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Ivanka Trump: Uplifting AND Beautiful

Nobody Flashes

She came, she conquered, and the democrats went absolutely crazy with jealousy and criticism.

I was totally blown away. I remember her speech at the first RNC convention in 2016. I thought she was a bit timid, shy, and really didn’t come across as well as Don Jr.

Not so last night. Last night, SHE was the greatest speaker in the Trump family. Her stunning beauty alone SHOULD have been mentioned all over every media. If this had been Michelle Obama, and Michelle looked this good, we would have been hearing nothing BUT how she stole the show.

Instead, as usual, nothing but nasty comments.

Jealousy. That’s all it is. There IS no movie queen in Hollywood that could have been as sparkling and glamorous as Ivanka was last night. Elizabeth Taylor maybe could have matched the beauty, but not the speech.

In fact, I might even add, I thought her speech was better than her dad’s, which was WAY too long. And he was obviously tired. Even so, he pressed on like a trooper. I’m sure Ivanka had a nice long nap before this speech and spent hours getting ready.

Dad, on the other hand, might have been up all night, and most of the day running the world and it’s problems.

The man is…incredible. And despite all the divorces, his kids grew up to be great.

Many criticized how President Trump shows off his kids, but hell, why shouldn’t he? Each one of his kids is intelligent, well-spoken, and role models for every family. Who ELSE is he going to trust? And memories are short. JFK’s brother was made Attorney General. NOBODY complained about that nepotism, now did they?

Trump’s children are his brand. And Trump is all about branding.

This nobody think that the Obama’s, The Bushes, and the Clintons are just jealous of the Trump children.

As a family, the Trumps have more class in their little fingers than any of the other dynasties of American History.


Yes, good old fashion jealousy.

I’m sure the family is used to it. And I’m SO glad they just go on and show off.

Ivanka was…spectacular. She is her father’s daughter, and her mother’s devotion.

All America should be proud of this…daughter. Last night, she was, the quintessence of the true American woman.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Mark Hamill VS Robert DeNiro

Nobodys Perfect

It’s pretty sad, when you haven’t had a successful movie since you were twenty. In order to get attention you have to come out and insult a couple where their young son wears a Star Wars costume.

Mark (the I think I’m still Luke Skywalker) Hamill, who couldn’t make it on his talent and hasn’t been in a hit movie for all of the rest of his entire adult life, has taken second place to Robert DeNiro in the crude and immature contest of who can be the most vile adults on the planet.

Who’s worse? Mark Hamill or Robert? Here’s Mark’s reaction to a clearly innocent and sweet family photo…with a young son who is simply so cute in his costume….any parent would be proud.

And here was Mark’s really classy reply:

And then there’s the fabulous protrayor of every Mafia King that ever walked the planet, Robert DeNiro, who in his last interview just said Trump was crazy and shouldn’t be President. Don’t ask him for specifics, he can’t think that deeply. His brain is like a needle stuck on a broken record. It only repeats one word. Or…make that two.


So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? Mark Hamill, who hates the Trumps so much he had to attack a small child and his parents for an innocent picture?

Or Robert DeNiro: Who can’t seem to get out of the character of the foul mouthed Mafia boss, off stage?

Mmmmm…I think it’s a tie. Both men are stupid.

Any thoughts?

Well, clearly Ivanka was right. The Force is so strong in the Trump family, it causes the truly vile and wickly evil people to come out.

And it’s not even a full moon yet.

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