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Thanks Heavens. If you don’t watch CNN or MSNBC, then Christmas was pleasant few days of pure bliss.

Why? Because the ‘impeachment’ talk took backstage. I’m guessing that it’s not because they wanted to stop blasting the President right through Christmas. It’s probably more due to the fact that the big bosses who call the shots went to their various mansions for a vacation.

But, here it is the day after Christmas and nobody missed a beat: It went right back to impeachment, and everybody has an opinion of what should be done in the Senate.

Like most people who watched the horror show put on by Nancy, Nadler, and Shift, I wanted revenge. Wanting to smash in the front of my TV set wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I wanted to see these people in jail, or at least sent to Paris to live out their days.

Banish them to their mansions which are everywhere. Make them listen to Yoko Ono 24/7.

Because the President wasn’t allowed to present his side of the case, and because it was all just about trying to spew as much false facts of criminal behavior to damage the President, I too wanted the Senate to come out, and call out everyone involved with the biggest crime in our history.

I wanted to see Hillary act ‘bored’ again, and say, “What difference does it make?” I wanted to see Comey, Brennen, McCabe, Valerie Jarrett, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden…heck the list is so long it would take three years to grill them all. And Obama should go on the stand too.

I want the world to know the coup that was pushed upon this nation and the President they elected.

Nixon had the class to resign. All these people should at the very least, lose their big government pensions. I’d prefer jail, but people in hell want ice water.

Yep, let the trail begin. I wanted President Trump’s name to be brought back to its rightful place.
But THEN, I heard that Supreme Court John “Keeper of the global proverbial gate” Roberts was going to preside over the hearings. Was he to be in charge of WHO can call witnesses and who couldn’t?

Roberts is JUST as untrustworthy as Comey. Both are traitors to America, and protectors of the global cabal.

I’m not sure how much power Roberts has overseeing the Senate Trial. But that one man alone could have stopped the abomination called Obamacare, and he didn’t…making socialized medicine the law of the land.

Believe me, I curse him every day. And for that reason alone, President Trump should NOT want the trial. Who knows what stupid thing Roberts is going to come up with? He placed the FISA court judges, and no doubt was helping with the coup.

Already, we know that Mitt Romney will do everything he can to get up and trash Trump. Roberts would probably let him talk for days.  We also know that Liza Murkowski would vote to impeach. And while the others in the Senate DARE not vote to impeach for fear of their own jobs, even if just a few got to spew off about their Anti-Trump hatred, that would be all anyone would be talking about.

I don’t trust John Roberts. He’s a puppet of the Bushes and the globalists, and just be being in charge of the trial, he could cause FURTHER damage to the whole process. REMEMBER: He appointed all 11 of the FISA court judges.

Still trust him?

Well, here’s a lot of what you don’t know about John Roberts that go into great detail.

So I say: Don’t even have a trial. Or tell Nancy she has one day to turn over her ‘impeachment” papers or the Senate will dismiss it all, being as it was all done unconstitutionally. Not only that, but if the house can make up rules, then so can the Senate. The Senate should go into the basement, hear witnesses if they like, but keep out the democrats.
What’s fair is fair. I don’t really trust McConnell either, but he’s got to at least appear to be on Trump’s side here.

Then…. the senators could come up from the basement and say: We saw no facts. And then they could vote. And end it. Don’t give Roberts a chance to muck it all up, because he will.

Remember the Bushes WANTED Hillary in the White House, not Trump. They HATE the man too. And Roberts has carried on the Bush New World Order with too many decisions. He might as well be a democrat.

Besides, there IS no crime, and everybody knows it.

The democrats will scream, but they scream anyway.

As for the people’s revenge that this has happened and NOBODY is being punished?

President Trump should just keep pointing out the truth.
If you can’t arrest these powerful people, then you certainly can keep talking about their crimes. You can prove their crimes. And by all means, arrest of few of these ‘disposables.”

If the President does this, the liberals will be so full of hatred, they might blow out a few brain cells they have left just talking about it.

These people are at war, to destroy our country and open up our borders.

John Roberts is NOT our President, and he has made too many bad decisions.

Let Nancy hold the impeachment papers forever more.

Nobody Cares. But leave the trail in the hands of John Roberts?

I think we’ve heard enough “constitutional” lying experts for one year, don’t you?

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