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Nobody’s Email: Allen West…and Common Sense

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Allen West is such an inspiration isn’t he? The democrats went full force to get him out of Congress and succeeded. I can’t think of a more reasonable man to start a Sunday morning. Grab your morning cup of coffee and enjoy!

(Thanks to Conservative)

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Obama Plays Mean…and Nasty..Like the Bully He is.

Nobody Cares

Gee…can the Democrats get any nastier in their fight to stay in power? Obama will repeat, over, and over, and over, and over, how all republicans are out to kill you, beat you up, deprive you of birth control, give money to their rich friends, and kill your dog. Yes, and they HATE women.

It’s all garbage. Remember, Paul Ryan pushed grandma off the cliff, according to Obama. Both Allen West and : PAUL RYAN have more integrity in their pinkie fingernail than Obama has ever had in his life, and yet, nobody in the Republican party seems to know how to counteract Obama’s kicks in the genitals.

They mistakenly think that to turn the other cheek is the noble thing. It’s one of the reason’s the Bush’s put our country in such danger: They were more concerned about thier “gentlmanly” image in history, than the fate of the nation and the damage they did by NOT putting up a fight. . Mitt seems to be on the same road.

They…are wrong. Reagan wouldn’t have taken it…and he didn’t. Laugh at it if you must, but say something. Just who ARE running Romney’s campaign? Nimwits? Maybe Rupert Murdoch had it right…Mitt will get beat up and kicked to the curb by the time Obama’s Chicago thugs are through with him.

We need a spitfire. Someone that is going to FIGHT for us. That’s why Sarah Palin was so loved. She had passion…and didn’t put up with it.

Here’s another ad, almost the same as the Allen West one…from Soros’s Moveon (destorying America) .org. …..with the same old message: Mitt Romney wants to steal your money.

What money? Obama has taken it all.

Who Cares?

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Nobody’s Fool: Allen West…Again.

Nobody’s Fool

I love this guy. Straight talking, clear headed, intelligent.. reeks with honor…..VP material. You go Allen….

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Nobody’s Fool: Allen West

Nobody’s Fool

Last week Allen West came out and said that there were communists in our Congress. Oh my. They went after him.

This is a man who should be running the White House. He’s educated, loyal, patriotic, and filled with great political insight into our Constitution.

When he said that communists were in Congress, he gives you the reason he said it, and why.

Allen West is the best of the best–a great American, and Nobody’s Fool. watch..and learn.


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Allen West VS Barack Obama—Black History

Nobody Knows

—About the very opposite opinions from two black men about black history and how to celebrate it.

Sometimes, synchronicity just jumps out in my daily life…like today for instance. I got both these video’s about the same time from two of my readers.  I can’t think of a better way to express the difference between the Democrats meaning of black history month (Obama’s–vote for me, I’m black, keep me in power because I look like you) And Republican Allen West’s great speech on the floor of Congress…which was LONG overdue.

Booker T. Washington would be proud.

Allen gives thanks to the real heros of the civil rights movement…and it was never the Democratic Party…something all blacks should know. The difference between the two men is astounding.

Obama says he wants to give everyone a fair shot. (which means, he wants more affirmative action.) And everybody should play by the same rules. He excludes himself of course.

I know our lives are very busy, but try to find time to watch Allen’s great speech…it will make you proud, and warm your heart. Allen is going to be a great force in America’s future…if Obama leaves us any.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe & amfortas)

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Allen West–Visions of the Smart Rabbit–Attack!

Nobody Reports:

Here’s a man they are REALLY scared of. A black conservative: Rep. Allen West: A man with more brains than Obama. A man who rouses the masses with truth, justice, and the American way, and oh boy, is he getting hit with attacks….not only from Bob Beckel, who acted like Allen West said he wanted to boil the President in oil, but all the liberals who are spinning his great words into some kind of mass hysteria.

They are all saying “Nobody feels like this man in America?”

Gee…what planet are they on?

But, it’s not only the democrats that are attacking this great man, so are the RHINOS in the republican party. They have a plan to redistribute his district in order to ger rid of him.

There’s still time, Mr. West, for you go get in the race. You were the “first” black President we were all waiting for. The other guy, is all that you said…in fact, Nobody thought you could have said much more. Even though you did not mean that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid should leave the United States…we can think of nothing more appropriate for them, being the socialists that they are.

Allen has walked off the liberal black plantation, and more are going to follow. We have a some pretty great conservative black voices:Cain, Sowell, Williams to name just a few.  And we are going to see more.  Imagine how scared the democrats are about this: the more black conservatives we see, the more power they lose, and the greater chance we have of getting our freedoms back.

So, here’s a mind trick that we can use to buffer those insane attacks by the liberal democrats who claim Allen is a loser.

Imagining is everything. Imagine…the rabbit is the tea party, patriotic, freedom loving, America…taking control of those liberal sheep. Look how scared those sheep are of that little rabbit.

If we all just think of them as sheep (which they are) we can hurdle them! If they are so scared of Allen, think how petrified they’d be if the American people start talking like this?


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