary on the throne without her having to work for it. That’s not as easy. Hillary has a tendency to fall down. Keeping her walking off the news will not be easy either.

Making sure that everyone read between the lines, Sondland leaped and weaved around every question.

He is a very rich man, and so, like many rich men he gave a million dollars to the Trump campaign and got an ambassadorship—

To the Ukraine. Mmmmm. WHY would anybody who is rich want to go there you might ask? Nobody Wondered too. but Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and many more KNEW it was the place to be!

We didn’t know did we?

  • By the end of the day, it was clear that Sondland was trying to make sure he could keep himself out of hot water…give the democrats and Rinos’ enough ammunition to keep up the “Bribery” mantra, and YET, say that the crabby President basically told him that the Ukrainians look into it. Saying that in such a way that Trump wouldn’t attack him, and to make him look like he even likes the man.
  • In other words, frame it that the President was trying to look into Joe Biden, but try to present yourself as a good old guy just doing your job.

Since President Bush anointed him, I figured he was just doing as he was instructed to do: Try to look impartial, say you don’t remember, and make sure YOUR opinion is that Trump did want to investigate. No wonder he was so eager to testify.

Nobody Wonders how much money he was making to do just that.

His cute sense of humor wore off, as I fell into a deep sleep.

Here’s the thing: Nobody really cares about all these witnesses at all. President Trump rightly wants to find out all about the U.S. involvement with the Ukraine, because it’s ties in the Coup that Hillary paid to try to get him smeared.

And that’s all this is: a smear. And he has every LEGAL right to do it.

Frankly, I thought Soudman saying that “I didn’t know about the Biden connection until…today.” crap was just another big, fat, lie. He’s too rich not to read American Newspapers for days at a time.

What bothers me more is the rest of the media jumping on this guy’s testimony. As if, it’s the holy grail of impeachable offenses.

One radio announcer I listen to ever day here, said “I don’t like Trump.” I was shocked. He always has let himself to be a conservative.

I was getting tweets that I never even knew were on my tweeter feed, saying the same. By the way: Twitter took off my Twitter feed on my blog right before the midterms and I’ve never been able to get it back.

And worse of all, the first page I go to everyday is the Drudge Report. Half of the headlines could have been lifted right out of the New York Times.

Drudge has done a Terminator impression.  Come on like a sensible American conservative, then turned into a pumpkin, Chinese pumpkin. Liberal Pumpkin. That’s what Arnold did in California. That’s the globalist scam that has a pattern that I am hoping people start waking up to.

They HOOK you with conservative themes, then…viola! All of a sudden, you have…the communist POPE!

I know. It’s annoying.

Drudge has said that a Supreme Court Justice told him the deep state was out to get him. Nobody Wonders if death threats from the deep state are behind all these people suddenly hating Trump, or if it’s just the threat of being censored for life.

I’m not sure yet.

And just today, the headline appears:

The head of Burisma Holdings was indicted this week in Ukraine!

Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky.
The claim alleges that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their ‘services’

And right after this ‘conspiracy’ theory appears, then

Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky has gone missing.
According to Reuters, the investigation is on hold because Zlochevsky has gone missing!

Well. So THAT’s why Nancy was making trips to the Ukraine last week. Hillary had to make sure to add to her Death Squad Christmas list of “You will never bring me down” was well understood.  Where did Zlochevsky go? Did Putin take him to some secret bunker in Siberia?

Which makes you wonder: Can the ‘deep state’ which is composed of Soros, Hillary, the Obamas, and the Bushes have anyone killed?

Historically speaking…. when it comes to dynasties and Kings and Queens, people have been killed for less. A LOT less. (Epstein is alive and well, probably on the Greek Islands somewhere setting up camp.)

Will this work? Will another week or so of this damning the President work?

Or will the deep state have to resort to the age-old trick of a false flag?

Nobody Cares…. I was so tired today; I didn’t do a darn thing but clean a few windows. Just the boring talk about how bad Trump is was enough to depress me, even though I tuned it out.

I felt bad about it, until I thought of President Donald J. Trump.

If anybody can beat these morons, he can.

Now, excuse me while I go back to sleep, knowing, the country is still…in good hands.

We have to make sure we KEEP it that way.

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Put Your Lips Together and BLOW

Nobody Wonders….

How many people actually watched the exciting impeachment hearings that are not really IMPEACHMENT hearings, but just a bunch of piss-off deep state Never-Trumpers trying to do their best to perform for Shifty Face?

Not many I bet, because about 10 minutes into the program…CBS went back to its normal programming. Some CEO was looking at the maybe 30 people watching and said, “Okay, pull it.”

Nobody also wonders about that saying, “Only a mother could love.” I think that every time Shifty opens his mouth.

Actually, while it’s boring us all to tears, the good thing about it is that it is exposing how these people who have ambassador jobs and think they are so important to the world, and that they somehow lost all common sense as to WHY they are there. They know more than the President of course, in their own minds they brilliant: to us they could tell us all they know in one minute.

Shifty likes to think he’s the Wizard of Oz. I can really picture him with green face paint.

The Lt. Minion Vindman was mumbling so bad, and was so clueless, that if it rained soup, he’d have a fork. I wouldn’t have put him in charge of a bathtub without water.

Nobody Wonders what MS Williams really did. Maybe throw black tie parties? I can almost picture her having a secret affair with a Russian Oligarch. If she was an aid to Pence, it shows you just how much Pence was paying attention. And she seemed SO upset that neither the President OR Pence came to her party plans for the inauguration. She’s the kind of woman that if she was talking to her, you’d not only be looking at your watch, but shaking it.

Yes, the big crime here was daring to even MENTION an investigation of Joe Biden. The impeachment ratings were so low, Nancy was running around saying “constitution!” about ten times a day, a document she has yet to read, because well, she’s Nancy. She just needs the right words to say. She doesn’t dare poll THAT word.

She did a poll and came up with “Bribery.” Something she knows a lot about because she does it every day of her life. Vote for my bill, and I’ll put you on the Ways and Means committee. DON’T vote for my bill, and I’ll make you sit next to AOC at the next State of the Union address, and you’ll never get any money from the DNC ever again. And by the way, Epstein didn’t kill himself.

In all, the GOP, did a good job informing the few that were watching that none of these people would know a crime if it hit them in the face…as one has. A BIG one in fact. They just won’t mention it. You are now a conspiracy nut if you do.

VP Joe Biden and his son, made a real fortune in the poor Ukraine. While Putin took over Crimea. AND NOBODY CARED. Why pay any of these people a dime. Think of it, WE ARE FEEDING THESE PEOPLE!

The funniest line of the day?

Our brave, heroic, soldier, Mr. Vindman, spent one day in the hospital after being blown up, witness to the phone call, (Or did he?) said he warned the Ukrainian President about that evil Russia. And of course, our evil ‘domestic’ U.S.

As IF that president didn’t know Russia was a danger.

What a fine young man. What a genius! That took SUCH courage.

I’m sorry. Nobody Wonders how this man was even promoted to such a high level. Gomer Pile would have been more intelligent. To me he couldn’t even run a Dairy Queen in Kansas.

Okay, I’ll bet your wondering if this nobody can shut up now.

Yes, I will. Because there is no more wondering about why we need to watch this farce. It’s all about the ‘word’ and the word is: coup d’ soup with vinegar on top.

I can’t WAIT till they end this one, can you?

And by the way–the man Vindman talked to, that he didn’t know, but everyone knew, and he was NOT allowed to tell anyone in order to keep the man a secret, even though NOBODY knows who he is, sure knows a lot of people.

All they had to do was put their lips together….and blow.

And Eric came running.

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