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Muslim Woman Has Baby in Cab…All Because of Trump

Nobody Knows

Today on C-Span, there was some kind of Congressional session on President Trump’s Muslim ban. They had two Muslim men testify how unfair this ban was. Illan Omar was on the committee.

I don’t recall the guy’s name was, the Muslim who was testifiy, but evidently, he owned a shop in the Bronx, and had a successful grocery store. He said he liked to help all his customers no matter who they were. My first thought was: Where did he get the money to open a store in the first place? It’s a question I ask myself again and again: How do foreigners, who supposedly are so poor and desperate, manage to get the money to open up businesses here in America? I’m sure there’s some kind of program helping them, because in every city, they come here, open up shops, and I have always wondered…if they are so poor, where DO they get the money?

Anyway, he continued his story: He was a citizen. He was never asked how he became a citizen, but he wanted to bring his wife and two children to America, but they were from Yemen and it was denied. He went on to say that he would go BACK to Yemen and on his trips, he fathered two children.

His wife’s pregnancy was bad, he was so worried, and it was horrible because she went into labor in Yemen, and they called a cab, and she had the baby in the uber cab. It was the most horrifying day of his life. To him, she should have been allowed to have her baby here, in the best hospitals, which had been denied to him.

My second thought was, well, whatever this dire pregnancy was, she didn’t have any problems having the baby in a cab. Something that is done even in America during rush hour traffic.  If she had been that sick, she might have died. But the WAY the man told the story, you would have thought the baby died, the mother died, etc, all because of our mean President Trump.

Me, listening to the sob stories.

But no, she had a healthy baby, and he had to come back to America to support them because he couldn’t find a job…well I guess, in any other country. He put on a pitiful face.

Nobody ever asked the man why his wife wasn’t a citizen, or how he became one…but the rest of the show was all about how the President was SO unfair to Muslims. Ilian made sure that everyone knew that.

The other guy wanted to bring his wife’s mother, and father, and some brother…well, you know the story.

While I was listening to it, I felt sorry for them, but then, I got to thinking…why? There are homeless veterens on the streets of California. Veterans coming back from war committing suicide.

If the man really wanted to be with his wife, he’d go to another country, start up another business, and live with his wife and children. That’s what I would do. But no, we all know why they come here.

So much free stuff.

Nobody Knows how really good the liberals are at tucking at your emotions. The Pope came out again and said all nations should welcome all migrants from everywhere.

Well, let the Pope feed them.


Okay. I’ll shut up now.



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