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The Democratic House: Democratic Despots

Nobody Remembers’

Here’s what Dick Morris had to say last May about what would happen if the democrats tried to impeach the President.

Anybody who watched the testimony on our TV’s the last two weeks, and witnessed the polls of the President going up, see this happening. Dick was right.

The democrats know it will hurt them, but SOMEBODY is pulling the strings behind the scenes and making them do it.

Soros? The Clintons? One thing is certain, it isn’t hurting the stock market or the President.

What we are witnessing is the “mob”. Up to this point the politicians have been using the word democracy. They’ve just in the last few days change it to “republic.”

But Nobody Remembers what John Adams warned us about in his book: “In Defense of the Constitution”

The democrats are now ruling like tyrants in this impeachment process. They ARE the majority, and Adams warned that a ‘democracy” is the MOST tyrannical of all.

“Freedom produces magnanimity and courage: but there is no freedom nor justice in a simple democracy for any but the majority. The ruling party, no doubt, will be active and bold: but the ruled will be discouraged, browbeaten, and insulted, without a possibility of redress but by civil war. It is a mixed government, the, well balanced, that makes all the nation of a noble temper. 

The minority on the contrary will be constantly within the reach of tyranny, and under the arbitrary disposition of the commanding power of the majority. Nor do the minority , under such a government in case of transgression: nor have they any share or interest in making of laws, with the penalties annexed: nor do they become the more inexcusable if they offend;” nor ought they ” the more willingly to submit to punishment, when they suffer for any offence.” for the minority have no laws but what the majority please to give, any more than “when government is managed in the hands of a particular person, “Know what laws they are to obey, or what penalties they are to undergo.”

(Does this not sound like the Nadler/Shift impeachment that we have witnessed? They made up ALL rules, changed the rules, all done in secrecy, and left the GOP with no power whatsoever. Acting like, tyrants.) 

The universal sense of mankind has deemed it so destructive or impractical, that no nation has ventured on it. But if we consider those passion in human nature which cause despots, oligarchies, and standing senate to make sure an abuse of power, we must see that the same passions will ever exist in the majority and their leaders in a democracy and produce the same fatal effects. 

John Adams, the man who wrote the FIRST Constitution of the United States (Massachusetts) which had the three separate branches to prevent a democracy, thought that a democracy would be the MOST tyrannical of all governments.

You could get a wise and benevolent King. But if, like the democrats want to do, we get rid of the electorial college which GIVES us a democracy forever more, New York, and California would run the country, and they would do it as we see now, as tyrants to the rest of us.

The democrats majority in the House, are doing just what John Adams feared, and they are acting as if they can make the President and the Senate null and void.

And this is why they will keep saying “republic” because too many lawyers know this.

It’s up to the Senate AND the President to keep these tyrants in check.



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