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Nobody Wins When Governments Ignore The Vote

Nobody Wins

If you want to see an afternoon of rich overlords fighting to make sure they hold on to their very rich lucrative jobs, watch the House of Parliament…once again they have blocked the people’s wish to get OUT of the E.U. and manage their own lives and have their own British sovereignty until the dead body of Winston Churchill comes back and kicks them all in the ass.

Over in England, the liberal politifcians don’t have to go onto CNN, they just televise their parlimental shouting matches, which are pretty entertaining. They call each other names, and say very elegant stupid things, and make you wish our own Congress would do the same, and then you remember Maxine Waters.

Uh….never mind. .

The labor party act just like the democrats here…they accuse the conservatives that are standing with Brexit of putting “party” before the nation. Which of course is exactly what they are doing. The people of England voted, they didn’t like the results, so they are NOT going to leave.

U.K. lawmakers passed crucial legislation in favor of delaying Brexit on Wednesday. The House of Commons ensured the vote by a tally of 327 to 299.

Johnson, who became prime minister in July, had pledged that the U.K. would leave the EU by the Halloween deadline “come what may.” He has said that he would put forward a motion to hold a snap general election if the legislation passes on Wednesday.

Right now, one has to wonder how many of those rich “lords” have vacation homes in the Bahamas.

While all seems hopeless to the poor British people whose own government is working against them, by denying their votes, here in the United States, republican Congressmen in Texas are jumping ship. How many of these guys were Bush’s friends one can only guess, but one thing we do know: Texas will be a key state in the upcoming election.

The deep state global elite are not going to give up their power easily. Paul Ryan had dozens of GOP resign before the midterms. In England, they just walk out.

Nobody Wins when the government that you elected, does not represent you, but only themselves.

And in that respect, England’s government is no better than ours.

Even though, they DO speak better English.

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