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Nobody Cares that Pamela Missed Her Turkey Dinner

Nobody Cares

I was getting madder by the minute listening to these so-called “constitutional” professors at today’s mock trial of impeachment. Democrats are cherry picking quotes of the founders and then twisting the quotes to make them seem like they fit our ‘evil’ President.

Many times John Adams was quoted, and of course, you KNOW I was furious at that twisting. Remember, John defended the British soldiers from the Boston mobs, and it’s the democrats here that are the ‘mobs’. He would have been furious.

As usual, I was yelling at my TV. I should have been saying, “John, DID YOU HEAR THIS!!”

For instance, Pamela Karlan was picked to put up the outlandish claim that President Trump kept people for voting. Then she explained that absentee ballots came about for the soldiers in the Civil War who couldn’t make it to the ballot box. She then tied this to all the blacks, and poor people that President Trump kept from voting in the last election.

Please. Give me a break. 

Never mind that THOSE soldiers were on the record and citizens of the United States. The reason the democrats love the absentee voting is because anybody in the world can fake it, send in as many as they like, and no one will see their faces or ID’s…it’s just as lovely as dead people voting. Democrats ALWAYS cheat.

As she spoke  it was clear: She was a big- time, pussy pink hat, commie Alinsky, Hillary loving, Trump hating moron. As I turned on Rush, I learned that she was on Hillary’s list for a Supreme Court seat.

No WONDER she was mad. And not only that, why…Trump made her miss her Turkey dinner!

Stanford law professor and lawyer Pamela Karlan testified Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee that she was so distracted poring over other “witness” transcripts during her Thanksgiving holiday that she was forced to order a pre-cooked turkey in the mail.

“I spent all of Thanksgiving vacation sitting there reading these transcripts,” Karlan said. “I didn’t – I ate, like, a turkey that came to us in the mail that was already cooked because I was spending my time doing this.”

Ahhhh…she acted as if she just came into this hearing and crammed the night before.

I don’t believe a word of it. I think she had been grilled and grilled again for this moment in her life for months.

In fact, I think this is all like a well scripted play, and the reason I think that is because no matter what fools they are making of themselves they KEEP TO THE SCRIPT: Act One: Mueller Report. Act Two: Impeachment.

Act Three? Hillary (OR Michelle) step in and take over the democratic process and continue to call Trump a white supremist, racists, deplorable, yada yada yada.

Pamela kept talking about Trump acting like a king and the proof was he named his son Baron.

THIS is all a professor can come up with?

One comment I read summed it up: “I get the feeling NONE of these people went to the prom.”

Nobody Cared about today’s testimony. And because of that, nobody is going to care about the rest of it.

All we really care about is the fact that since American history has been erased out of our libraries and school textbooks, how many uneducated people are going to believe these idiots?

Hopefully, they get educated before the next election.

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