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Reader’s Thoughts on Sears

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One of my readers sent me this email after reading about Sears. with his permission, I posted it here for everybody to enjoy.. (Thanks to ‘g’ man)


I miss Sears.

They stopped having people around, who knew their products.

Gals in tools, who did not know drills versus drill bits.

Sears went the way of “fits alls.” Shoes and boots. Mens pants.

IOW, Sears

either ran out of what I needed

or did not bother to have it in stock

where somebody at Sears knew it.

“Our employees make this thing work” – as a store concept, was trashed by corporate America — particularly, a few decades ago, when some body in an article wrote:

“The customer is not always right.”

And stores became ads, instead of stores, where you go to by what you need.

Companies took on too many “buyers” who did not know their products.

The leisurely approach to what college marketing grads would buy — ignoring what other people would buy — replaced what other people would buy!

Kids, from college, who never really cooked for people, were deciding what produce for Krogers or Albertsons or Smiths, to buy.

Kids who had not repaired much, if at all, were deciding what tools to buy.

Kids with fat feet, were banishing from stock, boots and shoes for mid to narrow width feet.

Words, replaced substance and usefulness.

So many companies – and schools – with multiple levels of management, where only a few levels were needed — so many executives with nothing to do but justify their existence every day.

IOW, more and more money flowing to non-productivity.

As the pension budgets for Chicago, and so many govt’s, are now, made up of taxes on non-productivity . . . but rather, taxes because they (GUBMINT) can!

But, back to products . . .

Big Shots avoid what is well made and well produced.

Sales matter.

Reliability, nope. Unless its the plane the suits are flying on; but even then, the suits prize their castles behind their paper moats, as long as they can hold out.

Sure there is so much ridiculous regulation that stumps economics and production, but there is also way too much dreadful mis-management and poor leadership.

In fact, there is an abundance of corporate loathing of people who actually do have principals and lean toward Jesus.

“Heaven forbid” that you dare to protect somebody at a Walmart, stand up for what is right — because there’s a pretty good chance that the Chickens in Suits will demand that you be fired for standing up!



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