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Nobody’s Perfect: Mark Hamill VS Robert DeNiro

Nobodys Perfect

It’s pretty sad, when you haven’t had a successful movie since you were twenty. In order to get attention you have to come out and insult a couple where their young son wears a Star Wars costume.

Mark (the I think I’m still Luke Skywalker) Hamill, who couldn’t make it on his talent and hasn’t been in a hit movie for all of the rest of his entire adult life, has taken second place to Robert DeNiro in the crude and immature contest of who can be the most vile adults on the planet.

Who’s worse? Mark Hamill or Robert? Here’s Mark’s reaction to a clearly innocent and sweet family photo…with a young son who is simply so cute in his costume….any parent would be proud.

And here was Mark’s really classy reply:

And then there’s the fabulous protrayor of every Mafia King that ever walked the planet, Robert DeNiro, who in his last interview just said Trump was crazy and shouldn’t be President. Don’t ask him for specifics, he can’t think that deeply. His brain is like a needle stuck on a broken record. It only repeats one word. Or…make that two.


So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? Mark Hamill, who hates the Trumps so much he had to attack a small child and his parents for an innocent picture?

Or Robert DeNiro: Who can’t seem to get out of the character of the foul mouthed Mafia boss, off stage?

Mmmmm…I think it’s a tie. Both men are stupid.

Any thoughts?

Well, clearly Ivanka was right. The Force is so strong in the Trump family, it causes the truly vile and wickly evil people to come out.

And it’s not even a full moon yet.

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Just How LONG Have the Elites Been Running the Show?

Nobody’s Opinion

I don’t know about you, but if I hear one more sanctimonious dweeble politician declare that they are protecting the constitution from our President—by impeaching him, I think I’m taking up throwing darts at pictures of media donkeys, and play pin the tail on Pelosi’s butt.

Somebody needs to tell them to read it. One of the President’s jobs is to handle all foreign affairs, and he can send whomever he likes to help him out with that, whether it’s Rudi Giuliani, his daughter, Ivanka, or even a nobody like me.
Nowhere in the Constitution does it say “But ONLY the President can do that.”

What it does say is that it’s his responsibility, not Congresses.

The progressives are destroying the Constitution by telling us all daily what’s not in it. What’s NOT in it is their demand to listen to all his phone calls.

He also swore an oath to protect and defend us from all enemies foreign or domestic, and the deep state has become our enemy. If President Trump has done nothing else by being the dynamic achiever that he is, it’s the fact we are discovering just how corrupt most of Washington is.

And MAN is it depressing.

“Do you want a democracy in this country or a deep state?” Said Mr. Stephen Miller said. “The president of the United States is a whistleblower.”

Stephen is right.
This nobody thinks that he could blow that whistle even harder. Hillary Clinton should be in prison by now.

Most of us are shocked at the blatant attempt to destroy America by the ‘progressives’ within by calling anyone who disagrees with us racists. All white people are deemed unworthy of even living. Now, in my neighborhood, you can drive up to a McDonalds, and sometimes the young black woman won’t even take your order. No kidding. Or they will say that they are out of whatever it is you want. The democrat’s message has especially hit the young and naïve.

The progressives WANT a civil war. And they fight like the crooks that they are.

I still say it: The Mafia didn’t disappear, it just merged with the democrats.

Sal Alinsky, the father of Hillary and Obama, learned everything he knows from the Mafia, and they in turn became his children. The democrats act like thugs, like Mafia Capones. And yes, they idolized the Mafia. They still use the mafia.

Chicago has always been run by the democrats/mafia. It’s understandable that both Hillary and Obama came out of Chicago.

And when you’re in the Mafia, if you don’t like somebody, just have them killed. Just look at the Clintons’ kill list.

Hollywood has glamorized the Mafia, with the Godfather, and the Sopranos, and now they have another movie lead by the foul mouth mafia imitator himself, Robert Dinero. Murdering Mafia lords are just doing what they do to protect their family.

After all, they were once ostracized like the Mexicans are now.

We can expect Dinero to make another disgusting Oscar speech right before the next election.

Yes, the enemy within, are silencing all opposition. They are demeaning and destroying everything that is good and decent, and Hollywood and the press is going full force to destroy all America stands for, and we should wonder: Hey, if we are just finding out about this now, how long has this been going on?

Was LBJ behind the drug smuggling CIA operation in Vietnam? (Who sold those drugs? Mafia) Bill Clinton was running drugs while still a teenager in Arkansas. Nobody has ever disputed that. Obama was a drug addict and no doubt still is. That little news made him look: Oh, just so honest, while our current President never even touched drugs or alcohol in his life.

And the Iraq war? Bush was a republican, but he protected those opium fields, didn’t he? The Bushes voted for Hillary, which makes you wonder…. who is really making the money off our country being swamped with opioids? Or marijuana for that matter?

Politicians who bought all the stocks? John Boehner is in on the ground floor. The death toll from driving has doubled since they legalized the drug.

And where does that lead us? They want to discourage us from fighting them. They are all relentless and overwhelming and they want us to believe that Americans, patriots, are in the minority.

Yesterday I heard an older man at the pool say, he was so disgusted with the politicians that he was thinking of leaving the country.

Well, that’s how they want you to feel. Hopeless.

Today, I listened to some Sunday shows, and just turned it off.

I am SO tired of it all, because, when you think about it, they’ve been hiding behind their holier than thou masks for much too long.

I say, it’s time, to rip them off. We don’t have to fall into their violent ‘civil’ war game.

We will just defeat them, with a simple courage.

Fly the flag. Put on your USA 45 hats. Stand up. And stand by the one man who has shown more courage since Abraham Lincoln.

He knows what’s going on. We just don’t know how LONG it’s been going on.

It’s time we knew.

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Hillary: Digging a Hole

Nobody Flashes

If this was Hillary, somebody would have to tell her that running a third time for President would be like digging a hole in the sand and trying to hold the ocean back.


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Nobody Flashes Jon Voight

Nobody Flashes

There’s at least ONE smart man in Hollywood.

God Bless him.

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Reader’s Thoughts on Sears

Nobody Reports:

One of my readers sent me this email after reading about Sears. with his permission, I posted it here for everybody to enjoy.. (Thanks to ‘g’ man)


I miss Sears.

They stopped having people around, who knew their products.

Gals in tools, who did not know drills versus drill bits.

Sears went the way of “fits alls.” Shoes and boots. Mens pants.

IOW, Sears

either ran out of what I needed

or did not bother to have it in stock

where somebody at Sears knew it.

“Our employees make this thing work” – as a store concept, was trashed by corporate America — particularly, a few decades ago, when some body in an article wrote:

“The customer is not always right.”

And stores became ads, instead of stores, where you go to by what you need.

Companies took on too many “buyers” who did not know their products.

The leisurely approach to what college marketing grads would buy — ignoring what other people would buy — replaced what other people would buy!

Kids, from college, who never really cooked for people, were deciding what produce for Krogers or Albertsons or Smiths, to buy.

Kids who had not repaired much, if at all, were deciding what tools to buy.

Kids with fat feet, were banishing from stock, boots and shoes for mid to narrow width feet.

Words, replaced substance and usefulness.

So many companies – and schools – with multiple levels of management, where only a few levels were needed — so many executives with nothing to do but justify their existence every day.

IOW, more and more money flowing to non-productivity.

As the pension budgets for Chicago, and so many govt’s, are now, made up of taxes on non-productivity . . . but rather, taxes because they (GUBMINT) can!

But, back to products . . .

Big Shots avoid what is well made and well produced.

Sales matter.

Reliability, nope. Unless its the plane the suits are flying on; but even then, the suits prize their castles behind their paper moats, as long as they can hold out.

Sure there is so much ridiculous regulation that stumps economics and production, but there is also way too much dreadful mis-management and poor leadership.

In fact, there is an abundance of corporate loathing of people who actually do have principals and lean toward Jesus.

“Heaven forbid” that you dare to protect somebody at a Walmart, stand up for what is right — because there’s a pretty good chance that the Chickens in Suits will demand that you be fired for standing up!



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Nancy Damns The American People

Nobody Cares

Nobody seems to care about the damage that the democrats are doing to our President who was trying to make lucrative deals on the world stage. Nobody seems to care about the damage they did to America.

Right after President Trump gave his extraordinary speech at the United Nations, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House came out and announce that they were going for impeachment. They have no intention of really doing it, they just ‘act’ as if he has committed a crime, weakening his hand in any negotiations.

It left the networks full of “impeachment” instead of the great American speech.

How many “deals” at the U.N. were dropped because the democrats sabotaged President Trump’s efforts?

They did this once before: When President Trump was in China trying to work out a trade deal, the House held hearings on the Mueller report and it was on CNN all day. The only network that is broadcasted throughout the world in every airport.

The China trade deal fell through, with the help of Nadler.

How many American jobs were lost with this disgusting act of treason against the America people?

These egregious and deliberate acts against the American people being able to get jobs should be bought up during the election.

To this nobody, it’s an act of war against the people of the country. The stupid democrats, who will lose money and jobs because of this will never blame it on Pelosi.

But, it’s right there in her lap.

She could have waited a few days, but no.

President Trump is a great deal maker and they could NOT have him upsetting the New World Order. They made SURE that they tied his hands…because they hate him so.

Damn her.

Damn them all.

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When Will the Globalists Explode?

Nobody Wonders

Today, President Trump at the United Nations, said what every American and anyone with half a brain believes in his heart: Every nation should be proud of its people, it’s heritage, and globalism should be discarded. America should stop having to pay for the world’s messes. And most of all, America wants peace.

And as long as Trump is President, he will stand with America and it’s founding fathers, AND the Constitution.

Right away, the globalists got impeachment going on the house floor. They have tried again and again to stop this man AND the wishes of the American people, and they have failed. Clearly, the most powerful people in the world, and that includes all our past presidents who have promoted globalism, and the destruction of America are in a DEEP panic.

Yesterday, a GOP globalist suggested he committed treason, and death is the penalty.

In the meantime, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, two politician that are proven felons, are protected by all cable news networks, and the GOP itself.

I think selling our uranium to Russia, using our own agencies to destroy an opponent, and making sure your son gets billions in cash from other countries, are bigger crimes than a President talking to a foreign leader.

Something that is part of his job.

Let’s not forget that Obama sent over his line of political hacks to work at getting Netanyahu out of office. Clearly effecting their elections.

Nobody Wonders if the House will go ahead and impeach Trump on ‘nothing’ again, merely to clear both Biden and Trump out of favor, in order to run Warren (with the support of Hillary) as the 2020 winner.

They dream.

While this mysterious ‘whistleblower’ is being held as a hero, And yet, Edward Snowdon, who told us how vast the government was spying on us all, had to run and hide.

Right now, Shepard Smith on FOX is doing his best to destroy the President.

Something tells me that NOW, they might just have gone too far.

In the meantime, the cable networks are loving it. 

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Nobody’s Fool: President Trump

Nobody’s Fool

Yesterday, in Houston, President Trump spoke to the Indian population here in America. He is building a coalition against China and Russia, (which includes Iran.) He already had Australia’s support, now he is getting India’s. President Modi was there and gave him astounding support. India has almost as many people as China.

Once again, President Trump is four steps ahead of all his enemies. I can’t think of one single democrat running for office drawing this kind of admiration and crowd.

Nobody in the liberal media showed this huge crowd (Even FOX hide it) and this particular response: It was…amazing.

Somewhere…Barack Hussein Obama is fuming.

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Scaring the World with Climate Change

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s raining out of my window right now. Frankly, I’m glad because we’ve been hearing about this downpour for over a week, and it never seems to come. We don’t even listen to our weather men anymore because they ALWAYS get it wrong most of the time. The batting average of all three of our local stations here in St. Louis is about 3 out of 10 times they will get it right.

Go outside and look up. You will know if it’s going to rain.

Nevertheless, they scare the heck out of you. Just the smallest ‘hint’ of a tornado and every show is taken over by scary graphics and horror stories, that most of the time never appear, but will take up hours of interrupting whatever you are watching.

But that doesn’t matter. ABC, NBC, and CBS all have the same marching orders. Make SURE the weather is the most important subject on the news.

That’s their orders.

BECAUSE, as we all know, “Climate Change” is coming to destroy us all.

By now, the educated person knows that Climate Change is the name they have picked to bring in the New Global control. Here in the Midwest, the skies are clear on a sunny day. The flowers and plants look gorgeous, in fact, you are more likely to die from mold and pollen allergies than climate change.

Mr. Munster himself, Obama’s famous “WE LOVE IRAN!” Secretary of State, John Kerry, was on FACE THE NATION this morning, praising the global efforts of all the kids on the planet who took the day off from school to protest climate deniers. He stated that the United States should be the leader in the world to do what was necessary…you know, get rid of all cars, plastic, houses, cows, meat, whatever it takes, and low and behold, according to John Kerry, China will follow.

I want to know what kind of Heinz Ketchup deal Kerry has going for him in China.

Kerry praised the children, who he knows has been brainwashed since kindergarten to think the world is going to end.
Notice, they NEVER talk about how much money the average nobody will have to pay to afford saving the world from climate change, but Tucker Carlson said it pretty well….

Speaking on his Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson said that the millions of children who skipped school around the world were part of a “coordinated left-wing political protest. It was called Climate Strike. So naturally, MSNBC was there to cheer them on.”

The other lie you heard today is that the strike was about the environment. It was not about the environment. The main goal of the protesters in this country, for example, was to implement Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.”

Carlson concluded his statement by comparing the agenda to Mao’s Great Leap Forward. “And there you have the modern left’s climate agenda: no drinking straws, no automobiles, no airplanes, no meat, no democracy. In their place, endless propaganda and a parade of 15-year-old Red Guards yelling at you to stay in line. That’s what they’re promising. All of a sudden, the future really does that bleak, and it has nothing to do with rising temperatures.”

God Bless Tucker Carlson. You have to wonder….

Movie- where they hang climate deniers.

How long is FOX going to let him speak? Somebody somewhere is searching for sexual crimes that he did in grade school.

Or some black face picture.

Or some interview with a Russian official.

This Nobody Thinks that the climate is fine. I also think that the elites are doing everything they can to start fires, floods, and hurricanes, by seeding clouds, and using tech that we don’t even know about to cause as much damage as they can.

ANYBODY can start a forest fire. And they always come at the most political time. That’s not…mother nature. What? You don’t think that the ‘elites’ would mess with mother nature to further their agenda?

Well, I do.

As one famous comedian said long ago..

The earth is fine. It’s the PEOPLE that are *$%& up.

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Nobody Flashes: What a Fool Believes

Nobody Flashes

This is one of my favorite songs. I can’t for the life of me figure out what it’s about…something about he was in love with someone long ago and THINKS she still loves him, but she really doesn’t…I don’t know. You tell me.

Mike is from Ferguson, MO. Yes THAT Ferguson. I used to go see him in his first band here in St. Louis when I was 16, in a club called THE CASTAWAYS. And I played in bands with many of the musicians that he grew up playing with.

That’s how long he’s been singing. He didn’t play piano then, he was the lead singer of the Sheratons. He left this town and went on to the Doobie Brothers and the rest is history.

The neighborhood where he grew up is very pretty. Almost plantation looking houses.

I love his voice. It’s almost painful to watch him sing, but there it is.

The piano and bass lines on this is so…original. That man can SING.

Mike…IS an original. Showing that good things did come out of Ferguson. And this version is…one I just saw.


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Should Robert Downey Jr. Apologize for HIS Black face?

Nobody Flashes

If you are an ACTOR, then it’s okay to wear blackface. Here Robert Downey Jr. not only went blackface, he had the whole black man thing down pat.

Back then, everybody thought it was funny. (Although the movie had a LOT of cussing in it.)

This whole black face farce is ridiculous. What about when Whoopi played an old white man?

Every culture has its proclivities, it’s very real customs, and ways of talking. Actually, making fun of other cultures made us all laugh, and once upon a time, an Italian could work with an Irishman, make fun of each other and it was NOT taken so seriously.

Back then, we didn’t have politicians trying to divide us all. We were ALL….Americans. Mutts one and all and everybody knew it.

You won’t hear anybody remember THIS movie, or ask Robert Downey Jr. to recant his ‘insulting’ racist performance.

One thing you do have to admit…he did fine job.

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Nobody Remembers Rules of Civility

Nobody Remembers

I was reading today that Nancy Pelosi called Mitch McConnell the “Grim reaper.” Name calling seems to be the favorite pastime of all the politicians now. They SAY President Trump started it. But, he only started if AFTER someone had called him dirty names.

Trump is ALWAYS a counterpuncher. And he has been called every bad name in the book. And still, both parties accuse the other party of being non-civil.

I was thinking about a book that George Washington carried around with him….social rules he abided by.

While the progressives are trying to erase and disgrace the images and memories of our founders, including probably the most beloved one of all, I thought I’d reach back into George Washington’s book that he carried everywhere with him:

It was called Rules of Civility: Here’s a few lessons our first President swore by: 

1st Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.

6th Sleep not when others speak,

22nd Show not yourself glad at the misfortune of another, though he were your enemy.

35th Let your discourse with men of business be short and comprehensible.

40th Strive not with your superiors in argument but always submit your judgment to others with modesty.

109th Let your recreations be manly not sinful.

This little book is sold in most bookstores. It’s worth having in your library. There are so many good suggestions in this book it’s like the lost book of manners that nobody ever read but him.

President Washington would be appalled at the manners of our Congress. They have the manners of pigs at the trough, and for ANY of them to trash our first President is….almost…well…

Makes you want to say: We’ve come a long way baby!


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Nobody Wins: Sears Will Be a Distant Memory

Nobody Wins

Pretty sad I thought, as my husband and I drove past the last closing Sears within 60 miles of our home.

The sign said, “60% off!” Right. I’ve been to too many store closings to even bother. They never mark anything down, the sign just says it’s marked down.

Still, I’ve shopped at Sears so many times in my life I can’t even remember then all. Then Amazon came in, and Wal-Mart, who had all the best deals from the politicians, and they drove Sears out of business.

Sear was the only place you could buy decent tools for the guys. That went.

After they bought K-Mart, all the stores stopped looking nice, and started looking like the Salvation Army.

Wikipedia says they just couldn’t compete with Amazon and Wal-Mart. Tell me, do YOU think Wal-Mart is actually better than Sears? Have you ever seen a better drying machine at Wal-Mart?

Me neither.

I guess since Sears was always attached to some malls, and all the malls are closing, it was bound to happen.

I call it controlled destruction.

After we passed the mall where the Sears was closing down, we passed a big building recently put not far away. From the highway I saw a big sign which read: Logistics: Now hiring. All benefits.

Mmmmm…Logistics. I wonder….

I went home and google it.

Yep. It’s an Amazon warehouse. You would THINK they’d just put AMAZON on the building but this is the Midwest where middle class jobs are very hard to find. A lot of people around here would be embarrassed to say they worked at Amazon. They can say, “I work at Logistics” and nobody would know.


I’m going to miss Sears. Nobody Wins when the ONLY place you will be able to shop is Amazon or Wal-Mart.

And guess who owns the Sears Building in Chicago?


Check THEM out. There’s not much they do not own.

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It’s Not Just Russia that’s Spies: It’s your vacuum cleaner.

Nobody Knows

I once thought about buying my son one of those Roomba’s  for Christmas.

I had no idea that it actually sends information to the company about your house…did you?

While HE would see no problem with that, like Glenn Beck, I find it an attack on the 4th amendment.

Which by the way, doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

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