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Just How LONG Have the Elites Been Running the Show?

Nobody’s Opinion

I don’t know about you, but if I hear one more sanctimonious dweeble politician declare that they are protecting the constitution from our President—by impeaching him, I think I’m taking up throwing darts at pictures of media donkeys, and play pin the tail on Pelosi’s butt.

Somebody needs to tell them to read it. One of the President’s jobs is to handle all foreign affairs, and he can send whomever he likes to help him out with that, whether it’s Rudi Giuliani, his daughter, Ivanka, or even a nobody like me.
Nowhere in the Constitution does it say “But ONLY the President can do that.”

What it does say is that it’s his responsibility, not Congresses.

The progressives are destroying the Constitution by telling us all daily what’s not in it. What’s NOT in it is their demand to listen to all his phone calls.

He also swore an oath to protect and defend us from all enemies foreign or domestic, and the deep state has become our enemy. If President Trump has done nothing else by being the dynamic achiever that he is, it’s the fact we are discovering just how corrupt most of Washington is.

And MAN is it depressing.

“Do you want a democracy in this country or a deep state?” Said Mr. Stephen Miller said. “The president of the United States is a whistleblower.”

Stephen is right.
This nobody thinks that he could blow that whistle even harder. Hillary Clinton should be in prison by now.

Most of us are shocked at the blatant attempt to destroy America by the ‘progressives’ within by calling anyone who disagrees with us racists. All white people are deemed unworthy of even living. Now, in my neighborhood, you can drive up to a McDonalds, and sometimes the young black woman won’t even take your order. No kidding. Or they will say that they are out of whatever it is you want. The democrat’s message has especially hit the young and naïve.

The progressives WANT a civil war. And they fight like the crooks that they are.

I still say it: The Mafia didn’t disappear, it just merged with the democrats.

Sal Alinsky, the father of Hillary and Obama, learned everything he knows from the Mafia, and they in turn became his children. The democrats act like thugs, like Mafia Capones. And yes, they idolized the Mafia. They still use the mafia.

Chicago has always been run by the democrats/mafia. It’s understandable that both Hillary and Obama came out of Chicago.

And when you’re in the Mafia, if you don’t like somebody, just have them killed. Just look at the Clintons’ kill list.

Hollywood has glamorized the Mafia, with the Godfather, and the Sopranos, and now they have another movie lead by the foul mouth mafia imitator himself, Robert Dinero. Murdering Mafia lords are just doing what they do to protect their family.

After all, they were once ostracized like the Mexicans are now.

We can expect Dinero to make another disgusting Oscar speech right before the next election.

Yes, the enemy within, are silencing all opposition. They are demeaning and destroying everything that is good and decent, and Hollywood and the press is going full force to destroy all America stands for, and we should wonder: Hey, if we are just finding out about this now, how long has this been going on?

Was LBJ behind the drug smuggling CIA operation in Vietnam? (Who sold those drugs? Mafia) Bill Clinton was running drugs while still a teenager in Arkansas. Nobody has ever disputed that. Obama was a drug addict and no doubt still is. That little news made him look: Oh, just so honest, while our current President never even touched drugs or alcohol in his life.

And the Iraq war? Bush was a republican, but he protected those opium fields, didn’t he? The Bushes voted for Hillary, which makes you wonder…. who is really making the money off our country being swamped with opioids? Or marijuana for that matter?

Politicians who bought all the stocks? John Boehner is in on the ground floor. The death toll from driving has doubled since they legalized the drug.

And where does that lead us? They want to discourage us from fighting them. They are all relentless and overwhelming and they want us to believe that Americans, patriots, are in the minority.

Yesterday I heard an older man at the pool say, he was so disgusted with the politicians that he was thinking of leaving the country.

Well, that’s how they want you to feel. Hopeless.

Today, I listened to some Sunday shows, and just turned it off.

I am SO tired of it all, because, when you think about it, they’ve been hiding behind their holier than thou masks for much too long.

I say, it’s time, to rip them off. We don’t have to fall into their violent ‘civil’ war game.

We will just defeat them, with a simple courage.

Fly the flag. Put on your USA 45 hats. Stand up. And stand by the one man who has shown more courage since Abraham Lincoln.

He knows what’s going on. We just don’t know how LONG it’s been going on.

It’s time we knew.

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