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In God We Trust….And President Trump.

Nobody Knows

Tucker Carlson…he’s young, and gets smarter by the day. How is that possible?

Well, here we are on day…what day is this in the virus world? We knew about it in November? Or…December? Or China didn’t tell us? Or Biden called Trump xenophobic because he stopped the planes from China coming in…in what month was that?

While I was listening to President Trump’s coronavirus updates today, I thought to myself, “Thank GOD we have a President who understands, markets, jobs, employment, and how to handle crisis.” Not only that, Trump has been ready for this kind of thing since he put out the idea that he wanted to be President in his book, written in 2000 TRUMP: The America We Deserve. 

REMEMBER, he wrote this in the year 2000, before 9/11, and before 2008, and before this virus crisis now.


I believe I have better hunches than most, but my place in the world has also given me better knowledge. My third reason for wanting to speak out is that I see not only incredible prosperity in our future but also the possibility of economic and social upheaval. Look toward the future and if you’re like me you’ll see storm clouds brewing. Big-time trouble. I’m not the only one who sees the storm on the horizon. A lot of people in public life and in private life know what many come our way. The politicians may not want to think about it but its’ there. 

The first storm—economic disaster: I hope I’m wrong, but I think we may be facing an economic crash like we’ve never seen before—probably sooner rather than later. The next president, or maybe the one we’ve got, could be in office for a stock market crash worse than the one in 1929. I’m not saying this crash will ruin us, but we have to anticipate it and know how to rebound. We’d better be ready, as a nation, to claw our way back up. Right now I’m not seeing the leadership we’re going to need. 

The second storm—terrorism: We need to get past the idea that, because we’re the only superpower, we’re safe. My uncle John Trump was an MIT professor and a brilliant man. He had a clear and compelling view of the future, including a strong belief that one day the United States might be subjected to a terrorist strike that would turn Manhattan into Hiroshima II. 

Nobody Knows if this was a bio-weapon attack. If it was, do you really think our government would tell us? Hell no. And Nobody Knows if this attack had the help of some of the anti-Trump people in our own government. Past Presidents, and politicians who hate the man with all their hearts for what he has done to their dreams of a one world global government. Logically speaking, many of our elites have been working with the Chinese slave labor markets, at the expense of American jobs and safety, just for the billions they can put in their profits. It’s been VERY good for them.

One thing we DO know: To have THIS President at this time in our history, to this nobody, shows that divine intervention has once again, helped the good people of America. There is absolutely NO other man probably on the planet who could not only guide us through a crisis, but come out better afterwards.

Nobody Knows, how Hillary Clinton would have handled this, and we don’t want to know.

Tucker doesn’t want money to be handed out. But then again, remember: the globalists have been “fundamentally” changing our country for decades. We do have a ‘service’ economy. And this will economally destroy many people.

If ANY man can figure out how to fight back, it’s one man. President Donald J. Trump.

I can’t wait until I see his image on a $100 dollar bill. Or…how about Mt. Rushmore? After this is over, I think we could take up a petition.

Now, excuse me: I have an appointment with my gumballs in the backyard. My President has told me to stay home, and so be it.

If I had the money, I would sent them to China.


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Nobody’s Fool: President Trump

Nobody’s Fool

Yesterday, in Houston, President Trump spoke to the Indian population here in America. He is building a coalition against China and Russia, (which includes Iran.) He already had Australia’s support, now he is getting India’s. President Modi was there and gave him astounding support. India has almost as many people as China.

Once again, President Trump is four steps ahead of all his enemies. I can’t think of one single democrat running for office drawing this kind of admiration and crowd.

Nobody in the liberal media showed this huge crowd (Even FOX hide it) and this particular response: It was…amazing.

Somewhere…Barack Hussein Obama is fuming.

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Nobody Wonders IF They Will Punish Hillary for Her Crimes.

Nobody Wonders

It’s hard to believe that Joe Biden is leading in all the polls, when you see the crowd that President Trump drew to his 2020 Presidential launching rally in Orlando.

But, it’s also hard to believe that ANYTHING will happen to Hillary Clinton.

Nobody Wonders if she will face any kind of punishment for the horrors she has put upon us all.

Nevertheless “Lock Her Up” would be a nice finish to the end of his Presidency in 2024, wouldn’t it?

Or better yet, next year.  Why wait?

I doubt if she will be prosecuted for the simple reason is: she would bring everybody she knew down with her.

And that would include even Presidents. And even President Trump would not want to do that to the country.

Or…..or….Mmmmmmm…would he?

Nobody Wonders. In my humble Nobody Opinion, it would be the greatest thing to happen since chips were put in a bag.

Now, enjoy the unbeatable, outstanding, and tenaciously patriotic leader: President Trump.

The heat is on….da da da da da da…..da da da da…..


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Go Trump! Go Trump! Eat That Bush…Stuff THAT Obama.

Nobody Wondersjohn-legend-two

John Legend (I know, who cares) said this today: “Hopefully Trump will be gone in the next four years.” Well, John, sorry to say that tonight, President Donald Trump gave the best speech of his short Presidential life. He became, the President for the next 8 years tonight. Go get a bottle of your finest brandy and go cry in your piano. Even the die-hard Bush leftovers agreed: He became President tonight.

Somewhere George Clooney is seething for the chance to take him on.

Guess what George? You might be the best looking guy in the Democratic party, and the last hope for a recovery, but you will have to wait 8 years. You’d better start your run for Senator, in the next year, because in 8 years, you might have to run as a Republican.  (George W. did it.)

That didn't stop Obama, who did all those things.

That didn’t stop Obama, who did all those things.

In case my readers hadn’t noticed, I am in agreement with Rush Limbaugh. The democratic party has been decimated. They keep bringing up the same old song and dance: Russia. Racist. Diversity. Dangerous. And over and over and over again— they are becoming obsolete.

It’s getting old, and tired, this same old lies and deceit. And they offer no solutions.

Juan Williams said President Trump’s vision is “dark”. Juan doesn’t think America is dark at all, in fact it’s just great.

Really? Tell that to South Side Chicago, the people who live on the border, the parents of heroin addicts.

The democrats can’t keep saying Trump’s vision is dark, because to most of America, he is offering a light, and if the democrats don’t jump on the American train, they can take their millions and go live in France.

President Trump…hit a home run tonight. But then again, this nobody, was not surprised in the least.  And I couldn’t be prouder. trump-victory



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President Donald J. Trump and His Revolutionary Speech…for America.

Nobody is Proud to Present—-

Our 45th President, the Great American, Donald J. Trump!

This is one of the most revolutionary speeches ever given to a people. If you did NOT get a chance to see it,

Nobody will never forgive you if you don’t miss it.  (Better not tell me your name.)

Sam Adams, would be proud.

For America, this was a day where a President actually came to work for US.

I am soooooooooooooo……  Happy!

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Christmas Reflections: 2016

Nobody’s Opinion

What a Christmas weekend!

I saw one movie (Passengers) that I thought would be fantastic, but it turned out to be (in my husband’s words) the most expensive chick flick ever made. I saw another movie (Rouge One) that I thought would be bad, but, in my husband’s words, “compared to Passengers it was Oscar worthy.”carrie-fisher

As you can see, I didn’t talk much this weekend.

But I DID listen…to bits of news…like Carrie Fisher having a heart attack on a flight from L.A. to London, a flight which takes a good 12 hours and cost around a thousand dollars. Reports from passengers, who just couldn’t wait to get out the news. was that Carrie stopped breathing for ten minutes, but so far, no news of death. We are all waiting for the news of her passing and then tonight we heard that George Michaels, the heart throb of the music world until we all found out he was gay…the singer whose,  “Next Christmas, I’ll give it to someone special” died at 53. (move over Bing.)

(A title that works well for all those presents you give that nobody really wants.)

What do they have in common? Cocaine. Robin Williams was a big cocaine user. Cocaine is the favorite drug of the rich and famous, and it’s not really good on the old ticker. But they all seem to love it…including a very famous President who says he used to do it too.

I guess when your rich, you feel…

And speaking of the rich and famous–Prince Charles and the Pope ended up delivering the same message this Christmas, which was: Accept the refugees. Prince Charles even went so far as to ask people to think of Mohammed as WELL as Jesus this Christmas.

To say that is confusing is like saying that the Atlantic is really the same ocean as the Pacific.

Clearly Prince Charlie was dropped on the castle steps when he was a wee lad. I would love it if he would just put a prayer rug at the bottom of a Christmas tree and pray.

Add to that, it was also reported that the Queen did not celebrate her usual Christmas.

Uh oh.

So, she’s 90, Tony Bennett is 90, but nobody knows how old Kissinger is. (I bet Jesus would know.)

Prince Charles as King?

Let’s not spoil our holidays, shall we?

But, back to Christmas: This year the rumor has been used by the Pope AND all the liberals still walking upon the earth that Joseph and Mary were running away from persecution to Bethlehem to have the baby: JUST like the Muslims now fleeing from Aleppo. isis-jihad

Gee. Here I always thought they went there because EVERYBODY had to go there to pay taxes.

I wish they’d get their story straight.

And speaking of getting the story straight: Can we get over this Putin is the bogey man crap?

Russia has joined forces with America in the past. WWII for example.putin-and-trump

And you have not heard about this, but Putin helped out President George W. Bush. He sent tens of thousands of troops to assist in the Iraq war to fight the Taliban. ( Read: Bush at War.)

Yes, Putin offered his help to Bush, and gave it to fight the terrorists.

And he will help Trump, because he hates those terrorists too.putin-and-muslms

And I say— let him.

America joining up with Russia to fight ISIS? What’s not to like?

Hey! Maybe Trump can make a deal with Putin to get some of that oil Russia has been drilling for at the North Pole.

If they can join up for that noble cause, NEXT Christmas I’ll give them both something special!

And I have a whole YEAR to think about what that may be.




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James Comey: Justice Roberts—What Difference Does it Make?


Nobody WondersHillary scream

I’m not sure what was more absurd today: The head of the FBI talking for a long time, and listing all the crimes that Hillary Clinton had committed as Secretary of State…(okay, just her mail crimes), and not mentioning in that long soliloquy that just having her server in the BASEMENT OF HER HOUSE is proof of intention— went on to say that Hillary had no INTENTION of hurting the United States, therefore she is innocent.

If you’re waiting for the FBI to tell you that all the money the Clintons’ made while she was Secretary of State was illegally attained, then make sure you put a cell phone in your coffin, you won’t see it.

Clearly, it was NOT his job to determine guilt or innocence, but he did exactly that, letting the Attorney General and the President off the hook.

Tell me there isn’t one party.

From Hillary’s point of view, she thinks that her anointment to the Presidency IS the best route for the United States, therefore, she must have said over a million times:

“I honestly didn’t know it was classified, I love this country. I certainly won’t do that again.”

And I’m sure Bill Clinton will never rape Juanita Broderick again either.

Tell me America, do you feel better now?

The last few weeks we’ve heard nothing but how honorable the FBI director, James Comey was, and yet, he ignored the law and announced she was innocent.James Comey

And he was….a republican!

All for one and ONE FOR ALL!

Another absurdity today was Obama and Hillary on a stage in North Carolina promising that if she is elected everything will be SO wonderful, that people will start getting a share of the profits of whatever company they work for. Why— Hillary Clinton is just going to force all companies to equally distribute their profits!

That’s better than a free cell phone! I guess getting all those blacks off of welfare is going to take some real motivation…and what’s better than promising them thousands of dollars in whomever they work for? (Okay, what if you work for the government? What a check THAT would be!)

Obama than acted like he was being elected again, promising all the same stuff he promised before although he left out that he was going to stop the tides. He was chanting “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!”

It was…touching. Especially the moment when Obama said that if nothing had gotten done during the last eight years…why, why…why …uh..uh…those evil republicans blocked him at every chance!

And a last absurdity: FOX news reported Speaker Ryan response to the verdict FIRST…. before they reported Trump’s response, and they dismissed his response as if it was a mere silly tweet.


And WHAT does Ryan do then? He criticizes  the Trump Tweet about some star that he agreed with Hillary Clinton on: it was anti-semetic. Although tonight on Megyn Kelly he admitted, he never actually SAW the star.

THESE are the people we are told to trust.

You know what? This wasn’t Bill Clinton on the tarmac. This wasn’t even Obama wanting Hillary to be President: What we saw today was the fact that Trump is up against the ONE ruling party, filled with both elite republicans and democrats that have been in D.C. so long, they have merged into one big spider.Justice Roberts

James Comey did the very same thing that Justice Roberts did when he passed Obamacare: He betrayed America. He ignored the Constitution, the law, and made SURE that power stayed in the same hands.

Justice Roberts, James Comey…what difference does it make?

We might as well be Russia.

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It’s a Matter of Opinion..It’s a Matter of Money

Nobody’s Opinion

Do you consider yourself ‘far right.’ ? I was wondering about myself this morning as I keep hearing so many pundits talk about the Presidential race…It’s the “Far right” vs the “Far Left”…

Godzilla VS Mothra.

Ted Cruz VS Bernie Sanders.

Of course, you see where this is going: Hillary would be in the middle of that of course, and that’s why they keep up the categories.funny pic

Jeb? We’re not sure, but he is like Hillary, a “progressive” At least that’s what Glenn Beck calls him.

Of course, Glenn Beck says Donald Trump is a “progressive” too, and Glenn Beck says that because he is passionate about Ted Cruz. People that know him personally, like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh say that’s not correct.  Glenn Beck, along with many of the true conservatives in the media, like Mark Levine, are getting pretty pissed off lately, especially since they think Donald Trump made a low blow to their guy.

It’s understandable. I got mad when Megan Kelly in the first debate attacked Donald Trump for being ‘sexist.’ We are all passionate about our ‘pick’ at the moment aren’t we?

In my own small family, my brother and his wife are excited about Ted Cruz, so when I see them today, I have to be SURE not to even mention Trump, because my sister in-law will have a heart attack she is so passionate.

So, why can’t we all be a little less to point mad fingers?  It’s the media that is fueling this duel, and most people don’t even realized it. he man who is leading the nation is Donald Trump, and there’s a good reason for that:

America has lived much too long under grandiose sounding politicians, making promises that they never keep.  The rich are in Washington, and our economy out in nobody land is on its last fumes. .

Donald Trump…comes out and blatantly points out the reality we are all living. Does Ted Cruz? No, he’s on the “Commander-In-Chief” dialog and sticking with that plan for the moment.

The reason so many American are flocking to Donald Trump is…dare I say it?

Interior view of the abandoned Randall Park Mall. Photographer Matthew Christopher visited the dilapidated Randall Park Mall in North Randall, Ohio, just months before demolition work began. (Matthew Christopher/Caters News)

Interior view of the abandoned Randall Park Mall. Photographer Matthew Christopher visited the dilapidated Randall Park Mall in North Randall, Ohio, just months before demolition work began. (Matthew Christopher/Caters News)

It’s the economy stupid. And Trump…attacks BOTH the right and the left….and it’s both parties that have destroyed us, and we all know it.

As Rush Limbaugh points out, he is actually appealing to more of the American people than any other candidates.

Once upon a time, in the land where I grew up, being ‘far right’ was considered normal.  Two parent family, faith, love of country, and strong belief and trust in the American government were actually considered…smart. If you raised in a three-bedroom home with two baths, you were considered middle class.  Television was free. You didn’t worry about your water supply, and usually, mom stayed home and took care of the house and kids while dad worked. If dad lost his job, then usually, in a few weeks, he’d have another one….because back then, there were plenty of jobs, and welfare was a check you accepted from your parents, or rich uncle.

Back then, the government didn’t employ HALF the population. America was proud of her mostly white heritage: It was the white man who invented the light bulge and lit up the planet. It was the white man (Scots) who started the break from the Catholic church and decided that every man could have his own relationship with god, and make his own life, and have government work for them.  It was the white men who invented airplanes, Apple IPHONES, and so much of what makes the lives we lead fantastic.

It wasn’t the color of his skin that made the white man special. If the African nation had written the Constitution, and freedom came about, and men were encouraged by the free market system to create and get rich…then Africa would have been leading the world.

It’s freedom that promotes creativity that leads to REAL progress. Freedom, and that freedom to success has been tied up like hog at a rodeo.

America sees Donald Trump as an American success. He didn’t live off government jobs all his life, no— he builds.

He creates. Sure he had money to start with, but he made the most of what he had.

How many lottery winners had more, and yet in a few years were broken?

My sister-in-law tonight couldn’t help herself: She said “Yeah, Donald’s father gave him a million dollars to start-up his business.”

Sigh. It’s going to be a long year. Maybe we should all just move to Mexico.






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Trump—- as Presidential As You Can Get

Nobody Flashes

I’m was doing year-end financial ‘stuff’, and I was listening to this interview while I was adding up what I spent this year…

And I thought it was so good, that I wanted to share it. Compare this man, to every other candidate. (ignore the title)

He IS the most personable of all the candidates.  I got tired of listening to all the Sunday talk shows putting him AND everyone who supports him down.

They know he has a good chance of winning the nomination, so now their new talking point is: He can’t win the election.

PLEASE. Donald can’t beat a woman who can barely walk down a few steps and stay out of the bathroom? Ha. Picture Hillary walking down the stairs of Air Force One for another eight years…do you really want to see that?

According to my son (Who was raised to have good sense like his mama) he thinks that the democratic MEN will say they will vote for Hillary, but when they get into that booth..

NO WAY. Most of them will stay home.

Okay, I’m joining Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schlafly in full fledge support of the TRUMPSTER!

Now, back to shredding every single fast food, grocery, drug store, pet store receipt I collected since January.



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